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Falks is a Human that identifies as Male. Falks was born on January 6th 1427 and is 50 years of age.

  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 215
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Hair Color: Black
( 30 Mana )

The Panther King

"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice. "


Once a bulwark of a man, Falks is but a shadow of his former self. Having relinquished his family name, his title as butcher and king, he tries his best to distance himself from his past. His weight has trimmed his bulk, leaving the broad shoulders but leaning the raw strength in his width. His black hair mocks him in the way that it fades, bearing new meaning to the "Gray General" while he allows it to grow and hide his features. The wild is no kinder than the war he thought he abandoned, and over the years his body has been continually marked with new scars to cut across the vague shapes of the old. He dresses in what he can manage to stitch together, or procure off of a travelling merchant that he is sure will not recognize him.

Elusive | Loyal | Temperate
Martyr | Self-Sacrificial | Avoidant
Observant | Careful | Tactful

A man born into poverty that joins the King's army and rises to the rank of general sounds like every hero's backstory. Falks never saw himself as a hero, and as a young man took great pride in his position. Wild, arrogant, and without restraint, he did as he pleased when he was a soldier, yet never failed to carry out an order no matter its content. Running his sword through dire or man alike made no difference to him, so long as he proved his loyalty and was rewarded for it. Time was the only thing that taught him to temper his whims, that and witnessing the slow descent into madness that took hold of the Forseign family. Unable to do anything but be a sturdy presence for his King, he allowed his own wants to fall by the wayside. He transitioned from a reckless youth wild with freedom to an observant, generous man.

It wasn't until the Godslayer grew a voice that he began to look upon his choices and his place, wondering if he was truly meant to be The Gray General. He'd served the royal family his entire life, so how could that feel like a mistake? There was no cleaning the blood he'd spilled, no giving back the lives he'd needlessly taken. Still, with these doubts he carried on, though his hands became less familiar with the weight of his sword as time wore on. The years went on and things only became worse, reaching a head at the loss of the Highway to the dire in a vicious battle that left many injured and many more dead. Finding that their king had abandoned them in their most desperate time, Falks, for once, allowed his anger to stir into unrest. Left without a king or an heir, he reluctantly took his place on the throne to repair their broken army and attempt to suture the wound that their king had caused in starting this war and banishing the eximius.

His mantle was contested by both royal and peasant, looked upon with scrutiny that made it all the more difficult for him to begin to implement the change he sought. Meeting with the respective enemies of his nation, he attempted to broker peace between the races.

As he began to settle into what he supposed was going to be a permanent position, King Forseign returned and pleaded with them to allow his young daughter to take the throne. Faced with the challenge of balancing the delicate glass of an alliance he'd started to build, he made a decision that ultimately broke him. He severed the head of the man he had pledged his life to, and banished a young girl he had watched grow from babe to child. The guilt of all of his choices sharpened into a deadly point on that very same day, and from there he began to see why the crown was such a heavy burden for any man to bear.

His guilt gnawed at his resolve and his resilience, weathering him against the stormy sea of a past he could not escape. Not two years after he killed the former King, he vanished and left the throne empty and hungry for its rightful heir.

Fleeing into the wild, he seeks to live out his days in penance for his sins--hoping to one day have the strength to face the young woman he banished and be brought to his rightful end.

Played by Sbicy
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