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Cassian Oziel is a Eximius that identifies as Female. Cassian was born on August 26th, 1438 and is 38 years of age.

  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 173lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blond
( 180 Mana )

Tamer of Beasts


"I keep your star light, I control you; Pull your strings, you do what I do."

The Looks

Scars abound from both her own animals and those she hunts etch themselves across the slaver's fair, white skin. Bite marks and the gouges from claws are the most prominent, simply given the nature of her life before piracy, but there are some from lucky opponents who managed to land their blows. Lucky according to her classification, as she likely would not admit to their physical prowess. Her own is quite hefty for one of her somewhat taller than average stature, muscles toned and arms quite broad with musculature that shows the heftiness of someone who works constantly. In fact that's what she prefers, Cassian hardly seen spending too much downtime actually utilizing it for leisure. Her diligent nature keeps her Madness at bay, as does her Siel, although not always will it be successful in quelling her temper should it flare up. The Siel itself is a mixture of temporary and permanent inks, most of the permanent designs covering her back and half-sleeves with some of it crawling across her chest around her shoulders. The rest of the front of her torso and her arms from the elbow down are henna-like in appearance, the designs changing as she sees fit. It isn't difficult to tell her near obsession with the hounds she takes under her control, especially when these tattoos both permanent and not often hold some abstract resemblance to them. Paying homage, as it were, as the Projects warped her views on the dire.

Her ears are sufficiently pierced as well as her tongue, two hoops in her right nostril, and her left eyebrow. Most of her ears are studs, although she has industrials. A few more lightweight scars join the decorations upon her strong-featured face, her jaw the most prominent along with her lips and nose. It adds an intensity to the slaver that had been cultivated all on its own, Cassian only ever seeming to show true zeal when in the midst of her hunts. Her hair is kept short because of the nature of her work so as to keep it from her eyes best as well as personal preference, and there might be times that she wears hats of various makes when on the mainland of Gibrantt or on the Vatican itself. Otherwise she dresses down, practical, and in unisex clothing that often might hide the shapes of her body. Button-up shirts and semi-formal pants are not uncommon, though they are not kept buttoned to the collar or the sleeves kept down. Combat boots are typical, and as far as accessories go there is not many outside of her piercings and her weaponry (of which there is hardly situations she is without). She does, however, carry with her at all times a rather curious contraption that is difficult to place where exactly it comes from. It can fit in the palm of the hand, and there are dials on either end of it that has use only the slaver seems to know.

The Hounds

Nicodemus | Baal
Outside of her two loyal dire servants Cassian commands a plethora of various breeds of dogs. Bloodhounds for picking up the trails, shepherds for their energy and their loyalty, and larger bear dogs of varying sizes for their ferocity and thick fur. These are just a few of her arsenal, and anyone who has seen the interior of the Vigil's hull will realize immediately that Cassian takes better care of her hounds than she does her product. Their kennels are kept in higher standard, clean and efficient, while across the way are cages stacked upon cages where those she captures for selling are forced to stay in squalor. The slaver will keep things as tidy as is needed to prevent their deaths, though it would not be of any issue to her when they are seen as easily replaceable given her penchant to remain busy. Cassian feeds her hounds first, and will bathe them first before any of her product will see any sort of decent treatment. Of course, the better the behavior the higher the reward. Given the line of the dogs' work they might fall beneath the weapons of others, so she certainly will replace them just as quickly as she does her product. This sometimes will result in necessary breeding to maintain stock at all times, Cassian preferring things to continue flowing and having puppies at her disposal to be better trained. Seeing her hounds in action is quite the fearsome sight, though they pale in comparison to the two dire she keeps at her flanks more often than not.

Orion's Vigil

Warship. Built for offense and defense, with some speed gained in sacrifice of defenses. Lots of curving lines and sharp points. Decked out (lmao) in weaponry meant for quick takedowns and rapid deterioration.

Cunning | Manipulative | Extroverted
Wild | Impulsive | Adaptable
Cruel | Unpredictable | Determined


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