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Baal is a Dire that identifies as Male. Baal was born on August 3rd, 1457 and is 19 years of age.

  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 110lbs
  • Eye Color: Pale Blue, nearly white
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
( 225 Mana )
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The Pale Rider

"Into the bottom I will go -- I feel the daylight choking -- Into the vile I become -- I am forever changing "

Dire Form

Height: 7' | Length: 11'1" | Weight: 602lbs
Visual Reference
A long, lanky beast half caught in the tangle of his adolescence, his legs look much too lengthy for his body. His fur is tri-colored, ears bent at the tips to fold over themselves, bearing more features akin to a domestic hound than a wolf. His form is mottled with various scars, though most of it is along his back and the sides of his head. At each temple he has a small, round implant that dips into his skull, marked by surgical scarring and a low, humming frequency that only dire can hear. It is a rare instance that he be seen in his true form without the spiked collar around his neck, signifying his ownership.

Human Form

A man of thin, almost skeletal stature. His strength lies in his speed, able to strike with the force of a viper to capture his quarry. Fast, narrow-shouldered, and deathly pale, he is far from an intimidating thing in his flesh. The implants are hidden by long, shaggy brown hair, the glacial brightness to his eyes more pronounced against his bloodless face. Posture slouched, he looks as though he should be perpetually exhausted, yet more often than not he is practically vibrating with wild energy that has no focus or outlet. Due to this, his fingers are chewed to shreds, and in his wolven state he often bears bald patches that he bites onto himself. He fidgets every second he is not occupied with a task, or if he is not stuck inside the chaotic space of his own damaged head.

Aggressive | Wild | Ill-mannered
Antagonistic | Persistent | Ignorant

Played by Sbicy
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