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Fallon Karissa Fairchild is a Eximius that identifies as Female. Fallon was born on and is 29 years of age.

  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 116lbs
  • Eye Color: Lavendar
  • Hair Color: Ginger
( 260 Mana )
Her hair is long and tangerine, her eyes a luminescent lavender. Not terribly tall or obviously bulk, her frame is healthy, trim and athletic with shoulders that are a little more broad for her liking and thighs that are strong and good for kicking. Enhanced by magic, obviously this still carries a greater effect on what she can put out naturally in battle. She has animated features; a point jaw, a cleft chin and strong high cheekbones that emphasis the plumpness of her rosy cheeks, it leaves her a beautiful smile and notable expression. Fallon is as pale as the moon with an underling tone of peaches and cream, and then is slathered in freckles from head to toe. A trait that she was insecure about in her youth, and human days, now she mixes them also with her siel of flowers upon her clavicle and shoulders, and the different planets that she wears in order down her spine. In dress Fallon likes bright shades of cyan, peach and yellow, although in somber or serious occasions she also enjoys the darker jewel tones of maroon, sapphire and olive, or things with black and silver. There is always artistry and expression to what she wears, indulging in the uniqueness that she can create and celebrate as a Ballasburn eximius. Something that often at times strays from fashion into surrealism, or something a little cartoony.

Fallon width= Fallon ENFP

Sweet | Feisty | Eccentric | Gregarious | Expressive | Stubborn | Creative | Well Researched | Blood Thirsty | Clumsy

A collection of different oddities and ends, like her collections. She is caring, but openly blunt if her speech does not run away with itself in thought, reliable in having your back but not reliable to be at one place at any one time. An artist, her mind often works in streams of spontaneous, seemingly disconnected randomness. In truth, there is much room for many different lines of thinking at any one time and she often may voice insight from differing ones within the same conversation. Perhaps that is why the symbol for Geminis is twins.

Fallon radiates love, is intrigued and curious by almost all types of people, researches hard for inspiration and to travel in make believe worlds as well as to stay in the loop of other intellectuals, is caring but while also quite bluntly tell you when something isn’t working to your face. She does not have a use or place for masks, the young eximius is all about authenticity, innovation and expression, she will appreciate well placed intelligent insults as long as they are that- intelligent, and perhaps original. Honesty, and intimate connections are what she craves and so there is a certain lack of restraint that she practices in meeting others and trying to breach their walls. Hypocrite she might be, as although there are quite a number of layers that she doesn’t contain that others do, the ones she does are thick and fortified held very closely to her center.

Once the second eldest sister, and oldest female in a family she possessed once before, she has learned to be their strength. Whether it is an optimistic attitude that inspires hope and activity, or a stern talking to of those that harass them (or a nose breaking punch to the face, when that doesn’t work), she had in despite of her strong stubborn desire for independence, made herself their emotional strength/threshold. She will show superficial weaknesses; quirks that make her easily distinguishable and still charming in a disarming ‘she’s harmless’ kind of way, but the things that truly hurt her are always bundled up deep inside and still they move and make their way there, turbulent as a storm. While many walk in and out of her life, plucking from her the helpful parts and the works of her creativity that she bestows upon them, it is only those that are both invested and strong that she might share such the most poignant thoughts of her person. Sometimes she might mistake darkness or bitterness for strength, and that there is one of her weaknesses. Otherwise, there are still glimpses of the evidence of nihilism and her seemingly close insights on other individuals come through in her wit and the advice she gives.

Important note: Suffers from depersonalization-derealization disorder and dissociative amnesia. She has difficulty remembering all the details of her part in the bloodshed in the hunt (fugue) after the Dire (mostly she remembers that she enjoyed it) and on the strike on Svalbard that came after it as her weak stomach for it has her retreating inside where her instincts take over and react perfectly to violence, if not more so. Once in this fallen into this state it can be difficult for her to stop, crushing anything that may wake in her path, and after she does she may suffer from varying states of blankness or forgetfulness over the next few days.

Amnesia and vague glimpses of a different kind of dream.
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