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Sarai Arielle Tehmani is a Eximius that identifies as Female. Sarai was born on 1440 and is 36 years of age.

  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 250
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Hair Color: Black
( 50 Mana )
Trigger warnings: child abuse, violence, death, suicide, self-harm

Your neck is like the Tower of David, Built to hold weapons, Hung with a thousand shields— All the quivers of warriors.

Sarai is made of blood and honey, iron and silk, agony and gold. She stands nearly six foot tall, even in bare feet, and broadset as well, but the modifications made to her during childhood make her body more durable than it looks. Her olive-brown skin still gleamed with sweat in the hot sun. Her blood still welled red and thick on her lip with every beating she took. She still smiled and hummed nursery songs when she braided her long black hair. She would never be fully human again, but she still wore her own skin, albeit enhanced and deliberately crafted. Sarai’s body typically shrugs off the wear and tear of her life, and she bears few marks that she does not wish to, but she ages as anyone but the dead must. Most who look upon her do not bother with a second glance, but if they did, they might see the way her keen, glowing eyes scanned every room she entered, intent visceral in her calculations. They might recognize the eyes of someone who has seen and done much which cannot be taken back. The hunted soul of a warrior.

On her inner left forearm, Sarai bears a Siel of three small stars, one with seven points, one with ten, and one with six. They're not tattoos in the usual sense of ink and needles, rather they are the result of several hours’ effort - a knife in one hand, magic healing salves in the other - to coerce her scars into the shapes she needed in order to regain control over her sanity. The stars are made of raised, hardened tissue, paler by several shades than the rest of her flesh, and dappled with imperfections that her body's durability and regenerative processes typically do not allow to remain visible for long. When her grief was still fresh, her Madness simmered close to the surface, barely contained by the memory of what she’d lost. But as time went on, the voices of her past became a source of guidance rather than a crippling distraction.

Most days, she wore her hair tied back in a single thick, complicated plait, or in loose curls piled into a cascading bun and pinned relentlessly into obedience. Living on the road as she does, she prizes utility above all else, binding her chest and keeping her hair out of her face. She did like her little luxuries. Fine silk blouses, light and airy like the meadow near her childhood home. Sweet fruits that stained her fingers and lips. Dry wines and spiced ales that warmed her from the inside out and softened the edges of her thoughts. Pretty jewels that sparkled in her hair, or a dusting of mica to set her skin glittering in the light. Expensive blades and expensive women, both equally dangerous to one’s health. She'd seen little of that since leaving Svalbard, mostly dressing in simple cotton pants that sat low on her hips and tight, binding cloth across her chest that left the soft golden skin of her belly exposed. These days, luxury looked like weaving delicate golden chains into her braided hair and soft leather slippers on her feet, molded to her like a second skin. Hard days looked like ragged tunics, fitted cotton pants, and bare calloused feet.

Despite her imposing and attractive figure, Sarai keeps her head down when she walks and rarely looks people in the eyes. She seeks to move through her day without being noticed, and focuses on avoiding trouble before it ever gets to her. Often this means making herself appear small, unchallenging, or otherwise unobtrusive. The fact that her modifications remained within similar physiological parameters to those she was born to have make this easier than it might have been. But to anyone with a watchful eye, her eyes are always a dead giveaway, so when she really needs to lay low, she wears tinted glasses that shield them from view. This preference for evasion and subtlety has been complicated by her duties to her people, and she sometimes feels the need to retreat into an evening’s anonymity in order to tolerate the bold nature of politics.

These days, Sarai is rarely seen without Masai the Drake prowling at her side. The young drake is still large despite not being fully grown, but his lean form and cat-like movements allow him to follow her places that a fully-grown drake could never go. He has a thick, water resistant pelt of pitch black fur like an otter, and his sea-dwelling tendencies mean that he prefers when they travel to places by the water, but he also feels at home on land, especially in the jungles of Dorsum where he and Sarai first met.




I'm looking for a little confrontation. Call me masochistic, but sometimes I want to fight.

Haunted. By the Dire she killed, by the siblings she lost to their father’s war, by the Madness that lingers in her mind held back only by three small stars carved into her arm. Sarai is haunted by grief and guilt and bloodlust. She struggles deeply with her past and fears the ghosts she made there, but that is why she keeps Jin, her conscience and second in command close at hand. Over the years, she has found that the best foci for her mind is finding someone or something to fight for.

Sarai only really knows how to live for the sake of someone or something other than herself. For nearly her entire life, this meant living for the sake of Avi and Ria, but without them, she struggled to divine her new purpose. Taking her place at the head of the nomadic Weyrs was a natural progression, even if she sometimes fears that her predecessor made a mistake in backing her candidacy.

Sarai is motivated by the desire to protect what is dear to her and to right the wrongs done to Gil’ead, and so she seeks to always be fair and reasonable in her judgement as a leader. However, she is no stranger to violence and bloodshed, and should ever the need arise, she is perfectly capable of delivering a brutal strike to any person or group that threatens the security of her people. She would naturally prefer to lead through compassion and negotiation, but to her mind, an example made once and clearly serves the needs of her people far better than reckless idealism.

Sarai has always been intensely physical. She shows her affection with small touches, she fights with bare fists and highly enhanced muscles like steel, and whenever the Madness licks too closely at her heels, she finds herself seeking intense physical sensation to drown it out. Her idea of a good way to relax is in the arms of some pretty creature with a sweet smile and a quick tongue, especially if she knows that her companion's durability matches her own so that she doesn't have to worry about damaging them when she gets carried away. When she has the coin to spare, she likes to spoil someone with it, whether it be a working girl she's taken a liking to or some lost little bird she has decided to take under her wing.

As a child, Sarai learned to hate the Dire from her father who had made it his mission in life to exterminate them. But by now she has thoroughly denounced his views and committed herself to restoring some semblance of balance to a world she sees as torn apart by hatred and mistrust. She is well aware of the complicated history between her people of origin and the Dire, and while she doesn’t truly believe that anything can make up for that, her people have standing orders to pass on any rumors of efforts to do so.


Jeea Gomura

The first significant political alliance that Sarai forged was with Jeea and the Speakers. Jeea has a way of making Sarai feel dwarfed and off-balance with all the glamor and feats of Ballasburn ingenuity that Jeea represents. Her elaborate welcomes set Sarai’s teeth on edge, but the support from Jeea and the other Seekers gives Sarai’s people a physical foothold that their nomadic lifestyles typically wouldn’t allow.


Jin is quiet and curious, loyal to his people with every breath. When Sarai’s judgement is clouded, Jin is the first person she calls. She knows that he will always tell her the truth, even when that means telling her that she is wrong, and so he is the only person in whom she never hesitates to confide. He spends most of his time searching for the answers they both need, but he always returns.

Sis Lautna

To Sarai, Sis looks powerful, carefree, victory wrapped in muscle, skin, and bone, quick on her feet, and quicker with her hands. She smiles sunlight and sighs a warm sea breeze, and sometimes when Sarai gets dark, Sis whispers peace. Without realizing it, Sis stands ready, holding the line between Sarai and her past, between her best laid plans and howling madness, between her promises. Or at least, that is the warning the stars whisper whenever Sis walks away.

Zayit Ben'Itai

Zayit is young and reckless in a way that reminds her of Ria. They dance through their life on the wings of their art, they almost never appear without a smile, and they are far too clever by half. She offered to take them with her on her travels, but Zayit preferred not to be quit of Dorsum just yet. Sarai thinks them kind and hopes they remain so.


Ria's modifications may have given her a cat-like tail and needle sharp teeth, but she was Sarai's little songbird. She sang often and easily with a rich, clear mezzo-soprano, her voice almost hypnotic in its beauty. When Sarai sings, often, Ria's voice floats through the breeze around her and weaves its way through her hair alongside her ribbons. Her star never speaks, only screams and wails with a vengeance.


He was spun of sugar and silver, something delicate and sweet. His voice tumbled roughly like water over a cliff-face, and his smile was bright with a bitter aftertaste like the ginger she used to put in his tea to help him wake up in the morning. The memory of him is rich and smooth on her tongue, and smells of sweet clover and honeysuckle. Avi was glittering and brittle like glass, and when he broke, the shattered pieces of him were more than her deft fingers could put back together.


When they were born, Tali was small and perfect, but they spelled the end of life as the family knew it. They bubbled in the back of Sarai's memory, life too short and death too long ago to be anything more than the barest imprint of grief. The image of their face danced just out of reach like a cloud of ash and glitter, but it is their voice that speaks the loudest through Sarai's stars, babbling and bordering on indecipherable to anyone but Sarai. Not that anyone else ever heard it these days.


You're a stone-cold killer, you say, but you're looking like a part-time criminal, waive the charade.

1440 ― Sarai is born to a well off but common Svalbardian couple, their first child of four.

1447 ― The twins, Avi and Ria are born.

1448 ― Tali is born, and their mother dies shortly after from complications. Sarai's father has little interest in child-rearing, leaving his eldest daughter, all of 8 years old, to take responsibility for raising her younger siblings. She takes this responsibility deeply to heart, and despite her many mistakes in the role due to her age and inexperience, she never resents her role in her siblings' lives.

1450 ― Sarai’s father volunteers his four young children for the Blanchard Projects in the hopes of laying the claim of legacy to the extermination of the Dire. Sarai, the oldest of the four, survives, as does her brother Avi and her sister Ria. Her youngest sibling, Tali, however dies in the process.

1471 ― It is discovered that Avi has taken up with a Dire man who has been working to hunt down Eximius who participated in the efforts to exterminate the Dire, and Sarai is ordered to capture and kill Avi. Instead, she allows him to escape along with his lover, warning him to stay away from Svalbard and other Eximius.

1472 ― Avi's Dire mate is killed, and Avi goes Mad with grief and commits suicide. Sarai blames herself for Avi's death, believing that if she had chosen to take Ria and run away with Avi and his mate rather than letting the two men escape alone, the four of them together might have been enough to fight off the attackers who took Avi's love from him.

1473 ― Enraged by his children’s failure to enact the Dire genocide he had devoted his life to, Sarai’s father begins seeking to further enhance his two remaining daughters. While praxis are part of this process, they are far from the worst elements. Eventually his efforts go too far, and the younger girl dies from her treatment. In her grief, Sarai succumbs to the instincts instilled in her by years of training and bloodshed, and to her hatred for the man she held responsible for all of it. The bloody murder she commits, as well as the one her father had committed hours before, are attributed to Sarai and she is forced to flee from those who believed she had gone fully Mad. Ultimately, she decides to smuggle herself out of Svalbard on a pirate ship. Unbeknownst to her, Sis Lautna proves too observant an enemy to allow Sarai to stow away as she had planned, and it makes escape difficult.

1473 ― After she manages to swim ashore, Sarai runs into Zayit Ben'Itai on the Eastern coast of Dorsum near Khorl. They help her get back on her feet and then she heads into the hills looking for a quiet life. Instead, she finds a young Drake, whom she calls Masai, and decides to take this as an omen following a conversation with Jin. She and Masai travel to join the Wyers.

1474 ― Sis Lautna gets a little payback.

1476 ― The Chief of the Weyrs steps down and voices support for Sarai to succeed him. After she takes her place at the head of the Weyrs, she learns more about the history of her new people and her predecessor’s efforts to secure a legacy for them. She travels to the the Hinterlands, Ballasburn, and Dorsum in order to obtain the information and find certain people who could help her follow through on her predecessor’s goals.

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Played by Jae
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