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Khalil Rashmi is a Eximius that identifies as Male. Khalil was born on May 15th, 1450 and is 26 years of age.

  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 164lbs
  • Eye Color: Amber
  • Hair Color: Varies
( 180 Mana )

Merchant of the "Exotic"

"Can't you see I'm sorry, I will make it worth your while - Made a dead man's money, you can see it in my smile."

Human Form

At first glance, if bundled in his self-made furs and leather armor, Khalil can look rather unassuming even with the oddities the experiments have twisted his skeletal structure into. He is average in height, and he guards his emotions well even if he expresses himself plainly as seen fit. There is a coldness to his otherwise soft, warm amber eyes, though it can often be mistaken for his forced growth from a child to an adult with hardly any transition. Khalil lived in the wilderness with his clan for quite some time and it certainly shows with his calloused hands and toned body, his lithe frame holding a surprising amount of musculature. Growing over his skin is a layer of soft, velvet to the touch fur of softer browns with lighter patches throughout. Some are spots while others are dusted like freckles. His nose is quite pronounced as well, the tip turned down and flatter in a shape not quite human, and his face otherwise is softer angles and full lips. Should he have any Siel they are well hidden. His legs are jointed in a way that supports the paws he stands on, a bit dainty and with retractable claws. He also has a prehensile tail as well, adorned in jewelry much like he is in general, and has a thicker tuft of hair at its tip that gets dyed the same color as his hair. He tends to like brighter colors for his waist-length hair, pastels and the like, but this is not always the case if he might be trying to be more subtle.

It is rare to see him without his daggers or his bow, Khalil adamant to remain armed at all times even when he can consider himself relaxed. He bears scarring natural to his lifestyle, though there are some received from the clan leader as well as several hunters who had been set upon him when Khalil fled from them. His right ear and that portion of his head and neck bears the easiest scars to see, the result of an aggressive magical touch that burnt and sliced simultaneously to create a rather strange patterning of scar tissue. It ate away at his right ear, the once gracefully curved cartilage split and missing most of it. As punishment growing up for using his sharpened teeth against a clan member during a spat Khalil's sharper, fang-like teeth had been removed. Since then they have been replaced, however, with gold prosthetic ones. They are the canines on top and on bottom. His smile is infectious and his charismatic nature is quick to gain the favor of many, even should some of his appearance be off-putting. Khalil is quite skilled at hiding the truth this way and deflecting.

His fashion is eccentric and curious, the climates he tends to veer towards usually warmer and allowing for a more blatant showing of just who and what he is. Khalil doesn't mind the jeers and the stares, though will be quick to ensure that it doesn't escalate. Despite having rather expensive-looking clothing, Khalil tends to not mind at all getting them dirty. In fact, most of the time they are, and it doesn't seem to phase him in the slightest nor if it collects upon his body in other places. It is a strange contrast, all in all.

Note: Due to aging magic, Khalil is in truth around forty years old (he doesn't quite remember and often the number will change with whatever he feels most confident of in the moment) but appears twenty-six as that's when he entered the Blanchard Projects.

Conniving | Charismatic | Manipulative
Adaptable | Extroverted | Distrustful
Scrappy | Dramatic | Antagonistic


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