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Asa Auber is a Human that identifies as Female. Asa was born on Jan 04 and is 27 years of age.

  • Height: 5'4''
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Eye Color: White
  • Hair Color: Black/White
( 225 Mana )

willow that bends
Asa is still young. Deceptively small, she is built for finesse fighting, with light sword and spear. The hair at the base of her scalp are white, but seem to fade to black. Her eyes are white as summer clouds. Though she's an accomplished fighter, it's something she always has to prove before she's believed, due to her very slight frame (like a bird's); thin arms and legs and of tiny size. She doesn't seem to have many scars at that — neither do her weapons. Her armor is of nordic flavor; her shield has a horse's head painted on it.


little bird
Naive | Idealistic | Daydreamer | Vivacious | Romantic | Lively
The "eager initiate" trope. Asa's ideals are mixed in with Giruvaga's vicious reputation — they clash like oil and water. She's a collusion of ideals: she loves the idea of a warrior hero, raised on stories her gramdparents had told her, yet Giruvaga's idea of a hero is...something resembling a mad berserker. Though Asa tried to fit in at first, she soon longed to leave. Asa takes more to the fables of Dorsum or Svalbard. She is infatuated with the idea of the errant knight. This makes her painfully naive. However, she is a purely helpful sort, altruistic, faithful and kind, who strives to leave any place a little better than when she left it.


Pre-RP Era

Late Winter, 1449
Born and raised in a small Giruvagan (and majority human) settlement, who claims to have preceded the Eximius influx

Early Summer, 1463
Meets and bonds with Valkon.

Mid Spring, 1468 to Late Autumn 1474
Joins her first raiding party but soon discovers the life of a viking isn’t anywhere close to the fairytales of a knight errant.

Early Summer, 1475
Sets off across the sea.

Current era

Mid-Summer 1475 to Early Spring 1476
Metes out a meagre living as a not-very-successful mercenary

Completes a job for Zhiraj

Late Spring 1476
Meets Severin and is hired on to be a part of Dorsum's armies.
Early Summer 1476
Encounters Sullivan above the seas of A’Took Bay while on a job.
Mid Autumn 1476
Meets Chrys.
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