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Zhiraj Menijo is a Dire that identifies as Female. Zhiraj was born on 1414 and is 62 years of age.

  • Height: 6'3" | 6'11"
  • Weight: 174 | 475
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
( 160 Mana )
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So I've dug this grave so my truth won't fade

Everything about Zhiraj is towering. Long legs, long arms, looming over most dire and humans. Her spine is steel and her posture rarely bends from the ramrod straight post she keeps. She does not bend, not for anyone.

Smooth grey eyes are her most notable feature. While her eyesight is indeed poor and is wicking away faster as she ages, it is a truth that she's had the solid grey colour since she was born. People often assume she's blind and while observing her gives the truth of the matter, she does not care which people believe if they do not bother to ask her. The rest of her features seem to pale in comparison. A straight, severe nose and a strong chin compliment her stern gaze, and she keeps her hair cut short, unwilling to deal with any extensive care for the curls.

She has a number of tattoos on her back, including an orca whale and an hourglass side by side, as well as several texts from the Book of Cournisia

Her wolven form is just as severe and one that she spends most of her time as, urban locales aside. Severely black, she has no decoration, no pattern changes, no hue changes from the inky black coat. Her eyes are that same smooth grey, and she is long legged, meant for running for miles.



to the sound, the sound of the song that would define her

I feel the war paint on my face

I feel the ground tremble and quake

Strict and uncompromising, Zhiraj can be difficult to get along with. While not rude for the sake of it, she's long since stopped trying to mince her words to make others happy. She no longer cares if you take issue with what she's said. She's going to say it anyways, and if you don't like it, it's best to turn away. Prone to an eloquent and severe way of speaking, she's well known for her ruthless way of cutting through and taking apart other peoples arguments with no regard for potential emotional injuries. Catering to peoples' feelings is not her modus operandi and she can be quite harsh and cruel to those who set themselves against her, even in the most peaceful or shallow of situations. She can be cruel and judgmental as a rule, although she does not bring it to bear for no reason.

On the other hand, she does have a good side. Completely steadfast in what she believes, she does not shirk or bypass her ideals just because they are difficult, and she is a pillar of resolve. If she gives her word, it is as good as gold and she is utterly, unflinchingly honest in her commitment. If that changes, she will not lie, either. There is no such thing as backstabbing with Zhiraj, she does everything head on and with open purpose. It is a rare day she turns away from what she's set herself to. She won't do it for herself, nor the ones she loves. The only thing that can make her change her course is a revelation to her logic and the reason she took it upon herself to pursue the path in the first place.

I feel my heart sync to the pace that these war drums make

This devout and righteous dire currently runs a school and library in Porthcrawl, open to all. She teaches any and all local children free of charge and will teach adults for a modest fee, nominally to keep the school open. Her libraries are shelves carved into stone and rock and she's adopted a number of scholars that showed promise and critical thinking skill. Texts from across Gilead are hidden in this little oasis of learning, a great number of them stolen and secreted away from Svalbard bonfires and the war that shook the regions. While not official in any manner of legality, she intends to carve a haven of like minds out here, her goal of reversing the blackening one she's devoted to.








to the sound, the sound of the song that would define her

I feel alive and awake

14?? ― pl.

14?? ― pl.

14?? ― pl.

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