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Han Thakthay is a Human that identifies as Female. HAN was born on 1446 and is 30 years of age.

  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 147
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
( 190 Mana )

one shade short of alarm

Long and lithe, Han was borne with a swimmer's body, whipcord thin and as flexible as a snake. The muscle she put on in the course of her training bulked her up a fair amount, but not enough to overcome that sinuous impression that lingers.

Her face is similarly lean, long with angled cheekbones, a strong brow and a sharp jaw. Her long nose used to be hawkish and strong but has clearly been broken before, if well cared for. Her eyes are the true feature that stands out though, a gleaming obsidian with no hint of brown to be found.

She keeps her shoulder length hair pulled back in a severe bun, pinned close so as to prevent it being grabbed easily. The sides are shaved down into a mere stubble and she has no decoration about her face or ears, although she likes the look of it. She has her parents' and her sisters' names tattooed in the center of her back, between her shoulder blades.

too past wrath that I'm calm

Shapeshifting ― bought.

Poison ― unbought.

Chameleon ― unbought.

Voodoo Doll ― unbought.



three degrees west of a hurricane

On the surface, Han appears to be very different than most of Svalbard's standard. Notably impatient and brusque, she disdains most attempts to play coy with her and rewards straightforward treatment with efficient and thorough results. While she can be as subtle as needed for a job or in her line of duty, it tests her cut and dry manner. This rather obviously earned her any number of people that dislike her and it didn't earmark her for any great position or widely beloved status in the greater whole of Svalbardian politics on the surface. Since her appointment into the ranks of the Imperial Knights it has garnered her a certain respect and reputation. If you want something done, irrevocably and with absolute certainty, you ask Han. You don't insinuate, you don't try and lead her into doing it, you don't threaten or blackmail. You ask, and she does. That's her job, and she does it with a stoic and placid pride. Flattery goes just as far with her as any of the other coaxing methods. Nowhere.

Thankfully, this straightforward way comes with a loyal streak and a bullheaded way of keeping secrets, lending her a well deserved reputation of discretion. Trying to use her to pry into others' business is the quickest way to end up on her bad side and she has a mean streak a mile wide. After all, she's been walking Stadarfell streets her entire life, she knows how to play the game. She just chooses not to. She broadcasts this fact, too. She wants no part of the game, she's got work to do.

Openly rather contemptuous of other nations and races, if not foolish about their capabilities, any chance of Han being any less Svalbardian than the rest when it came to the Dire and the attitude towards the other countries died with her sister Yana. In her mind, they ought to pay for their defiance and their actions against the Crown, directly before they're returned to where they belong. Under Svalbard's heel. The eximius and Dorsum, especially.

four wheel drive with a ball 'n chain




My five foot seven is irrelevant

Born to an long lineage known for it's military scions and dabbling of apothecary businesses in and around Svalbard, Han technically grew up in the lap of luxury in Stadarfell. Those experienced with the rigours expected of their scions know it to be a rather misleading label to call it luxury or even EASY. Formerly the third eldest of the Thakthay family, Han is now the eldest, her two elder sisters having perished in the war against the rebellions and the Blanchard Projects, respectively. She is not the designated heir despite her age, and she quite likes it that way. She openly admitted she doesn't have the patience for the politics or headgames and outright endorsed her younger sister Sushar when the topics came up. With two younger sisters and the open passing of the torch by Han, there was no lack of heirs and her parents were content to let her earn prestige in her effective (if backward according to Svalbardian standards) way.

i'm six six six if you threaten my development

1446 ― Born, she arrived in the world as the third in the line of the Thakthay family, preceded by the then three year old Ima and the six year old Yana.

1450 ― Ima as the second daughter was given to the Blanchard Projects willingly. Whether a political move or a genuine belief in the crusade to wipe the Dire out, few can say. She died early, leaving only Yana and Han.

1452 ― Sushar was born.

1456 ― Mina was born.

1459 ― Yana was killed in the siege at nineteen, devastating the family and leaving a heavy weight on the then thirteen year old Han as the unexpected first in line. Previously laconic and mildly resentful of being in the family she was, Han turned a serious about face, vowing to do right by her sisters, deceased and living both. She made unprecedented strides and worked fiercely to attain the military skill and weight necessary to follow her chosen path.

1463 ― Always close with her sisters and encouraging of them and their skills, Han rather upset the mold by firmly rejecting the confirmation of heir that her father sought to give her, instead insisting he endorse Sushar. The wily little girl was always twice the mage Han was and had the head for politics and navigating the tiers of society they walked that Han did not. He did not deny her, perhaps eager to forestall the fight for control common to Svalbard families.

1464 ― Instead, she worked further into the ranks and training of Svalbard's military, relentless honing of her skills one she quickly became known for.

1468 ― In an mild shock to most everyone that knew her, she was headhunted by one of her military officers to go through the specialized training that usually preceded some sort of higher posting in the tiers of the Svalbardian military.

1474 ― She came out the other side of the notoriously brutal training regime sharper than ever before and was directly slotted into the decimated ranks of the Imperial Knights. A nasty reputation for refusing to play nice with those who didn't work at the same relentless pace she did followed her and she set about proving her work ethic and doggedly neutral position in the tempest that was Svalbardian politics. Weaknesses could be strengths if you sharpened them into points that cut.

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