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Skoll Aegir Forséign is a Human that identifies as Male. Skoll was born on August 3, 1463 and is 20 years of age.

  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 170
  • Eye Color: Silver
  • Hair Color: Brown
( 210 Mana )

Having received a decent blend of genetics from both of his parents, Skoll is very much a descendant of the Forséign lineage. Dark hair falls just past his ears in gentle curls, the lengths generally wild and untamed much like the country he calls home. The depths of his eyes, although greyscale, are bright and luminous, striking and perhaps jarring to some. His cheekbones and jaw structure are also very reminiscent of his father, his facial features sharp, sweeping, and strong. Although not quite as tall as the men who have come before him, he is still claim a decent height, and keeps a rather lithe form. Truth be told, he is not entirely muscular or powerfully built, and could likely be described as lanky and angular.

However, more often than not, Skoll makes good use of his magical ability to Shapeshift, and can often be found traversing through Gil'ead in a form quite similar to the Dire that he worships. Out of reverence for them, however, he does not explicitly imitate their stature, and instead prefers a significantly smaller shape and size reminiscent of a simple wild wolf. When shapeshifted, his fur is mostly made up of a rich cocoa color, with a chestnut hue cresting his shoulders and sweeping down towards his chest. Beginning from the bridge of his snout and climbing up towards the upper half of his face is a very dark shade of umber, and this color is also present on his front legs and his upper back. Finally comes a light shade of cream, untainted and pure, and this covers his entire stomach, the lower half of his face, and the tip of his tail.

Spiritual · Protective · Reckless · Courageous · Altruistic

Skoll is very much the product of his mother's influence. It is often said by those closest to the Queen and her family that the young Prince is now living out his mother's dream: immersed in the faith that they both shared and consequently, the culture of the Dire. But he is certainly not without conflicted loyalties. He is a man that holds tight to his past despite how it has burned him, one that lives in the nostalgia of his once-perfect family life. A father who fought for his family, a mother who nurtured her children, and a sister who challenged him to be the best brother that he could be. Truth be told, it is a miracle that he has not been made hardened by how quickly it all came crashing down, that it has not brought him to turn from his faith as his father before him and sister have done.

Often described as a friend of the world, there is no person nor creature that he will not extend a helping hand to in their time of need. He is known to put his own wants - even needs - aside for whoever may call on him. This selflessness is one of the few traits inherited from his father, a man who drove himself far past the brink of insanity to ensure everyone's needs except his own were met. It should be known that Skoll is not exempt from this tendency, and should tread with incredible care if he ever comes upon any form of leadership.

An adventurous soul with a thirst for life, Skoll relies on his magic to take him from this place to that, and there is no corner of the world that he will turn his nose up at. The Gods have given him breath to breathe the air of Gil'ead, and they have given him eyes to peruse its endless beauty. His penchant for travel is but another medium for him to interact with and assist whoever he might come across on his journeys. As a consequence, however, he often finds himself in the middle of some sort of predicament or dilemma. After all, not all nations are as welcome to humans as he may like them to be, nonetheless one that is the son of The Mad King. It is likely that his irresponsible behavior will one day get him killed.

Note: Skoll was magically aged by 7 years at the age of 8.
Played by Maddy
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