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The Suneater
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Nomad of The Weyrs

Jin is a Dire that identifies as Male. Jin was born on April 27th and is 19 years of age.

  • Height: H: 6'9" | D: 7'8"
  • Weight: H: 182 | D: 823
  • Eye Color: Chartreuse
  • Hair Color: Gold & Black
( 150 Mana )
They stole him from the skies, torn from the cradles of the sun that wept as its child fell as Icarus before him.

'Suneater,' they whispered, and they swallowed him whole.
Awkward af. What are social skills?
Overly sensitive but empathetic.
Lacks immense confidence.
Driven. Motivated. One-track mind.
Quiet intellect and lover of the arts.
Deeply spiritual and religious.
Avoidant and cowardly, in most cases.
Pacifistic to a fault.
Terrified of his own size and strengths.
Tolerant to the point of self-harm.
2 degrees south of implosion.
History & Thread Log
[The Past: 1453 - 1462] Born during a solar eclipse, Jin was a child of prophesy.

[The Present: 1462 - Now] Following the appointment of Sarai Tehmani as Chieftainess of the Weyrs (New Horizons, Old Wounds), Jin and his fellow dragonkeepers are summoned from their various walks in life to discuss the future of their nomadic people. As well, the young Dire's own mission is now collected into the fold with the expectation that he report his findings directly to Sarai⁠—an agreement he eagerly acquiesces because he understands that he alone will not be able to confront the truth, whatever it may be and however large the terror lurking in their midst.

After a rather sobering but hopeful meeting with the Chieftainess, the golden Dire makes his way to A'took Bay to meet with his long-time Eximian friend and penpal, Sizani (Gifts from Afar). What starts as a rather revealing encounter, rife with blushes and fumblings hands, then leads to an exchange of gifts as they catch up on all that has happened and their near-future plans. Jin's investigation will be taking him deeper into Svalbard while Sizani continues to embark on her own adventures with the promise that they will eventually meet again.

As he arrives in Svalbarð, rumors of one of the Hinterland's main river channels becoming polluted with a strange smell begins to trickle through the grapevine, thereby piquing the Weyrian's interest as he treks deeper into the heart of the unclaimed territory. Upon his arrival, he finds a handful of kindred souls, equally curious for their own reasons, in discovering that which plagues the waters as they uncover the strange happenings surrounding the waterway (Something in the Water).

Basic Information
His name is pronounced JEE-N, but most people pronounce it as the drink, GIN.

He is currently on a mission to find out what has caused the disappearance of the Elder Dragons, knowing fully well the roles they played for greater Gil'ead and what the loss of these entities means for the tenuous balance of his home.

A large Raptor, ETRO, who was barely saved from captivity and abuse by Jin.

Art of Jin

Played by Pan
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