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Philippi Veronica Wilde is a Dire that identifies as Female. Philippi was born on 1/8/1449 and is 27 years of age.

  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 122lbs
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
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- Brown eyes
- Ashy grey ram horns that twist and turn at the back of her head, almost pointing to her back and then curling at the ends. Blackening there too.
- Peppered in more black spots up and down her pelt, especially on her back.



A force of nature they sought to control

Sassy, direct, aloof, cold, in some ways cruel. She is an intense individual, but can hide it moderately well under a pretense of mild tolerance. Is susceptible to petty acts and a desire for retaliation or vengeance. A wolf in the literal sense - a beast put in a seat of power in a world of men. She endures it, at the moment somewhat tastefully all the while waiting for the ever hopeful and present moment she can show and snap her teeth. A slightly dark, unorthodox kind of humor she has. You can't always tell whether she is joking or speaking something with conviction or intent, or just how freely humor can turn to purpose just because of a little curiosity of an individual might wriggle and scream. Impersonal; asking more questions than she does answers. No one quite knows how she actually 'likes' to spend her time, but of course, where someone is in a spotlight there are always rumors. To see her more tender, an open gentleness that does not garner daggers it helps to possess at least one of few things:

Strength. She values it whether physical or a fine-hone skill in getting what one wants.
Scorn. What is hated and torn down people, somehow pulls an inquisitive or more compassionate eye. Whether it is because she sees something of herself, she sympathizes with their position if it doesn't appear earned or because there is a longing to see a city, a people or a thing burn.
Cynicism. Those that are careful and tread carefully in this world, she understands their plight. Can see the cunning where others might sight cowardice. If they perhaps are just waiting for the time to move, when it is just right.


But in the end, nature always prevails

She was born in 1449 to a nameless dire couple, after the dire conversion, borne into a body both human and wolvern. A symbol of the old gods. A champion of what the humans could accomplish by their hands- their science and magic. Their spirituality and devotion.

Her parents died at an early age, or that's what she thinks. Blurred in the mind, were the day of old and early memories. Among the flashes of green, of the sun and wilds, and the dirt beneath her feet. She's taken in by a human couple instead - a beautiful thing she is to them, they say. A being of power, wrath and providence - something of the divine. The child was a symbol for them, an item of commemoration of the love and respect that their people had for the great beings. Those that they called gods among them. Until one day...the tune began to change and such love fellaway. They should of discarded the child - the wild thing, quickly, they were told. They kept in the belief of their gods, albeit secretly. Scared of Svalbard's wrath coming down on them, but unwanting to throw her out to what most likely would have been death. They kept her locked up, and in the dark.

Plunged into darkness in the literal sense- she grew up without much of the light she had once come to know. There was still bits of kindness in the care there at first. Sweet meats, sticky buns. But even the small luxuries began to wane as they grew to forget the totem they had once possessed. Nearly every freedom was denied- parents became jailers. None trusted to even be allowed to see her except one guarding servant. 'All for her safety', only to protect her...of course. Although she hardly ever would even hear from them directly. Told how great her kind were- but then was met with constant hypocrisy with the whispers within the manor of how they were tortured, cut open, skinned and exterminated like roaches. Oh but how lucky she was.

In the shadows she grew mean, envious...and afraid. She felt envious and entitled to so much more. The mysterious child in the castle that so often watched people wear fur coats and burn the wolfish things through the creaks and corners of walls. Isolated, alone. Hearing the gloating of how many they can de-teeth or declaw. So very proud of themselves. In the shadows she began to plot and plan. There too, miscellanious men and women disappeared.

She wonders how they’ll feel now that they see her. Now that she is free. Re-emerged into life, like a ghost back from the dead now that the eximius and dire have liberated Dorsum. Now that they're forced to listen to her. Now that they must look into her eyes and see the thing that was just ‘spared’. She should be grateful, she is told. That she was not stricken down like the rest of them. But seldom has a beast been happy to live life in a cage.

Truth be told, the anger that may have been was quelled by the nature of how Dorsum was freed- coming together with both dire and eximius to strike at the ones that had given the orders for the genocide. In that she had no reason to enact what cruelty or visciousness she watched herself in secret by virtue. But it has not died. It dwells within her still like a beast that knocks wildly across the inside of her chest. High society and civility has presented her with a new kind of cage, but with more freedoms to seek her own fresh meat and cruel pleasures - in the dark again.

It will have its revenge

More recent history:
1459 - 'The fall of Svalbard' and the rise of Dorsum's independence.
1460 - Re-emergence into the world
1461 - Rise of the Grey General

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