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Gilbert Selbach is a Eximius that identifies as Male. Gilbert was born on 1438 and is 38 years of age.

  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 73kg/163lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
( 115 Mana )
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As close to human as an Eximius can be, he's of middling height with an average build that trends towards being stringy but athletic, causing others to overlook him. His hair is long and softly curled where it frames his square jaw, while most of the boyish contours of his face are hidden by an unruly dark beard. He rarely shaves, and having spent many days in the Unclaimed living off of the land, he boasts a warmth to his skin. While Gilbert has a youthful quality to himself there is often a lethargic expression on his face.
Gilbert Selbach Socially inept, some might say. He isn't the strongest conversationalist. Gilbert keeps to himself, and has spent so much time actively avoiding groups of travelers (and really any humans that might "out" him somehow as an Eximius) that he has some quirks. He will drop a conversation if it no longer appeals to him. Similarly, people who are excessively emotional stress him out and make him withdraw with haste. He runs on basic (almost feral) motivations: food, water, shelter, safety. He will push his own boundaries if there is a strong enough payoff, but if the opportunity goes stale he will remove himself promptly from the stressful situation. Despite being so socially awkward and purposefully resistant to the attention of others, he is quite intelligent. He can read, he enjoys the collection of information, and has a habit of collecting manuscripts - which he squirrels away from prying eyes - and is something of a historian, or perhaps the Dire equivalent of an occultist. His fixation on stories sometimes gets in the way of other pursuits; Gilbert occasionally gets so lost in those manuscripts that he will forget about reality for a while.
Played by Stryx
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