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Alexander Elijah Heath is a Human that identifies as Male. Alexander was born on September 10th, 1445 and is 31 years of age.

  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 173lbs
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
( 120 Mana )


-Talk about beard, physicality, clothing.



First and foremost, Alexander does not tolerate anything from anyone, though he is noticeably more lenient and respectful towards females. It is his opinion that females are too weak, physically, for hands to be laid upon them--unless they strike first. He likes to think of himself as a gentlemen, willing to please the pretty ladies and say whatever they want to hear if it means he will get something out of it, though the man will grow vexed if he is not given what he thinks he is entitled to.

Despite this mindset, he does not consider women to be below him in any way; if anything, he believes they are better than men and therefore deserve his respect. They are the carriers of the future, the best caretakers; somehow they manage to do anything and still look sexy.

Men, on the other hand, are a different story. Anyone caught disrespecting him, his friends, or a female he holds dear to him--whether it be girlfriend, mother, or other--will almost surely be met with some form of violence, whether physically or verbally. But let them not get him into a frenzy, for he is oft prone to blacking out during fights, until his opponent is beaten to the ground and bloody. Anyone who disrespects his valuables or belongings will be shaken off and dismissed as someone merely envious of any wealth he may have.

He enjoys wrestling or mock fighting with guy friends (for he refuses to do so with females), going out to parties, occasional hunting trips, bars and stills, and sports/tournaments. He lives for the thrill of action, and finds staying in one place to be boring. The man is athletic, finding keeping his body fit and attractive to be worth much of the time he spends doing so.



Alex grew up in a modest home in Kheim, Svalbard, where he took cargo in and out of the city with his father while his mother stayed home to care for and teach his two sisters. It was his father who he grew around the most, and his father taught him of the world and the dangers that lurked the land. It was from his mother that he learned Romanian, but due to having less exposure to her, he didn't learn enough to be proficient at it.

He and his father were away one day when they finally came home to find that one of his sisters had been killed, his mother and other sister in critical condition. He was only 14 when it happened. Apparently, a man had a hit out on his father, but because he wasn't there, the man decided to attack his wife instead, only to be thwarted enough by Alex's sisters so that his mother lived, and a sister died instead.

Alexander requested his father teach him how to better defend himself, and so he did. He was taught how to use his fists, and how to wield a knife, training which extended far beyond his family's recovery. His mother became lame in one leg, forcing his last sister--who managed to fully recover--to watch over her. To help pay for medical expenses, Alex dropped out of school and began to do the same practice his father did.

By the time he was 21, his sister was readying to leave Kheim to explore more of the world. His mother's lameness was no longer a hindrance to the family, and she made money cooking food and crafting clothing for the townspeople. He decided to go with his sister to wherever she went, acting as a sort of shield to her on her travels. When they came to the next town, Alex acted as a mercenary to be hired for his protective services. He grew comfortable in Name, but his sister still wanted to explore. They parted respectfully, one exploring for fun while the other explored for coin.

He still keeps in touch with her, telling her about his life and vice versa. She has been to many parts of the world in the last ten years.

Played by KittyKookiez
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