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The Endï is a Eximius that identifies as Male. Endï was born on and is 2 years of age.

  • Height: 3'3
  • Weight: 250lbs
  • Eye Color: Jade green
  • Hair Color: N/A
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GENERAL: The Endi looks like a mix between animal and machine, mammal and reptile. It is a quadrupedle, slender beast standing 3'3ft at the shoulders and weighing approximately 250lbs. It's skin is entirely furless and made of leathery scales, a dark grey jade in color, surprisingly soft and smooth to touch--like human skin. The Endï possesses heightened senses typical of Eximius.

HEAD: The head is shaped very peculiarly. It is much like a rectangular prism, the edges rounded and smoothened. Its eyes are at the back end of its head, protruding out much like how a gecko or frog's eyes are raised. The eyes are cat-like in shape that dilate in response to sunlight and allow it to see at nighttime. They are green jade in color, and are at times highly reflective. Its snout is perhaps one of the most machine-like features about itself. It does not have teeth, rather, leather turns effortlessly into stainless steel, still the same color as the rest of its skin. This steel juts from its top and bottom maw in a single row of isosceles shaped triangles, with both ends of the pattern ending at either side of its rectangular head. When its maw is closed, these 'teeth' do not overlap, but instead remain perfectly nestled between each other. Its bite force is ~1,600psi, about the strength of a jaguar's. It's ears cannot be seen, and are hidden behind the eyes in a way similar to a snake's. The inside of its maw looks almost humanoid, save for the lack of real teeth and no gums, and its tongue is roughly shaped with a pointy end.

SKIN: The only friction along its reptilian body is where numerous scars and cuts line, for the epidermis layer of its skin is easy to break. However, it is the dermis that is, also surprisingly, extremely hard to break through. Anything that tries to penetrate through it is considerably slowed, a product of the Eximius' natural bodily strength.

LEGS: The paws are also mainly machine, and quite unlike many actual animals. Most of its body weight is supported by its strong heel bones and stainless steel claws. It has four claws on back and front legs, each long and connected to the skin just as seamlessly as its 'teeth' are. They are shaped somewhat like hooks, curving sharply towards in a 70° angle. The tips of its claws are sharp like blades and are its main use of offensive battle. Due to the skeletal structure of these finger/claw hybrids, it has limited dexterity, able to bend its paws left and right, as well as the limited capability of holding certain objects. The legs themselves are shaped much like a predator mammal such as ones in the felidae or canidae family, most reminiscent of a big cat. The Endï can reach speeds of up to 65mph on flat land, but rarely ever utilizes its speed, opting instead to use its superior endurance to stalk and tire out its prey.

TAIL: The length of the tail makes up 40% of the creatures total length. It is somewhat dexterous and can be used to hold onto or even throw large objects. It is not strong enough to support its own weight, nor is it flexible enough to wrap around smaller objects. The tip of the tail is sharp and made of stainless steel. Lastly, its tail is very sensitive.

OTHER: The beast has been deformed via the Blanchard Projects so much that it is no longer capable of human speech, and instead relies on screeches, croaks, chirps, and growls to communicate. Its private part is shape more or less the way a cat's is, but is tucked inside a pouch like a dog's would be.

hunter-type, primal, aggressive, feral, intelligent, simplistic
Whatever is left of the human soul within the Endï is hidden deep, deep inside of it. Instead, it is now a beast comprised almost entirely of instinct and impulse. It is a carnal being with simple desires it has no problem quenching, for morales do not play a part in how it lives its life.

One could compare it to a crow in regards to intelligence. It can pick up behaviors, learn tricks, perform simple humanly tasks, and complete basic puzzles--but why would it want to? Unless its life hangs on the choice of whether or not it should do these things, there is no incentive to do them. Unless someone gives it one.

Most of its life is spent hunting, foraging, sleeping, and being on the move. It does not stay in one place for too long, and has a wide range of territory. Even a beast knows when to avoid humanoid settlements, the instinct to avoid the unknown embedded within it. It typically spends its time in places with plenty of cover, and is mostly nocturnal. Hiding is its preferred method of avoiding conflict when faced with danger, but it does not hesitate to attack and maul whatever threatens it if it has no other choice. When it hides, it looks for places where it can climb.

The Madness is the main reason why it is like this. The Blanchard Projects turned him into an animal, and the Madness is what convinced him he truly was. The Madness is what tells him to kill, to slaughter, to feed--even when he has already eaten. The Madness is only satiated when it can feel blood on its tongue.

AGE EXPLANATION It is listed as two because that is the age of its animalistic body--meaning that it was turned into an Eximius two years ago, in 1474. Whatever age it was when it was human is unknown.
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