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Prisoner of Svalbard

Arivanya Vittore is a Eximius that identifies as Female. Arivanya was born on May 22 and is 32 years of age.

  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 138
  • Eye Color: Blue-Grey
  • Hair Color: Blonde
( 100 Mana )
Delirium w/ Malfius
She is a product of a man's vengeance, designed and engineered for the purpose of search and destroy. By theory, she functions as a war machine, a tamed Cerebros constructed from the ground up with hatred and prejudice for muscle and sinew. In every way she is exactly as a weapon should be; automated, unthinking, unfeeling and entirely rapt with the notion of violence and spilt blood. Her daily consumption includes carnage, moderated only by her creator — the hand which feeds. But alas, Arivanya is not so simple a creature. She is as much a byproduct of human nature as she is chaos reincarnate. Of a contradictory and fickle character, the Eximius thrives for dichotomies of the extreme. Obedient yet flippant. Volatile yet grounded. Starved yet sated. Savage yet in complete and total control. There is no predictability drawn beneath her gun-smoke eyes, no cipher to understand the machinations of the cruel-hearted. She lives, breaths and drinks irony; laughs at the world's twisted ploys. Seduction is but childsplay. Motivation an inhibitor. The realm with which she was born, a playground for the insatiable. It can be said that Arivanya is a child of psychopathy, tethered not by her alliances but the clinical sentiments of an unbeating heart. She is child-like in her desire for thrills, wanton when in need of attention but mistake not her whims for lack of intellect for there lurks beneath still waters a danger far graver than the tumults of a raging sea.

She exhales chemicals from parted lips; scarlet stained gates of a poison-tipped tongue. “Hush,” whispers the siren from beneath the veil of hooded eyes and wicked lies. She, who cannot be defined.

Arivanya Vittore is just one among hundreds forced into the throes of human experimentation where she demonstrates a near prodigal promise in her aptitude for pain and sentimental withdrawal.

She is a fragment of her people, commanded to remain during the exodus that would forever separate her from the rest of the Eximius. She will never know the culture and superiority nurtured from separation nor has she visited the lands that would label her an outcast, a Cieth.

A lack of belonging and training belonging only dogs nurtures her irreparable hatred toward the Dires. She indulges her master, King Fenrir, with the heads and pelts of her victims – weeds them from the darkness and forces them to pay the price for their existence. Blood and chaos is her only remedy but it does nothing to stop the loneliness that, slowly but surely, manifests in her heart. It renders her vulnerable when confronted by too few and steals away her armor before she can stop those who find their way past her vanguard. To them, remaining unnamed, she realizes the beginnings of something more than hatred and to them, she is too soon taken away.

Arivanya pays the price for her transgressions. She is brought to the threshold of death and saved by her victim's foolish kindness and revived by a stranger's stubborn compassion. She would have preferred the endless lull of silence but life is forced to her chest and when she awakens, time has all but escaped her hands.

Played by Pan
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