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Julius Troy Valentine is a Human that identifies as Male. Julius was born on August 12th and is 27 years of age.

  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 157 lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
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we were lead astray, the pastor would say
oh, your sins shall find you out
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Fair skinned and fair featured, Julius is tall, willowy and narrow, with sunken, sharp eyes and a cruelly pointed smile. His diminutive build takes much after his mother - gaunt and angular, wilting fingers and long, thick eyelashes; at first glimpse, perhaps, pretty in the way that bruises and wildfires could be construed. A lifetime of abuses with substances (or otherwise) lends an unstable stain beneath the veneer of a put-together and affluent, if not pretentious, social acolyte. Some of his styling may be considered gaudy - seemingly a dandy and snobbish, were it not for subtle lethality of Julius's mannerisms.

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he didn't have any time to move
his blood was dark, it was almost blue
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A man of mercurial moods and duplicitous intent, Julius is, and always has, possessed an incendiary temper and fickle, fleeting desire which he chases with reckless abandon.

His conduct is overconfident and utterly self-assured in his sense of being untouchable and lacks empathy towards others; his perceptions are utterly skewed about the world around him, but rather than adjust his ignorance he holds tight to the expectation and dogmatic beliefs instilled in him from youth: There are people who are inherently born better than others. To attempt to make up for the shame of his own shortcomings as the family disappointment, Julius tends to display perfectionist tendencies in stark juxtaposition to his ugly and unseemly habits with vices.

Julius is obsessive with his interests and demanding of the people he's interested in and is not scrupulous about using manipulation to get his way and cater to his own complexes with control. Whether he intends to or not, Julius oftentimes self-sabotages to fit his bleak and pessimistic outlook.

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: governed or characterized by caprice : IMPULSIVE, UNPREDICTABLE
: blatantly and disdainfully proud
: having or showing undue or excessive pride in one's appearance or achievements : CONCEITED
: suggesting the principles of conduct laid down by Machiavelli
: seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others
: insolent or rude in speech or behavior
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i started shaking 'cause i knew
we tried to warn him but he couldn't hear us
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Julius Troy Valentine was born to parents Ophelia and Aldous - or, at least, presumably so; he was exceptionally small as an infant, but incredibly fussy. While he grew over time to look like a near carbon copy of his mother, very little of Aldous's features were yet to be seen. Without evidence to the contrary - Aldous accepted the face value that his son was simply more small and waifish like his mother, and would not be the knightly or masculine progeny he'd imagined. This was the first of Julius's failures.

Early Childhood
Ophelia was of the expectation that her son was going to be a savant - miraculous with channeling magic or deviously intelligent with manipulation of science or reality, but, ill-equipped for motherhood with a lack of patience, such ambitions were never nurtured. The lack of any magical affinity, or, frankly, anything special at all left much to be desired. No sooner than Julius had started walking, he was taken with a mysterious illness - and was almost perpetually bedridden with shakes and fatigue, which drew attention all its own with the illness's engimatic nature.

Julius grew used to the attention and fleeting affections of his mother whilst in his recovery and relapse, and fostered the affirmations of his ill-tempered nature. His relationship with his hands-on, hands-off mother strained until almost snapping with the birth of his baby sister, Adelaide, who, as she grew, seemed innately in tune with Ophelia's teachings and learning with magic than Julius had ever been, despite her being seemingly afflicted by the very same illnesses that he'd possessed through childhood. Ever since Adelaide's birth, Julius started to recover gradually from his own ailments.

Early Teens
He was equal parts fascinated and frustrated by Adelaide's existence. On the days that she was capable of walking, she often hovered around her brother and attempted to capture his aloof attention or bond with him with mixed success - their relationship, as such, was incredibly hot-and-cold, swinging wildly between protective and almost affectionate caring for one another or Julius's one-sided, fickle temper. An attempt was made on Julius's behalf, once, to abandon his little sister down the back-alleys in a wagon, after which he was more or less condemned to isolation in the east wing of his family's estate - since then, he made more conscious efforts to be a more caring and supportive older sibling.

Mid Teens
The Valentine family acquired Abernathy Callum Mackey as a live-in servant. Julius, rather excited to finally have someone around his own age, took the opportunity to more or less bully the Dire.

Late Teens
Adelaide passes away, solidifying a palpable rift in the Valentine family. Julius's relationship with his parents withered until it was more or less minimal to no contact, typically only interacting with Ophelia in the wake of his self-destructive tendencies and eventual benders.

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