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Pendalence D'Hanik is a Dire that identifies as Male. Pendalence was born on 1418 and is 58 years of age.

  • Height: 6'6" (7'5" Dire)
  • Weight: 255lbs (770 lbs Dire)
  • Eye Color: Silvery Blue
  • Hair Color: Black
( 125 Mana )
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Pendelance is a fit individual and practices daily with workouts and runs. Noble in his stature, holds his head high. A giant among others who is often feared, rightfully so. Found wearing a longer long sleeved-shirt often rolled up and messily tucked into his pants, often accompanied with a handmade fur coat that was made for him. He wears a pair of leather/sheep skin pants. Brown in coloration. Half Dire and half Human, takes after the Dire portion of himself. A jagged scar on his left cheek bone that runs to the bottom of his jaw from a blade. A deep purple and pink spear wound to his right shoulder, it is directly from his rotator cuff to mid clavicle. On his abdomen from bellybutton to left hip bone he has a scar, straight edged- looks to be that of a straight blade. Pen has several stab wounds on his back, as well as a "brand" that was burned into the mid-back when he was captured during his child-hood. It is shaped like a T. Pendalence has two piercings on his left ear. His hair is long and shaved on the sides. often times wearing it in a pony tail, or slicking it back. It is naturally black/brown and is littered with grey. His beard is on the shorter side, and rarely shaved. Covering the deepest part of his scar along his jawline.
Quiet, untrusting, dangerous. Quick witted and skilled to an extreme. Countless years of torture to himself made the brute practically intolerable to pain. Man of many tongues and not too many words. His actions speak louder, and a bloodied face to prove his viciousness. Magical capabilities hidden from others, very secretive. Gives enough information out to not be bothered, and not enough for others to dig. Experienced fighter with tons of battle wounds to prove it, not quite a show off, but definitely will put you in your place if needed. A silent fighter in his age, quiet. Like a cobra- will strike when you least expect it. Lethal and cautious. Every now and again he will get a wild hair up his ass and wants a friendly brawl with someone. Pen is a hard individual to love and get love from. Cannot say no to helping out a child. Often times thought of as an asshole, however; considers children the "future" and will help them out. A broken man who is trying his best to hide the pain. Doing a great job of it, he isn't afraid of anything. Looks death in the eye too many times to know when to turn his back against a fight. Should have been dead many times but for some unknown reason he is not. A pleasure seeker. He is a play boy at best. Loves to give pleasure to the ladies and receive pleasure from male or female alike. Complex, curious, ladys man, quiet, brilliant, and secretive, he is what he is. You either love him or hate there is no in between. Maybe it's finally time for him to settle down, and have an actual family.
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