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Ora Mistique is a Dire that identifies as Female. Ora Mistique was born on May 1449 and is 28 years of age.

  • Height: 5'6 and 66"
  • Weight: 156 and 200
  • Eye Color: Magenta
  • Hair Color: Black
( 35 Mana )
Ora is a firecracker with a purpose in her every step. Raised Native to Koh'Gate, Ora Carrie's a strong dislike for humans and feels skeptical of about the Eximius for their strange deeds and physiques. She holds a steady belief that Dire are meant to rule as opposed to the human race on account of the horrific exoiremints done to Dire during the Bad Kings Reign. Ora is talented in her skills as a leader and utilizes any of her wolf traits to their highest potential when appreciate. She values any deeds that would place the human existence dwindling, even a little at a time, if it meant she could dwindle their numbers. Ora will use her wits to see that weaknesses are exposed, even loosen up and disguise herself as the enemy. Ora is selfish, practical, yet very confident in some cases, her downfall likely thinking she knows all the ins and outs of a situation. Another weakness of Ora, is that she doesn't always want to get her hands dirty but terrified any who witness her fangs. In light of her wits, Ora has one goal in life, to eradicate the human race. Her relations with other Nations would depend solely on the effort they out into helping her with her goals. Otherwise, it's best to stay out of her way. Ora has a strong belief in the God Fenrir himself and based much of her logic on his histories.
Coming into power after the disappearance of Ayita, Ora seized an opportunity and proved herself to her Nation, doubts of her leadership skills and devotion as she was quite the troublemaker in her younger years. She lead the Dire on a hunt, a hunt that fed her craving for human blood and Eximius alike. The hunt began with the exile of human and Eximius alike to be hunted and killed where they stood as an act of defiance towards those of other races and a warning to others that Ora was not weak and did not tolerate anyone with a history of suffering her people the way the Svalbard did so long ago. Ora was glad their expanded outward after the tribute from Dorsum and made a point to thank the King one Day. As for her stand with other Nations, Ora felt that unless they were Dire, none were friend to her. Her position on anything led by the human race made her sour, thus began an annual tradition of The Hunt. Regardless of ties to friends, Ora decreed that no human or Eximius was safe while stepping foot in The Holy Land. She doubled the hunts and the patrols and minded her people to build their stregth, a strength good enough for not just revenge, but to cleanse the earth of all human life.
Played by Noella
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