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Everett is a Human that identifies as Male. Everett was born on August 15th, 1444 and is 32 years of age.

  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 182lbs
  • Eye Color: Light Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown
( 300 Mana )

"All of those that I gather are damned. It’s just part of a company policy of mine."

The Looks

A man with a short stature yet a body easily manipulated he stands at 5’9” and carries it well. His movements are quick and deft, an aloof gracefulness one might not anticipate when first looking upon him. Once soft, angled features have been etched with hard lines through age, trials, and tribulations. The grit of the world he wears on his exterior, and while he does keep clean when he wishes to he often does not find the time to do so. Lean muscle lines his body which has been honed into a weapon of its own since his younger years, taking a more subtle approach with his training.

Dark brown hair is cropped short on his head, shaved to the sides and longer on top and generally disheveled in some fashion. A lighter goatee encircles his mouth, stubble trailing up his jaw only adding to a gruff visage. Despite the unkempt look he finds it easy to maintain, and easier still to switch it up to look entirely different. Various scars adorn his body as well, a notable one that starts on his left cheek below his eye and stretches up to branch off. One of the marks extends up and over his eyebrow while the other halts at the lower eyelid, signifying the cause of wounded skin had gotten dangerously close to the eye itself. Others decorate his torso, generally tucked away from site save some on his chest and stomach that may peek out depending on the clothing he wears. The other scars he holds are self-inflicted in the way of tattoos, geometric shapes that band around his biceps and pectorals, symmetrical ones resting on his navel above his belly button.

The meaning behind the tattoos are unknown by any but himself, appearing almost tribal in nature. Two thicker lines trail up the left side of his neck, generally the only extent of them that is seen on a standard basis. His eyes are a steel blue, diluted and sharp pinpoints upon his face that look with intense scrutiny. He is not one many would look twice at on a crowded street, and that is the intention.

The Dealbreaker

Everett's vessel is one that has been spliced between a brigantine, caravel, and a carrack, no attention to detail spared for its speed and its defenses. Ballasburn had become front and center for that upon acquiring the merchant ship that had once simply been called "The Deal". Metal plating lines her hull, the underside well guarded against the more vicious portions of the sea as well as offending ships ready to gut her. She sacrifices some of her speed because of it, as well as many of her other modifications, but the mages on Everett's crew more than make up for it with their water and air manipulation. There are cannons and harpoons, even some siphons to toss flame, but The Dealbreaker was not designed with war in mind. Everett needed her to be quick, silent, and all around outmaneuvering many of the Fleet and the navies Gil'ead employed. Most of these modifications came from learning experience, either firsthand or witnessed, and Everett is never opposed to morphing her into what she needs to be.

Other than the strange, chimera-like shape of The Dealbreaker's body, there are two other characteristics that isolate her from the norm. The first is that she is almost entirely black, the wood looking charred and darkened intentionally or holding a sort of marbled appearance with the collection of different wood. The second would be the magical runes that decorate her exterior and interior with near paranoid intent. They glow faintly, pulsing soft blues and cold greens, while some of the others might hold a more menacing touch. This magic gives The Dealbreaker an ominous and eerie aura, and with the aid of blood magic prevents those not coded into it from using magic. Some are meant to track unwanted visitors, while others might ensnare those not intended to board the ship. Like most organic material these need to often be renewed depending on their potency, so not always will there be diligence in doing so if the captain is otherwise occupied. A few of these runes etched into the small handful of holding cells below deck tend to suppress magic, and with the help of his main navigator Zenon and artificer Emil they have managed to get them to withhold even some of the strongest eximius. Nothing is without fault, of course, but Everett spares no expense and takes good care of this stolen ship. Should they need to stealth at night, self-made banners are hidden and the runes well covered to make them nearly invisible.

Note: This is part of Everett's personal lore, although discussing things plot-wise and the like there is always some wiggle room for some fun encounters and whatnot. This just developed through past experiences and unfortunate encounters, Everett growing too cautious over the years and he vets his crew well before anyone new is recruited.

Cunning | Intelligent | Calculated
Carefree | Aggressive | Blunt
Selfish | Playboy | Relentless


Past to Present

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Thread Log

>> March 9th, 1469[Nerve Endings] – Edvin had taken to the bottle a bit too hard, unknowingly placing his first mate Everett in charge while he was passed out in his cabin. Everett took up the mantle with ease, as he often did on this ship that had basically become his own, and while the rest of the crew carried out their duties his took him to the streets of Porthcrawl. Unfortunately, he comes across a cursed creature he had hoped to never see again (Sammael).

>> April 17th, 1473[Plea Bargain] – Getting ready for an expedition to retrieve something of perceived value judging by solid rumors, Everett is in the process of wrapping some of that up when Ishmer presents him with the knowledge that a Courser (Mikhael) had been evidently sent upon one of his own. Wanting to gain more information before making a decision moving forward, he extends an invitation.

>> July 10th, 1473 – [Thread Title] – Once again finding himself in Ballasburn, following wherever the coin might take him, Everett encounters a dire in hiding that is recognized as someone from his past when the rogue band of them had kept him for a time. During the cat and mouse chase the pirate captain finds maybe one of the select few who might help him and keep it quiet in the process (Mikhael).

>> May 1st, 1474 – [Thread Title] – Finishing up some business on Coryza, Everett is interrupted on his way back to the Dealbreaker by a mysterious woman seeking passage (Minerva).

>> August 8th, 1475[Close Yet Far] – Corrupt politicians in every corner of the world would always have something to offer to those they call "vagrants". Everett is given such an opportunity in Dorsum, though he wants to ensure his own safety as well as his crew so he scouts ahead to test the waters. He assumes the identity of one of the castle's merchants who bring wares into the castle under order (Severin).

>> November 12th, 1475[Wherever I May Roam] – Despite his status as Rogue, Everett was not one to turn down opportunities to barter and take advantage of Cöryza's resources as he saw fit. Although many within the Fleet and the Helm especially tended to look down upon him, that doesn't stop him from arriving in Gibrantt to refuel and offload some pilfered goods. With the ship being tended to, Everett takes a few others with him to The Stirge. It's a frequent haunt for him, but he isn't the only one. A familiar Slaver (North) arrives not long after they've established themselves, filling the tavern with tension.

>> January 14th, 1476[Waterlogged] – Awaiting the return of a few of his more stealthy crew members to give the all clear the rest of them decide to kill the time. Everett steps away after awhile to find a moment of silence when he comes across an eximius he figured to be dead (Eirik).

>> February 6th, 1476[Pisces] – The Dealbreaker had set out from the shorelines closer to Coryza, a specific destination in mind that would be taking up the majority of a fortnight if not all of it, but with some of the runes of his ship setting off Everett soon confronts a feisty Sneladian stowaway (Anyu).

>> April 20th, 1476 – [Thread Title] – Business and leisure takes him to Marshmoor, Everett only vaguely familiar with the city since most of his attention was dragged away to the smaller port cities and villages throughout. Some time had been spent here within the past year, but there was little downtime to really see it for what it was. An unlikely tour guide (Danielle) lends her aid and her company.

>> May 3rd, 1476 – [Thread Title] – Traveling is the way of life for a pirate, Everett settling in only for shorter stints at a time. It also kept Coryzans off his trail, if they should be so displeased with him. He is making his way when he is disrupted by a woman who is revealed to be yet another Snelandian (Uki). He doesn't realize at first this is who Anyu had been looking for, though he has suspicions.

>> June 10th, 1476[EXORCISM] – Everett doesn't often travel too far into the mainland with his ship in tow, but there had been talk of some interesting endeavors to be followed up on that brought the rogue pirate to Kheim. Evidently the Dealbreaker had been witnessed entering the channels, a couple budding captains in the Fleet all too eager to show their worth. Or what they thought to be their worth. They hadn't anticipated his adaptability, and certainly didn't anticipate the Queen of Svalbard (Hati) to be in the city at the same time.

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