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Noah Dalton Frax is a Dire that identifies as Male. Noah was born on August 6th, 1429 and is 47 years of age.

  • Height: 6'1" // 6'11"
  • Weight: 175 lbs // 460 lbs
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Hair Color: Black
( 295 Mana )
"I've been told I'm a coward, perhaps it is true.
For disgrace and treachery follow me."

Well put together and groomed for one born of the wilds are traits that possess themselves upon Noah’s frame. Standing at 6’1” the man holds a lean appearance with broad shoulders and a dipped waist as muscling enhances that look while holding his granted form. Skin tanned from exposure to the sun is elaborately decorated in a number of tattoos which have come to line nearly all of the male’s body for it adds flare to what the wolf had seen as a simple form. Ears have also been pierced in a form of furthering this expression and have been stretched slightly to fit a small gauge in place. Muscles upon this form hold some definition and it is a trait that is passed into all of the man’s features, angled cheeks pronounced further with the angle of that scruff lined jaw. Trails of facial hair lead up into the shaven sides of dark hair that lengthens the higher upon the wild one’s crown one goes, there it twisted with loose curls and is left to be tamed at will. It is beyond that brow that brightly toned golden eyes look out at the world with a thin slit pupil.


6'11" Height x 12'9" Length :: 460 lbs
Stacked elegantly upon lengthy limbs is a creature composed of structural beauty. Sturdiness and soundness possessing each angular slope that comes to strike upon his features. Such a form is strikingly similar to that of an African Wild Dog in each way it has come to develop itself. A trim form is composed of lean muscling which branches from a high set crown down the spine through an angled croup before stretching out against a slightly rounded stomach which comes to tuck drastically at the end of the organ. At one end of the male is a shortened tail which hangs loosely about the haunches, flagging in any moment that sparks excitement. On the other end coming to sit upon Noah’s crown are large, rounded ears with a few small nicks taken from them were another’s tooth and claw have come to lightly mar the hide. Breaking out small pieces of the wolf such as been done upon that broad, lengthy muzzle. Arching between the eyes and over the bridge in two separate strikes, leaving the man’s features blemished. Strikes such as this are found all over the male’s pelt from those years of false promise. Strikes held against his chest and deeply set against the pivot of his shoulder as well as against the hips.

Where a scar has not taken the pelt from the hide the canid is coated in a short, fairly neat coat. Only in two separate points are elongated hairs found decorating the male’s form. The first adorns the crest of his neck were a deeply colored mane runs from the end of the shoulder blades up till it comes over the forehead to fall just above the eyes. The second is found wrapping about the ends of the male’s tail as it creates a small wisp of extra hair which curls upon the tip. Noah’s coloration bares very few similarities to those of his family. Yet, if one knew what to look for they can be seen hidden in the patterns, a tipped mane being the most prominent feature. As for the male his coat is composed of tawny shades interrupted by a cream base coming to blanket the underside of his form. Then continuing up as it strikes along the shoulders and hips amongst the dark partial brindle pattern found there. Dark rings encircle the male’s golden eyes as heavy tear streaks round towards his sooty snout as the tail end of the mark flicks out to a series of freckles upon each cheek. The unnatural tone that comes to take the male’s form is the vibrant reds that come to point various points of his form. The most prominent of familial traits is shown in the tipped mane though Noah possesses a few more similarities as the red comes to point those rounded ears as well as coloring the lower eyelid arch and the pads of his feet, standing out from those soot colored toes.

Determined | Independent | Sympathetic
Foolish | Stubborn | Opportunist

You Were Meant To Rule The Dark
I Was Meant To See The Sun

Past to Present

>> Old History will be added in on a later date once it has been redone.

>> Spinning around in circles with no apparent direction to be found Noah has taken to traveling the vast lands in search for what is missing. A voice screaming in the back of his mind to return to the sides of those he once knew, to follow in the steps of the one he had sought out for so long, but there was another tug against that aching chest. Decisions were becoming far more complicated.

The Chronicles

JULY 1471
>> [Sunday Morning] – For a while Noah remains within Svalbard’s hold though has migrated from the castle walls down amongst the common folk of Stadarfell in a search for comfort. On this day, as she had many others, Branwen stops by for a visit with a basket of treats.

>> [Fate & Fortune [Event]] – While in the midst of traveling through the abandoned ruins of Poreux there is a song which catches Noah’s attention. Curiousness brings him to a human woman (Alois) who offers to read a fortune as long as she is given his hand.

MARCH 1476
>> [All or Nothing] – Seeking entertainment while hovering about the jungle edge of Khorl, Noah stops in a village that is prepping for a festival of sorts in celebration of their accomplishments for the season. It is during the events that he happens upon another dire (Ivan) who has drawn some attention to himself.

MAY 1476
>> [seeing red again] – After crossing paths briefly with an old friend, Noah ventures off into the Hinterlands in search of a meal only to find the struggling form of a human boy (Skoll).

JUNE 1476
>> [The Price] – The deal had been made and the price paid so the wolf returns to the side of the man he had run into a few days prior, Falks.

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