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Ivandriel Lavrentios is a Dire that identifies as Male. Ivandriel was born on June 5th, 1446 and is 30 years of age.

  • Height: 5'3" | 5'11"
  • Weight: 157lbs | 261lbs
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Hair Color: Medium Brown
( 390 Mana )

Trickster Prince

"I'm the one who lit the night up."

Human Form

At first glance one would not think him to be someone who can hold his own in a fight, and there would be some truth to that assumption. Soft, angled features only add to the effect, high cheekbones and a pointed chin giving him a graceful flair. His hair is a medium brown, a multitude of shades throughout thicker tresses that is typically kept short in some fashion so it does not impede his eyesight. His skin is fair and retains a warmer sort of tan color, though not as dark as some of his kin, and his body is left bare of any tattoos. He is not without scars, however, a collection of them marring his flesh along his torso and even his legs in some spots. More prominent ones rest upon his face, a more horizontal strip of scar tissue slashing down from his right ear to beneath his cheekbone. On the left side a thinner scar reaches up from his ribs over his collarbone to creep along his throat before cutting across his jaw towards his mouth.

Depending on what he is wearing a bite mark can be seen on his right clavicle, somewhat jagged though lacking the tearing of something trying to pull a piece of him away. Long, pointed ears are not even left untouched though some of it is self-inflicted in the way of various jewelry. His right ear, however, has seen better days. The tip is missing along with several slivers of flesh, claw marks telling of the source as they angle down across his ear. His eyes are a piercing golden color, and while they might be welcoming at first glance the look they hold usually is not. As far as musculature goes, Ivandriel has been quite active and energetic ever since he was able to walk. His muscles are lean and maintained, constant traveling and running sustaining his strength when he is not continuously honing his skills on his own time.

Dire Form


Not much height is gained when Ivandriel lends himself to his true form, the wolf still posing an elegant and regal air unfitting of the Dire's true personality. He carries himself on longer limbs, still holding fast to an athletic build even if it seems more lean. His coat is full and his skeletal structure is overall more sleek and delicate, though his strength will often be underestimated because of this. Regardless of his physical prowess this does not mean he knows well how to extend it to application, Ivandriel knowing the fundamentals of battle yet still preferring to utilize his magic. This helps, considering he is on the smaller side for a Dire.

His eyes still burn a molten gold, seeming far more primal and full of devious intent as he is more at ease in his true form. His pelt is a soft tan and blond, various hues of it blended together with soft cream overlayed in brown stripes that seem tiger-like in their patterning. Other than this odd coloration in comparison to some of the more natural Dire, Ivandriel bears no mutations of note other than his retractable claws. He was born with an adaptable skeleton, a flexibility granted to him where otherwise most Dire are stiff and unmoving. His forelegs are much the same, paws able to rotate and slightly elongated to accommodate the claws therein. This gives him an advantage in the wild, especially with hunting and scaling some terrain, and grants him a more quiet step for stalking.

Charismatic | Conniving | Tactful
Open-Minded | Feisty | Kinda Lazy
Impish | Independent |Sarcastic


Past to Present

>> June 5th, 1446 – Born to his mother as an only child in Kho'gate, his father present for only a small portion of his childhood before leaving.

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Thread Log

>> June 17th, 1475[Bulletproof] – There aren't many outside of the dire who occupy Kho'gate, at least not those who consider themselves part of the nation. One in particular (Skoll) is not well-known, Ivandriel tending to keep to his own even on the island, but they cross paths and the dire intends to investigate.

>> July 9th, 1475[The Brave And The Bold] – Taking one of the many vessels to the mainland during a trading excursion, Ivandriel finds himself at the docks of Durrës with the sun going down. Curious as ever the dire pokes around the docks to see if any of it might be of any value, but is intercepted by a strange-looking woman (Shirii). The veiled siren attempts to catch him in his lies, Ivandriel coerced into helping load the ship she occupies lest he gain unwanted attention. When he finally finished and was ready to leave, the captain (North) approaches.

>> October 4th, 1475 – Sometimes work will be passed along to the lower ranks if there is shortage, and Ivandriel was not exempt from this in preparations for colder weather. He is reluctantly dragged along on a hunt by one of his kin (Nyala).

>> October 15th, 1475 – Desiring to get away from Kho'gate for a time, as is a regular occurrence for Ivandriel, he heads to Svalbard and encounters what seems to be a rogue dire at first (Leslie).

>> December 18th, 1475[Aim For The Kill] – Not often does the dire hunt when Kho'gate was more than happy to provide for those who helped every so often, but Ivandriel sometimes will get the urge. This urge brings him deeper into the wilds where he finds prey in the form of a capybara, but there is someone else attempting to hunt the same beast (Eirik).

>> March 21st, 1476[All Or Nothing] – Ivandriel has made time for a longer trip to the mainland, arriving in Dorsum on the east coast only to find a village outside of Khorl preparing for a festival. He attempts to help himself to some of the food, attracting the attention of a few others including another dire named Noah.

>> March 22nd, 1476[Discipline] – Still riding the waves of a pleasant jaunt in a farming village, Ivandriel turns his sights elsewhere on his continued search for some rumors he had heard. A detour brings him into a bigger town where a dire and others were being held in a prison transport. It doesn't take much coaxing for Ivandriel to help, breaking them out and causing a rather big ruckus as a byproduct. While waiting to see which escape route would be best, a mysterious woman (Danielle) finds him.

>> April 21st, 1476[Two Great Minds] – His travels take him further south, rumors of a beast prowling Dorsum drawing in his curiosity. With the jungles growing thicker and some scattered abandoned buildings shifting his focus, he comes across a band of rogues with red tents and caravans. Attempting to steal some of their inventory he encounters a rather unsettling dire (Malfius).

>> April 22nd, 1476[History Of Violence] – Narrowly escaping one undesirable situation he lands himself into another deeper in the ruins of Poreux. Malfius hadn't been given much of a chance to show some true colors, but there is another more savage dire (Leto) who shows his immediately.

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