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Dorin Evander is a Dire that identifies as Male. Dorin was born on March 5th, 1449 and is 27 years of age.

  • Height: 6'2" | 5'9"
  • Weight: 195lbs | 302lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
( 485 Mana )

Cursed Knight

"It's the dark of night and I'm at the end of the line; alone in my head and waiting for something divine."

Human Form

Dorin stands at 6’2’, and once had been rather fit and well off. His “noble” heritage had allowed him this healthy visage, and cultivate a body better suited for his sword fighting. However, since spending more time in the wilderness over the course of two years his black hair has grown longer, a bit more scraggly and unkempt to the point he typically will pin it back. His traveling clothes are a bit worse for wear, and the only expensive-looking item on his person is a rather intricate and well-balanced sword. His eyes are a deeper blue, a rather smooth compliment to his overall pale skin that is not difficult to see is littered in ink. The thieves and rougher types in Kheim had seen to the patterns he desired, most of his torso and left arm covered while the right remains free of markings and the space in between on his sides. His longer pointed ears are decorated, much as his face is, in several piercings he seems to interchange or add to whenever he sees fit. He has an extra set of sharper canines, a bit shorter than the ones his human form seemed to cling to, and he is not entirely a sight for sore eyes. He bears several scars along his person, either from cuts and lashes or burns and impact. These are why he has chosen to gain some ink, if only to cover them and reclaim his body in some sense.

The only other notable piece of finery is a teardrop shaped pendant not often seen, onyx and silver in color much like the chain with a beautifully cut ruby. It's the one thing Dorin is never seen without, even stripped of everything, and that is for the sole fact that he physically cannot remove it. Anyone who can dig in deep to the magic of the realm might be able to tell there is something... off about it in its entirety. The ruby has darkened, harboring a prismatic swirl of black and gray shapes that seem to move and have a mind of its own. Cursed magic dwells within, stifling his aura and his connection the leylines within Gil'ead, so it isn't often this amulet will be seen. A good while spent in the wilderness traveling with the pack of dire that helped him after his descent into becoming a fugitive has honed him in different ways, even if he still craves the luxuries he once had. Eventually his past caught up with him and he fled Svalbard to Cöryza where it had been said only acceptance could be found no matter his past, so long as he played the part for the Fleet. Dorin assimilated rather easily, adaptable as always, and with it he eventually built up his own cozy corner with the work he slipped into. Still he keeps up with his training, and has since cleaned up in the remainder of the two years since his fleeing from Kheim back to standards he had kept before.

Dire Form

When he sheds his human form to reveal the truth of what he is, it isn't a bright and flashing display. Overall his pelt is mostly greyscale, leaning on the darker spectrum with a more natural patterning as some of their less intelligent kin in the wilds of Gil'ead. Some shades are warmer than others as they layer across his body, highlights of cobalt and various other blues dusting over his shoulders and hips. This blue marks some of his otherwise almost black face, the lighter shades of grey on his underside and streaking into his unnaturally long tail that hangs behind him. Given his lineage of beggars and merchants in the more harsh climates, his fur is not as hefty as those who need thicker coats. It is more wavy and free-flowing, tufts of it hanging from elbows and his hindquarters as well as growing from longer than average ears. His muscles are lean, powerful, and although he looks slimmed down due to the nature of his thinner pelt one would be wise not to underestimate his ferocity.

Not too many mutations break up his otherwise natural structure, the most prominent being the twin sets of saber-like teeth curving from his lips. His snout is made longer and a bit wider to accommodate these growths, the first pair longer than the two sitting behind them. His eyes are still a darker blue in this form although a bit more vibrant, none of his personality spared between forms in some way. Surprisingly enough, the necklace he wears still translates to this form, a constant reminder of his past failures.

Expressive | Manipulative | Curious
Extroverted | Sneaky | Mildly Arrogant


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