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Cynebald Brais Osbeorn is a Human that identifies as Male. Cynebald was born on October 12th, 1452 and is 24 years of age.

  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 271lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Black
( 30 Mana )

Shy Pioneer

"Soon I'll follow Prudence home - until then just let me chase this sun."

The Looks

Roughly average in height and plain of looks, Cynebald wouldn't stand out so much from the crowd if not for the multiple layers and the oddities he seems to always have on his person. He towers over some and is dwarfed by others, mostly in demeanor as he is not one to carry himself very confidently. He is also soft and built so given his lifestyle has rarely taken him places where physical prowess was a necessity. His metabolism had never been the greatest, even within other members of his family, and some equated that to generations spent in the comfort of the cities where they lived before Cynebald's mother became the reason they settled in Ballasburn. This isn't to say that he is unhealthy; far from it, in fact. He takes care of himself as much as his body will allow, and his hands-on work has made his hands calloused. In these ways he can hardly be described as soft, a grit to him when he is in his shop that shows he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. During these times, depending what he may be doing, he will have protective gear or at the very least an apron to contain much of the messes he might create with his tinkering.

His hair is black and medium-length, not always thoroughly brushed with its wavy and almost poofy tangle of curls at its ends. Bandannas and ties will be utilized interchangeably, or at once, to ensure his distractions are minimal when working especially when he is focused. His high cheekbones are rounded out with his cheeks, mouth wide and lips thin, and there is a soft intensity to his blue eyes. That could be because of his thicker eyebrows, however, though Cynebald is not the strongest of liars and thus his emotions are not very well kept from his gaze. There is a certain charm to him that is undeniable, and most of that might come from his bouncy demeanor or the fact he needs to always be tinkering with something to feel comfortable.

His eyesight is also not the best, certainly not without his goggles, and he very much has those at all times. They are not so contrasting to his hair and his lighter, more fair skin, but they are definitely hard to miss. Given the thickness of the lenses they make his eyes look comically large within the more broad frames, his field of vision broadened because of it even if it makes him look a bit more silly. This is the most common headgear the inventor wears, although around the shop or for more extensive investigations he will change out his goggles for a headpiece with many different attachments and zoom ability. This helps him track the finer details of whatever he might be handling, and despite the clunky nature of these designs they are very effective in what they are used for.

Osbeorn Emporium

Shop stuff here yadda yadda it big and full of geeky stuff and like typical steampunk inventor things yadig

Genius | Kind | Nervous
Introverted | Empathetic | Energetic


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