Nation Master List

I. Svalbard; the godless conquerer

II. Ballasburn; the unapologetic future

III. Khogate; the wolven demigods

IV. Dorsum; the fertile and free

V. Giruvaga; the bloodthirsty vikings

VI. Corzya; the merciless pirates

VII. Snelandia; the resilient snowfarers

VIII. The Weyrs; the elusive dragonkeepers

IX. Rogue; the lost and mad


Each nation has its own path through destiny; only time will tell whether they will lift their people up with them to greatness...or drag them down into madness.

It is recommended that after getting a rough idea of your desired nation here, you then check not only the Rank Roster but also the Canon List to see if there are any needed positions or Canon Characters that suit your idea.

01. (ss—VAAL—bard)

◆ Primary Language: Huma[?]; Primarily European Dialects.
◆ Humans Primary, Eximius Uncommon, Dire Abhorred
◆ "The Unconquerable Svalbard"
◆ Heavily Adheres to European Monarchies
◆ The Authority on Magic
◆ Creators of Eximius; Gave Dire Shifting Form
◆ Cunning, Intelligent, Two-Faced Politics

Svalbard Moodboard!


Historically known as "The Unconquerable Svalbard" and often called the "Dark Horse" of Human nations, Svalbard is incredibly invested in wiles and mind games, and even the most humble of its farmers can keep up if they need. Svalbard is a chess game, and their people often like to play.
Svalbard is the hub at which the entire Human species had forwarded itself in Science & Magic, conquering through crusades and setting laws that smaller Human nations follow to... avoid an unfortunate fate. Recently starved out by the agricultural giant who turned its back to its capitol and refused to feed the people, the impenetrable Svalbard suffered a hit in recent times. Down but absolutely not out, however, Svalbard continues to have the densest military force and acceleration in Magic, science and infrastructure.

A fool would be distracted by the tattered banner.


MAGIC EXCELLENCE: Svalbard is historically the frontrunner for all Magic-based discovery and experiments. Second to none, they have single-handedly built the Magic Classes and filled them with a myriad of standardized spells that can be largely replicated by others. They have the best academies in the world for the craft, and have played the largest part in establishing the cultural significance of these Magic Classes.
A GODLESS NATION: Because of their extensive history with the Demigods of Gil'ead, Svalbard has institutionally banned practicing Conria, the once-standard religion of the nation surrounding the Old God, King Conri. After the death of The Mad King, the nation has kept this policy, and practicing openly is considered "defection" and is illegal. Some people test the chances of being caught, however.
THE NAME OF THE GAME: Trickery, cunning, coy and two-faced: these are the methods by which Svabardian politicians get ahead. Women carry knives behind their backs while they speak sweetly and smile with brimming ease, and the men carry tinctures of poison saved for a toast to a new colleague. Svalbardians in general (the successful ones, anyway) are incredibly clever and intelligent, protecting themselves by preemptively plotting defense mechanisms against the possible backstabbing of people who otherwise give them nothing short of cordiality.

With their "eat or be eaten" society, Svalbardian people find it far easier to get ahead when it comes to dealing with people from other nations who are less-versed in social minefields. They are a very social, status-minded people who see sky as the limit. With the right cunning, an ordinary man can make his way into the royal parliament. To others it may seem counter-intuitive, but to Svalbard the "healthy competition" hones the capability of their people, and besides; the drama is oh so sweet.

02. (BAAL—us—burn)

◆ Primary Language: Qadar[?] + English
◆ Eximius Primary, Human Uncommon, Dire Rare
◆ Considered "Gold Standard" of Eximius Nations
◆ Incredibly Advanced Infrastructure, Architecture, and Partially-Steampunk Tech
◆ Most Closely Adheres to Democracy; "Freedom of People"
◆ Council of Leaders: "Speakers"
◆ Inventors of Wide Array of Weapons, Including Guns

Ballasburn Moodboard!


Not long after The Blanchard Projects, Svalbard rounded up the vast majority of Eximius and deposited them onto a hostile island surrounded by choppy, vicious waters. Thought to have surely perished, the Eximius not only survived but thrived, founding Ballasburn upon the island and taming it to their will. Because of this, Ballasburn is the largest Eximius nation in Gil'ead, and the largest density of the species resides here.
With their raw numbers and inhuman abilities, the Eximius of Ballasburn were able to build a highly evolved group of cities in less than the course of 5 years, utilizing exceptional strength of a single builder to do the work of a hundred Human ones. They are known for their incredible ships, evenly-distributed wealth, partially-futuristic cities, their invention of the steam engine and guns.


SURVIVORS AND SUCCESSORS: The Blanchard Projects were conducted by Svalbard by taking people of their own kind and making them into machines for war. As a result, naturally, the people who were taken were people they would not miss. The poor, the unfortunate, the lame and the many slaves hoisted in by the paid trafficking nation, Corzya.

The people of Ballasburn in majority were working class, warriors, all things non-royal. As a result, Ballasburn has an untouchable density of capable, worldly individuals who all contributed to its construction in one way or another. From horse whisperers to blacksmiths, Ballasburn's success was all the proof anyone needed to prove the necessity of non-royal lives.

ACCELERATED TECHNOLOGY: Because of the sheer manpower at their disposal per one individual, Ballasburn was said to have built itself in less than a handful of years since the ban of their kind on the Human-owned mainland of Gilead. They expanded sharply, working together towards single goals at a time and finishing them with flying colors. Because of their ingenuity, Ballasburn has a wide array of 1600s-1700s/steampunk technology, including guns, electricity unfacilitated by Magic, and even the steam engine.
COUNCIL OF IDEALS: While Ballasburn has always shunned the concept of by-blood royals, a concept popular with the nations of their past lives, the nation instead has Speakers, a voted-in council of leaders who debate issues between one another until they come to agreement. They are chosen by the people based solely on what agendas they are focused on, and are expected by the people to follow on those promises lest they be impeached.

03. (COE—gate)

◆ Primary Language: Old Wolvish [?]
◆ Dire Primary, Humans Rare, Eximius Feared
◆ Tribal + Native Pack Structure
◆ Keepers of Yggdrasil + The Holy Land[?]
◆ The Largest Established Dire Population
◆ Thought to be Closer to the Old Gods than Other Dire Populations
◆ Exceptional Guerrilla Tactics

Khogate Moodboard!


Considered the Dire closest to the legends of old, the Demigods of Khogate are born and fed by the bounty of the island where the remaining Old Gods were believed to have come to rest. Their lack of technology and seemingly-nonexistent structure or established cities is not a measure of their intellect, for Khogate chooses to leave as little a mark on The Holy Land as possible. They structure themselves in packs and move around the island with relative ease, commandeering the high ground of their home and are ready at a moment's notice to defend it.
Paired with gruesome guerrilla tactics and a rumored whisper of the woods around them to warn them of impending danger, Khogate is surprisingly difficult to siege despite its tribal infrastructure.
Nations that have tried throughout history have supposedly found themselves losing in rather "unexplained ways."


THE WOOD: The affectionate name of the power that resides in the sacred woodlands that whisper warning and reveal truth by dream. Believed to be the amalgamation of what power the Old Gods have left in this place as they expired here in this holy place, the Dire of Kho'gate clutch this exclusive treasure to their chests and allow it to govern their politics and sometimes their lives.
It is said to protect the island from harm, and few nations are willing to test that.
THE LIFE FRACTAL: Nature, by design, favors patterns. Convergent and divergent evolution, the genetics passed from mother to son...and the reincarnation of the Old Gods. Kho'gate strongly believes in these cycles and their repeats; they believe in reincarnation among the Old Gods. The Old Gods' remnants, The Wood, is said to kiss each newborn for blessing. Like the roots of Yggdrasil, the unborn take in this bounty—and some more than others. They are believed to taste the Old Magic more than others, though none know why they are picked. These ones are recognized by similar traits of the Old God whose influence has touched them. The appointed Sovereign is said to be able to feel the power within them even before their birth.
NATURALISTIC & PACIFISTIC: Khogate is historically home to Dire of Naturalistic and Pacifistic[?] schools of thought, a blend which contributes to a culture of wild, nihilistic views of life and a minimalist concern for the ecosystem, respectively. While individuals of these different views may butt heads, they have historically been able to coexist via their similarities; a strong desire to exist as they are meant to, and a relative disinterest in polluting their home with outside influence.

04. (DOOR—sum)

◆ Primary Language: Huma; Primarily European + Middle Eastern Dialects
◆ Humans Primary, Dire Uncommon, Eximius Uncommon
◆ Incredibly Diverse Culture of People; From Ancient Rome to Middle East Influence
◆ Partial Cross Between Monarchical and Agriculture-Driven Society
◆ A Wealthy Merchant and Farmer Nation
◆ Excellent Economy, Poor Military
◆ Particularly Harmonious Internal Interactions

Dorsum Moodboard!


Dorsum is an agricultural giant rich in culture, diversity, vices and merriment. With the most fertile land for nurturing high quality crops and cattle, Dorsum is a self-sustaining nation that makes many global exchanges. Having lost Svalbard's impeccable military, however, the commerce nation severely lacks self defense and in turn relies on its powerful networking skills and its people's willingness to show potential allies a good time.
Having once been the other half of Svalbard's elaborate diarchy, Dorsum has since ripped the land it was built on out of Svalbard's hands and declared independence through war. With their success, they have since become their own established nation.


WHAT HAPPENS IN DORSUM: Dorsum is very often called "The Happiest Place in Gil'ead" for its eccentric people, rich culture and open-minded vice chasing. A far cry from the cunning, straight-backed Svalbard, Dorsum celebrates mortality by making it worthwhile. Many influences come together and mesh fairly well, and for this reason the nation's infrastructure is relatively sound. Dorsum is a well-desired vacation spot for people around the world, and the "ask no questions" nation welcomes them into the throng without hesitation. The mixture of Ancient Roman and Middle Eastern influence spells for grandiose gestures and incredible food.
OPEN GATES: Dorsum has no preference of lack thereof for species. Humans, Dire and Eximius are all equally welcome within their throng at any capacity. Because of their long-standing relationship with Svalbard, of course, many Dire and Eximius tend to be wary of the open invitation and the nation's intentions, and there is still some wariness between the Human occupants and the migrants seeking the lush cradle.
A NATION OF FARMERS: Whatever the view is on Dorsum, no one can disagree that it is an incredible wealth of rations and resources for anyone it chooses to partner with. While it boasts one of the largest acreages of Gil'ead's present nations, a vast majority is used for agricultural and recreational purposes, which instead makes it incredibly vulnerable for attack and siege at all angles. While it has some self defense through its Spartans, the amount of time it takes to train a battalion is not nearly as up to par as the war assembly line that is Svalbard. In Dorsum, because of the importance of agriculture, commerce and artistry, Merchants, farmers and others in the field of creation/production are considered royalty.

05. (GIDU—vay—guh)

◆ Primary Language: Qadar + Wide Variety of Huma Dialects
◆ Eximius Primary, Dire Rare, Human Abhorred
◆ Moderate Viking, Nordic Influence
◆ Comprised of Warlords and Notorious Warriors
◆ Passionate, Pack Structure
◆ Measure Worth Only by An Individual's Ability
◆ Symbiotic Culture Surrounding Pegasi, Unicorns + Alicorns[?]

Giruvaga Moodboard!


The lionhearted Vikings of Giruvaga wear blood on their cheeks and severed heads on their hips. Utilizing guerrilla tactics and raw willpower, the Giruvagans are a cluster of war-hardened warlords and notorious criminals contributing to a single goal of survival, freedom and redemption.
Having long rebuked the too-peaceful political landscape of Ballasburn, Giruvaga prefers talon over pen and example by execution. To others they are non-negotiating conquerors, but they call themselves rebels and freed slaves of mankind killing for redemption…and will kill until either they are redeemed, or until they have the crowns of their foes.


MAKE THEM PAY: Mankind must atone: this is the foundational Giruvagan belief. Whether Eximius or Dire, Humankind has taken them from their homes, manipulated their bodies and ultimately persecuted them into the far corners of Gil'ead once they decided their slaves were of no consequence. Giruvaga meets Human existence with fire, and will cleave the heads of any who attempt to stop them no matter who they are. Humans made them into war machines, and they intend to wear that laurel to the fullest unto death. Humans have the hardest time NOT getting enslaved or worse.
FEATHERED FRIENDS: Giruvaga has a strong monopoly on equine taming in Gil'ead, namely Pegasi, Unicorns and, more rarely, Alicorns. Every individual is paired with a foal or colt at birth in a type of anointing ceremony. In it, a red ribbon dressed in specific oils and spices is tied around the child's finger and the animal's leg, and they are left this way overnight. Should the twine have snapped (by movement of the animal or otherwise) by morning, then the pairing is not meant to be. These mounts are often suited with custom armor specific to their rider, truly setting in stone the individuality of each warrior and their partner.
IT TAKES A VILLAGE: Giruvaga historically has had very few internal politics or formal rank structure. Giruvagans are sorted by what they can do, what they have done, and what they will do; never by name, age, sex, and never by bloodline, for they are all royalty by mere survival of what Humankind has done to them. Whatever gender, whatever age; all are treated the same if they are capable of the same. They are rough and often violent but social as a people, settling disputes with impromptu fights or trials made from incredible ingenuity. They generally have loose social compartmentalization and resemble an animal pack more than a strict, sterile society. 

06. (COOR—zee—yuh)

◆ Primary Language: Huma, Primarily European, African + Mediterranean Dialects
◆ All Species Equal
◆ Internationally Notorious For Piracy
◆ Pirates, Convicts + Slavers
◆ Prolific Traffickers; Corners the Market of Slavery and Poaching
◆ Historical Close Bond with Svalbard
◆ Values Anyone with Coin to Burn

Corzya Moodboard!


Haunting the ocean with startling experience and an all-too-there presence, the Pirate Nation of Corzya makes its name with its heavy influence in black market trafficking, ransom kidnappings, slavery and slave behavior training. Countless times they are contracted for any one of these "services," offering a hand to dance with anyone who has the coin to pay. On the underside they make the rest of their money stealing whatever they can and turning a beautiful profit. Many things are said to turn up here…even the crowns of long-gone Kings and Queens.
The Pirate King's moving castle is a sight to behold whether you hate them or love them, a capitol city known as the Vatican that sails the 7 Seas. A greedy, vulgar but resourceful nation, Corzya may be hated by many but very few can disagree that its business stimulates the international economy frighteningly well.


THE PIRATE KING'S MOVING CASTLE: The Vatican, the Pirate King's inner sanctum, is a clustered capitol city that surrounds the royal castle itself. This sanctum is separate from the landmass of Corzya…because it moves. The capitol is a city built atop a vessel massive enough to house all its carefully-selected occupants and then some. The Pirate leader controls the course of the city, a captain of their own ship, and for this reason the Vatican has a tendency to show up in the strangest places. Bouncing back and forth from the Corzyan mainland and…other destinations, the Vatican is truly a sight to behold no matter who you are.
NATION OF THIEVES: As an established pirate nation, Corzya has a tendency to make monumental scores without batting an eye. For this reason many nations prohibit Corzyan negotiations on their own soil, attempting to subvert their chances of being robbed blind by the money-hungry exploiters.
Good luck with that.
THE WILD HUNT: Corzya is incredibly notorious for its monopoly in trafficking, slavery and slave training. Experts in the field of exploitation and forced behavioral corrections, despite its cruelty, is very often employed for services in Gil'ead. Slaving is an always-active business, raking in consistent pay while their piracy is a less certain but very lucrative side job. Corzya most typically takes its product from other nations or from Rogue bands rather than their own numbers, but not every slaver or trafficker has the same ideals about national pride.
After all, money is money.

07. (snuh—LAHN—dee—ya)

◆ Primary Language: QSL[?]
◆ Dire Primary, Humans Uncommon, Eximius Uncommon
◆ Historically Dire, But No Policy Against Other Species
◆ Highly Resilient, Powerful Snowfarers
◆ Run by Two Emperors; Two Provinces
◆ Well Known for Their 5-Star Cuisine
◆ Symbiotic Culture with Mammoth Bears + Saber Tooth Cats[?]

Snelandia Moodboard!


From the 2-Emperor nation of Snelandia come the Resilient Snowfarers of the north. Well known for their exclusive sign language used to counteract the constant whipping of wind in their ears, their tendency to keep Mammoth Bears and Saber Tooth Cats as mounts and warriors all down to their godly cuisine, Snelandia is a very distant but ever-present cultural masterpiece. Their geographical distance from the mainland conflict has afforded them a peaceful existence from such wars for many years, secluding them to their own unique issues with the pirates of Corzya. Thus far, anyway.


TWO PROVINCES, TWO EMPERORS: A landmass the size of Snelandia is tough to rule as one. It was instead split long ago during a feud, with half taken up by a new Emperor and the other half sustained by the other. These two dynasties may often butt heads, but otherwise consider themselves a singular force when it comes to external forces threatening the people at large. For this reason, though, the halves of Snelandia often act quite autonomously of one another unless the two Emperors can get together and decide on a singular course of action.
If ever they can.
BEAR AND CAT COUNTRY: Snelandians are incredibly proficient on their own feet no matter the depth of snow or the speed of a blizzard. However, much in the way other settlements have grown to evolve beside dogs, this nation has grown quite close with bears and cats. Mammoth Bears and Saber Tooth Cats, to be exact. With heavy freight bodies, strong senses of smell and vicious means to defend themselves, these massive bears and long-toothed felines have been integral companions for Snelandian people.
Predatory mounts with built-in snowshoes are the best kind of mounts for this unruly terrain. Aside from war, hunting and general protection, these companions are often treated like one of the family. Just spare a sip of soup every now and then and you have a friend for life.
THAT'S GOOD SOUP!: Don't let the cold fool you. Snelandia is the international leader in culinary delicacies, specifically deserts and pastries, but are most widely known for their life-saving soups and broths. Strapping flasks of the piping hot stuff onto fluffy Grizzly companions to deliver to military men and women pigeonholed during battle has been sworn to have won wars.
The high society deserts, however, including frozen delights and bite-sized crepe dumplings, are gifts reserved and only shared with foreigners who are thought to deserve it. Some nations give horses, Snelandians give excellent food.

08. (WAY—er—s)

◆ Primary Language: Scritt[?]
◆ All Species Equal
◆ Nomadic Structure; NO Set Territory
◆ Incredible Ingenuity
◆ Historically Brave, Regal, Fearless as a People
◆ Thought to Have Long Disappeared
◆ Symbiotic Culture with Draconians[?]

The Weyrs Moodboard!


The Weyrs are a group of same-bannered nomadic groups deposited all throughout The Unclaim foothills and alps of Gil'ead. As a rare, wandering presence, they claim no land specifically as their own, but are so intentionally elusive and revered for their majesty that they're seldom identified as squatters should they ever nestle in The Claim. In fact, Gil'ead at large speaks of them as mythos, for surely a group who ride legendary beasts can only be fable. Weyrians form inseparable bonds with Draconians and neither in the pair so much as eat, sleep or breathe without knowing where their other half is.


DRACONIAN SYMBIOTICISM: Every Weyrian has a draconic partner obtained through coming-of-age trial and nurtured through intimate same-minded bond. The adolescents are taken out on voyages to find these rare beasts, and oftentimes it takes more than one encounter to come across one that chooses to approach. The first ride is always a deathmatch between the two, and if the Weyrian can survive the aggressive tosses and dives and spirals, they've then proven themselves to the beast. These legendary beasts are revered as beyond friend, family, lover, and are an integral part of their entire society. If you see one half, the other isn't far behind. Many older, wiser Draconians can learn to speak word-based languages, but often they save such a thing for their partners only.
TINKERS: Their close relationship with Draconians has led to a necessity of curious goods. Weyrians from a young age learn how to fashion mechanisms attached to themselves or their saddles to assist in heightened communication between them and their large, less-sensitive partners. From saddle pedals that tap morse code rhythm against their mount's chest, to underwing rigging operated by a lever that lets the beast know when to glide and dive, Weyrians are naturals with ingenuity and life-saving contraptions. If you get the chance to buy from them…do it.
STUFF OF LEGEND: Because of their nomadic presence and near-zero footprint, Weyrian groups have long thought to have been long wiped out with the supposed extinction of Dragons, with which the people had built their entire society upon the backs of...quite literally.
It was once said that Weyrians lived upon the backs of massive Dragons known as The Elders, who have now since disappeared. As a result, much of whatever ancient civilizations The Weyrs owned are all gone now, but contrary to belief, they appear to remain alive and well. Though, they do so in small numbers and without the backs of The Elders to house them, and therefore Weyrians contend with harsher elements of nature with their smaller Draconian partners.

09. (ROH—guh)

◆ The Lost, The Mad, The Nonredeemable
◆ Primarily Dwell in The Unclaim[?]
◆ All Races Equal, But Not All Are Safe
◆ Comprised of Groups, Cults, and Loners
◆ Typically Abhorred By Nations
◆ Resourceful, Few Inhibitions
◆ Incredible Survivalists

Rogue Moodboard!


Rogues are very often termed as The Lost, The Mad, and The Nonredeemable. In Gil'ead, it takes a great feat to have one's citizenship revoked, and an even greater feat to survive The Unclaim. Many Rogue status individuals have been born into it and may not be nearly as threatening as the ones who have been outcast or successfully fled their (possibly deserving) fates, creating a spectrum within Rogues that makes them unpredictable and culturally viewed as untrustworthy.

One moment you may meet a humble hunter, and the next you may meet a Blood Mage attempting to sacrifice you to their cult.
A luck of the draw. But all in all, anyone who can best The Unclaim at its own game, arguably, is someone to be wary of.


THE MASKED ONES: Because many Rogues are notorious wanted individuals who escaped their execution, there is a large trend concerning the use of masks to hide features that make them identifiable by bounty hunters or other forces who intend to bring them before the courts. Anything appears to suffice for a mask; if it hides their faces, be it an animal mask or a spool of red yarn, then it appears suitable enough for them.
The Masked Ones are seen as particularly dangerous, however, because the moment someone hides their face, you rather know what to expect from them.
CULTISTS AND BANDITS AND LONERS, OH MY!: The diversity of Rogues is startlingly high, which makes them unpredictable and all the more dangerous. Many have been had their citizenship revoked by their homeland while others have denounced it, practicing dark arts in secret, while far more tame individuals are simply born and die as a Rogue, with the reason that they've been born here at all long lost with their long-gone ancestors.
COUNTLESS GROUPS: Despite their sharing of the term "Rogue," make no mistake in that these individuals have no inherent allegiance and sameness with one another. While individual groups or cults may sprout up, many Rogues may band together out of sheer necessity to survive The Unclaim, and even then a leader's control may be short lived unless it is managed and managed well. On the other hand, cults tend to be very orderly and less discovered for the sake of protecting their practices.
Lastly, many Rogues may be loners and care for themselves as individuals. When it comes to being Rogue, strength is not always in numbers.