I. Minor NPCs vs Major NPCs

II. Major NPCs Masterlist


Minor NPCs are disposable background elements that support a smaller narrative such as quests, hostile encounters, or random events. Minor NPCs will likely not reoccur.

Major NPCs are distinct foreground characters, with their own profiles, who support larger-scale plots, events, quests, and even free roam the site from time to time. Major NPCs grow with and experience the site as the Dire Community shape it. They also tend to provide specific features.


Minor NPCs are temporary and supplemental without a long-lasting purpose to a story or plot. You aren't likely to encounter the same one again, and if you do it'll likely be for a small, recurring quest. They tend to be disposable. Members of course can also generate their own Minor NPCs for their threads to supplement their stories. Major NPCs, on the other hand, either provide features or represent different paths the Project can go down. For this reason they tend to be quite different from one another. Major NPCs have prewritten desires, belief systems, preferences in acts and characters, and sometimes even plans that they will try to carry out when triggered into certain situations. Major NPCs are run by Dire only.




Known only as "Alois," a proclaimed Oracle by those who have encountered her, the Black Mage gives you the sense that she knows far more than she seems willing to say outloud. Distressed or lonely adventurers appear to be the company of choice, and like a chariot of death her wagon has a way of appearing when a person's most likely to invite her into their space.

Coincidence or not, her physical frailty, soft movements and collected demeanor all spell a rather harmlessness about her to some. Just don't overlook the fact that she appears to survive The Unclaim just fine. She avoids crowded areas and sticks to the wilderness, likely because of the illegal nature of her controversial Magic choice.


01. Get pulled into inclusive domino effect story arcs once they begin. Participation will put your characters in the middle of unfolding events. Often, characters will be asked to do things that include other characters, creating a network of inclusivity. Her quests will require quite a bit of effort, however, and some may lead to Boss Fights, so keep that in mind!

02. Alois is a powerful Black Mage who can share information about events currently happening a world's length away. Getting her to decide you're responsible enough for that knowledge is a is tricky, however...

03. The Oracle has a tendency to show up in non-city areas, forests and hillsides and eerie areas being her favorite. While she may not always have an overly-apparent purpose for meeting you, characters can idly interact and ask questions and, sometimes, get tidbits of information about her or somewhat obscure lore.


01. Alois appears to be a Dire Sympathizer.

02. Alois and The Doctor appear to know each other at some significant capacity.



No one knows, really. A mysterious feather-clad plague doctor with a curious temperament and even more curious means of travel. You get the strangest vibes from him despite how seemingly innocuous he is at all times, hopping about and offering you strange rings still attached to…severed fingers.

The Doctor controls Dire's flash sales and sometimes gives access to event-only items once in a blue moon. Characters simply respond to his thread[?] with what they want to purchase, and Dire will manually fulfill the requests. Because it isn't automatic, however, the wait period will vary based on how many people flood him at once.


01. Buy an assortment of items from him with slashed prices that varies with each appearance. In some cases, he might only want to sell at specific prices to specific species—or his criteria may be even more specific than that at times. He may also only be interested in a trade transaction for event-only items, and in some cases what he's looking for may be only obtained through a currently-ongoing event or plot.

02. Haggle prices or demands. The Doctor might be willing to slash prices further for an individual or at least change what he wants in return if they're crafty enough to convince him to.


01. The Doctor always remembers who bought from him—even if you don't post IC to him.

02. The Doctor and Alois appear to know each other at some significant capacity.



Sir August is an internationally-renowned General whose acclaim has reached beyond banner. Because of his long list of achievements ranging from slaying drakes to crooked Kings, Sir August is considered an international treasure. Now retired, he controls a worldwide network, The Order, comprised of knights and other officials who enforce the law as a third-party. While he may not show up himself all the time, he will sometimes send someone to come to your aid.

General August is an NPC Feature that handles IC issues with IC solutions. Writers can anonymously message his account with their questions or thread complaints so that they're easily found and dealt with. Sir August will reply to them IC regardless of the content, and will answer questions, give advice or even show up or send NPC assistance into your thread if he finds that it's necessary or fair to do so. In short, General August is Dire's IC 911.


01. Asking secular world questions related to legality and punishments. Luckily for you, Sir August won't punish you for thought crimes.

02. Reporting concerning writing-related behavior like godmoding, powerplaying without consent, characters being written like they're "invincible," and other writing-based issues. If he finds your concerns to be legitimate, the offender's account will either be messaged, or he will take other measures that he sees fit.

03. Reporting major IC crimes. NPCs won't always show up to punish EVERY crime, but Sir August will respond in some way, shape or form even if it's just advice. Authority NPCs will most LIKELY show up if crimes occur in cities or other highly civilized places, but RARELY in uncharted or lawless areas. Lawbreakers should keep in mind WHERE they're breaking the law and HOW discreet they are.

04. Reporting out-of-control fights. Sometimes fights between characters get out of control and we don't feel comfortable calling it off when it's already well underway. You can message Sir August with a link and he'll review your thread and decide on a course of action. If he decides your concerns are warranted, he or another Authority NPC will show up and either break up the fight, engage the most aggressive party, or make arrests. Just be aware that all parties may be get in trouble!


01. General August has an aversion to Sir Gandr.

02. General August spends a lot of his time making informative bulletins to keep people safe and within the law.



Sir Gandr is the present world champion of Thunderhearth, the Gileadian equivalent of Olympic Games and Roman Gladiator events rolled into one. Although he still competes every now and then to raise his 600-streak record, Gandr has largely retired and instead taken on the place as coordinator, head organizer, and referee. His experience is invaluable when it comes to regulations and teaching newcomers how to follow them, and given his track record he's not exactly too shabby at making troublesome competitors behave if he needs to.

Gandr unveils and regulates Sport PVP events and, at times, will even act as a sports announcer for certain types of events.


01. You can post to his event sign ups when they appear and compete for prizes. The rules and how the event varies based on the type, and the details will always be explained in-post.

02. Within the realm of Thunderhearth, Gandr is judge and jury. People who don't play by the rules or who take too long to post will be escorted out by Gandr's request to ensure the rest of the participants can continue to play with a clear head.

03. One of the lesser active NPCs outside of his field of expertise, you can on rare occasion find him wandering about Gilead and can thread with him.


01. Sir Gandr's smile has never been documented.

02. It is rumored that Sir Gandr lost his brother to a Drake.