I. All Magic Classes

I. All Magic Classes

II. All Nonmagic Classes

III. How to earn Magic & Nonmagic


"Users" are defined as any person who possesses one or a few powers in a particular Class.
"Mages" are defined as a person who possess an exceptional amount of powers and experience in a single Class.
Most people have a mix of many Magics at their disposal for a well rounded ability, but are still judged by what they use most.


Green Users are most universally revered throughout most societies. Green Magic has been scientifically proven as having the lowest impact on Gil'ead if any at all, as it does not typically offset the balance of nature. The energy that is used by a Green User is minimal, or is returned to the earth via their spells. Green Mages do well as naturalistic or minimalistic people like monks or healers, and in many societies harming a Green Mage is a far more heinous crime than harming any other Mage type. Many people will die protecting a Green Mage whether they are familiar or not.


Blue Users are culturally considered hardier than Green Users, and are conscripted far more often in time of war or conflict. Blue Magic is synergistic and focused on longevity of targets, making Blue Users very integral partners for more offensive individuals. They have been shown to have the second lowest impact on the Magic Well, and are viewed as very righteous, protective, patient people. Blue Mages have a far lower chance of being expected of wrongdoing in Human societies than most other Mage types. Blue Mages are often in areas of power that compliment their protective capabilities.


Gray Users are most often seen as shrewd, stealthy, intelligent and often tricky individuals. With Magic that allows them to move through the world with ease, the general population of larger societies dislike the fact that they possess powers that let them control interactions in some way or another. Gray Magic is very popular with politicians and royals who get a better advantage utilizing powers that help them spy, trick, and obtain information their competitors (or even friends) keep from them. Gray Mages are often in places of political power for this reason, and general Human populous often wisely try to set up safety precautions to prevent Gray User interference…even if they're friends.


Red Magic is the most blatantly offensive Class of Magic, straightforward in nature and very diverse in how Red Users can uniquely bend and shape their use of it. They often make their own spellbooks to contain their personal recipes. For this reason, Red Users are viewed as the most powerful by a literal sense, as Red Magic is mostly elemental and does not contain any skills that manipulate or toy with the minds of others. Red Mages are the most popular assets of war out of the Classes. Because of the sheer control of these raw powers, however, Red Users are slightly controversial topics due to how easily overuse can contribute to the crisis. They are also viewed as very raw, potentially unpredictable forces, and conflict tends to be avoided by less offensive Classes.


Black Magic has a very split, indecisive connotation to it. Many societies go as far as to ban the use of it, and will arrest Black Users upon sight of the possession. The second most draining Class of Magic, Black Magic bears heavily on intangible, otherworldly twisting of the world, tapping into mental and paranormal aspects of the world and beyond and using it for personal gains. Black Magic is either feared or misunderstood, or it is revered heavily for its spiritual, pure connotation. Black Mages who desire to regularly practice often do so in secret, live outside larger societies in nature, or find themselves in a place that views them as apostles or conduits. The craft is most often associated with cultish or ritualistic behavior, and Black Mages are often called witches for good or bad. Many consider Black Magic the gateway drug to Blood Magic.


Blood Magic is the most rare, destructive Class to the Magic Well and is almost universally viewed as an unnatural, cruel, and evil force. This Magic is almost entirely forbidden in Human societies except in small areas or secret societies that are hunted down aggressively by larger political voices of Gil'ead. Blood Users contain the abilities to not only tap into otherworldly means like Black Users can, but they can manipulate and turn back these natural paths, forcing the natural flow to behave in ways it never should. The sheer power they possess is said to addict and obsess them to its use. From reviving the dead to summoning beasts not of this world, Blood Users are hunted and most often killed by law on sight. Blood Mages are heavily feared, hated…or incredible resources for forces who desire power, even if it means committing acts against Gil’ead.


Old Magic are powerful, otherworldly powers that currently have not been remotely imitated even by the Humans. These Magics are said to have been used to run the world and beyond, turning the sun and seasons both. Old Magic users tend to be very heavily protected or hidden whether by their societies or by their own wisdom. These abilities make them targets for capture from all species, even their own, where they would be forced to perform what they know until they pass.







Praxi are relatively rare syringes of an experimental concoction used to "install" new Eximius-specific abilities or modifications into an Eximius experiment. After the Blanchard Projects were forcibly shut down and Eximius production was banned, these shots and the labs they'd come out of were largely destroyed. By smuggling or excavating the abandoned facilities, fortunately, there are quite a few circulating Gil'ead if one knows where to look and who to ask. The coursing of chemicals in the blood is usually incredibly painful, but the changes are immediate.


Equipment includes weapons, armor and accessories that give characters a cutting edge that may be just enough to save them from a bind. Some are basic and durable while others are imbued with elemental power, allowing the user to channel these powers without need of the spell itself. While many articles in this group are obtainable by all, some are crafted as species-specific like the Human-made tougher-than-steel suits of armor, or the guns of Eximius ingenuity.


Consumables include food and potions. These single-use items are cheap and very useful in a pinch for the wayfarer or lesser-fortunate who cannot afford equipment, Magic training, or companions. Some food can offer quick healing, while some potions can offer temporary body-changes such as fire-breathing, invisibility, or even effects meant to sabotage a target. While they are cheap solutions, they are quickly-fading solutions, so the user must make it count.


Companions include any presently-marketed animals that can be captured from the wild or bought. These range from domestic animals to wildlife and, more rarely, even mythical creatures. Many of the rarer creatures are symbols of power and status, and are often given as gifts among kings and queens or used as a profession of love. On the flip side, many travelers are smart enough not to travel alone, and bring along a friend. Or 20.

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