Dire's PVP Feature
Hey there! This is an optional page, but it introduces new features! As explained by Sir Gandr, The Indomitable

Welcome, welcome! People call me Gandr, but YOU can just call me Sir. I'm going to explain Standard PVP to you as regulated by Thunderhearth, the Arena of Champions. What's Thunderhearth?? Gods. Thunderhearth is the absolute gold standard in combat, war and combat-related sports like hunting, tracking, survival and gladiator entertainment.

Stationed in Dorsum, Thunderheath is an internationally-known coliseum that corners the damn market on all things "competition." Mind you I'm not saying it's the ONLY way to fight, but...I AM saying it's the only smart way. Sorry. I've won more fights than the hairs on my head in The Arena before I became a trainer, so believe me when I say you're in good hands. Don't believe me? Good. That was gonna be my first tip.

I. How to Use

The following rules & regulations is Dire's STANDARD PVP System. If all parties plot an ending to their fight, are completely fine with letting their characters organically decide when they're done, or even if all parties agree to a completely different, self-made system for their personal use, that is 100% acceptable. The primary purpose of this PVP Standard is in the case where one or more parties would prefer to use the system to delegate a clear winner.

If even one participant in a fight wants to use Standard, all parties interacting with that participant's character must also use Standard. The name of the game with PVP on Dire is communication and clear understanding on how the win/loss will be tallied by the writers themselves. As long as that's the case, make whatever rules you want!

II. The Basics
01 - Index Information

Any action resulting in non-self-related harm or contact.

Any action resulting in defense or deflection of a successful Attack, whether for self or another. Successful Defense cuts damage taken by 50%.

Any action resulting in total evasion of a successful Attack. Successful Evasion cuts damage taken by 100%.

Any action resulting in detection of a concealed individual or threat.

Any action resulting in resisting or recovering from an incapacitated state, such as caused by Sleep, Hypnosis, or other mental/physical snares that reduce some or all performance.

ROLLING: Both Success/Fail AND Damage Inflicted are decided by the rolls a character makes. This D&D element of randomization is counteracted by the item inventory that a character is outfitted with. It pays to build a reasonable strategy just in case you have to use Standard.

  • SUCCESSFUL ROLL: Every roll in the window of 13+ is a SUCCESS.
  • FAILED ROLL: Every roll in the window of 0-12 is a FAILURE.

HP: Every character starts with 100 Health Points, which is ONLY reduced by successful rolls whose intent is to lower opponent HP[?].

COMPANIONS: Companion Wildlife have 50HP. When they reach 0HP, the player can decide what this means in terms of context, but in this system this results in the character's Companion being unusable for the rest of the fight.

CALLING: For the sake of communication, listing all your currently active Roll Effects at the bottom of your posts makes it easier for others to keep track of your roll values.

TO WIN: The opponent either loses ALL HP, or if you set Rounds are set for the fight, then the opponent must have LESS REMAINING HP when the fight ends.

Easy stuff, right? Baby steps. I'm assuming you all know how to attack people at LEAST, anyway—if not, you're harassin' the wrong old bastard. Let's move onto something you can really sink your teeth into, like strategy and shit to consider when you're hitting the books and building your repertoire. You're welcome.

02 - Roll Effects

Certain items have Roll Effects tacked onto them, which are used in this Standard PVP system. If it's not specified, then assume there are none. If you DON'T use an inventory item for a turn, then also assume there are no Roll Effects to your turn. There are 2 main types of Roll Effects:

  • A: Roll Boost. Simply, a Magic skill that ADDS +2 to one's OWN or an ALLY's Attack Roll means that a character who rolls an 18 for an Attack Roll will receive that +2 when that specific Magic skill is used, and in this example would result in a roll of 20.
  • B: Roll Reduction. Simply, a successful Magic skill that REMOVES -2 from a TARGET'S Attack means that a character who rolls an 18 for an Attack Roll will receive that -2, and in this example would result in a roll of 16.
  • If any item has Roll Effects, it will be specified in its description, and it will tell you if the item has to SUCCEED to add the Roll Effect, or if the Roll Effect is added simply upon USE. At times, these roll boosts are the only difference between success and failure, even if they look small on paper.

So now you're probably thinking, "But Gandr, all this is amazing to know so that I don't get killed by a tantrumming 3-year old over a piece of candy, but earlier you mentioned different types of battles, so where is that??" Well hold onto your 5-second attention-span chief because THIS is the best part.

III. Types of PVP Battles
01 - General PVP

"Typically the most common type of interaction—not my favorite but hey. People get into shit. Not much to say about this lot except there's no one way to go about it. Chances are you're not gonna find a Green Mage sitting on their ass waiting to heal you up, so think about that when you're busy getting into fights over stealing somebody's rabies-infested mutt. If you wanna fight with honor then hey, fine, do it, or set your own rules or no rules at all—no one cares you're unregulated. General PVP only gets as nasty as you let it."

Sir Gandr
02 - Sport PVP

“Ahhh, now THIS, is more my song. You'll learn more about it once The Games[?] season comes around, but for NOW I'll give you the skinny. Difference between General and Sport is that Sport is regulated by people like yours truly and it's just for fun, prestige, prizes, whatever the hell else. That means no killing, no maiming, Green Mages on standby so that you get all your shit reattached and you leave the event just how you came in. Usually[?]. Sport PVP is usually tournaments, hunting competitions, steal the flag survival events and whatever the hell else Thunderhearth has going on at the time. Don't worry, you'll know more about each individual event once they come up.”

Sir Gandr
03 - War PVP

“Let's get into the nitty-gritty. Close your eyes if you're squeamish I guess. There are 2 types of Wars in Gilead. Currently. You always gotta say Currently. Turf Wars and Full Wars are what I'm going to explain to you for right now.”

Sir Gandr

War Type 1: Turf Wars

“First up is Turf Wars. Turf Wars are very meaningful to nation expansion, but otherwise a little skirmishing never hurt anyone. I guess seeing as you people hate each other, this runs under General PVP. Fight to win, move on, bleed all over the floor whether you win or lose. The IMPORTANT thing is what this means for the way The Claim is divvied up.”

Sir Gandr
  • A: These are described as any PVP ON the disputed board WITH the parties who are in dispute. Disputed Areas can be claimed by a nation if they win 10 Turf Wars in a row against each nation they are in dispute with.

    So, if Svalbard is in Dispute with Dorsum, Svalbard's people must win 10 times in a row, no losses, against Dorsum to officially turn the Disputed Area board into their territory.

  • B: To be eligible to take a Disputed Area, a nation must be part of the dispute in the first place. To become part of the dispute, a nation must simply be a part of AT LEAST 5 fights on that board with another nation who is already in dispute for the board.

    Wins or losses don't matter. So, if Svalbard is in Dispute with Dorsum, Ballasburn can also fight for that property by getting into at least 5 fights TOTAL with either Svalbard or Dorsum, or just 5 fights split between both.

  • C: When a nation officially has won new territory OR when a nation has officially entered the dispute, it is the duty of the Lead Writer who runs that nation to keep record and inform Dire with the receipts.

War Type 2: Full Wars

“Next up is Full Wars. All's fair in love and war, right? And I'm not even sure about that first one. War is big, mean and unpredictable. You go in with 4 limbs and come out with 2.5. Don't fuck with it unless you know damn sure you can hold your own, that's all I can say. That's the entire point of war, right? To win? Send in your best units? Yeah? Yeah.”

Sir Gandr
  • A: Full War between nations is treated like a site-wide event and will be publicized and regulated as such. They are more or less run like team-tournaments, and the side with the most wins will be declared the winner. Full Wars will be set up between involved nation leaders by Dire, who will help organize participant characters and set deadlines so that it's not complete chaos.
  • B: These interactions have the largest change on the way the world works, and is the only way that a nation can win or lose Claimed Areas. A WIN on an enemy board will give the winner that board. A LOSS on your own board will give the enemy that board. No matter what happens, all participants are rewarded for participation in the event—win or lose. All injuries incurred will be up to THEM to cope with, however.
04 - Boss PVP

“Fuck all else, THIS is what you thrill seekers need. Boss fights are like no other PVP type. Safest way to do it is to not be a hero and go it alone—go with friends, strangers, your dog, I DON’T KNOW. Point is this: Bosses have much higher HP than you, and will take a turn once your team's turn is up. ERGO, the more people you have on your team, the more hits you get in before the ugly sumbitch makes a move on you. As for where to find these guys, well..not sure. I guess if you piss off certain people you shouldn't be pissing off, or if you have shit Karma or if you go poking around in places you shouldn't, THEN you kinda have it coming and you can't even complain about it. Anyway. That's my spiel.”

Sir Gandr

Well. That's that. That was pretty painless, right? My sentiments exactly. Anyway, I suggest you come back in case shit slips your mind. Best advice I can give is focus on getting used to the basic shit before you try to get into the convoluted mess. That's sound advice for everything in this place. You're welcome for the enlightenment. Maybe you'll live long enough to meet me in the ring.