This is the big one. We aren't here to micromanage your social response or force you to write with everyone on site. Just like in real life, disputes will happen between adults. People will disagree. People will fall out. People won't mesh. While we won't try to force you to make up, what we DO expect from everyone is to show simple courtesy to their fellow members also trying to enjoy the community in their own way.

So please don't air out disputes or dirty laundry in public Discord channels or on the site. It's embarrassing, kills the conversation, and leaves people feeling uncomfortable. If you have a dispute, disengage it publicly and continue it in PMs or DMs if you have to.



The Discord server has a wide range of channels where there's a place for everything. That being said, avoid NSFW and controversial or potentially-sensitive topics in channels that don't welcome that content with open arms. This is just to make sure that everyone who wants to opt out can safely and consistently do so. Needless to say, illegal content isn't allowed no matter where you put it.



All we ask is that you mark your threads with the appropriate tags so people know what they’re about to read and can decide if they’re interested or not. Don’t leave gruesome surprises for people to discover without knowing what’s there before they click. If you aren’t sure how to use the thread prefixes, let us know!



Power-playing without consent, godmoding without consent, and general lack of consideration of your fellow writers and their characters is prohibited. If you pre-plot or agree with something beforehand then you CAN do whatever you want as long as the other person or group of people are still cool with it. Not much else about this one. You already know this old song and dance.



While Face Claims are not mandatory (you can also use aesthetic avatars in lieu of ANY Face Claim) on Dire nor do they have to be real or famous people, we DO have policies concerning drawn or fictional Face Claims or Fan Characters.

Drawn FCs are completely welcome on Dire with the stipulation that the user must have either permission from the original artist, must have commissioned the art for personal use, or must have drawn it themselves. This is just to abide by the ethics of respecting artists who work hard on their personal piece, and as fellow creators we don't want to step on their toes!

Concerning Fan Characters, inspiration or reference from your favorite characters is totally fine--original ideas have to come from somewhere! As long as you avoid a direct rip of the original character, their full name and everything, we completely welcome being inspired by shows, movies, etc.



Here on Dire, we're of the mind that disputes can 9/10 times be handled without extremes. For this reason, Staff Intervention is a last resort. We don't like micromanaging or shoving into issues that you don't need us in. If you're unable to completely resolve ANY issue between you and the other person or group of people, however, we're happy to help you! If we hear that you're having trouble we will DM or PM you and offer assistance, but you can easily opt out.



While we do not have any formal activity requirements, characters who have not been active on-site in excess of a month will be subject to being set to inactive without notice. This helps us keep FCs open and the automatic rosters nice and tidy! Should you wish to reactivate your character, all other existing characters in play will need to have maintained an activity level of at least 5 posts during the month that you're reactivating an account.

We also offer post incentives, including: Thread Closing Rewards, Bonus Boosting, and Monthly Activity Incentives (explained HERE).



The Staff of Dire are just writers who also happen to have the duty to uphold and maintain this community project to keep it as smooth sailing as possible. Believe us, if forums could be run by machines we'd be totally okay with that. We believe that the best staff-member relationship is a TWO-WAY street of effort. So let's create some beautifully-tragic stuff together!



Inhabitants of ANY community should know the regulations of that community AND the way that authority personnel are being trained and should use their leadership tools.
This ensures full transparency and gives everyone a clear understanding of what IS or is NOT proper protocol. This also protects the teams on-site by keeping things transparent. Policy and protocol changes will always be announced as well. Staff are also not exempt from these actions if they violate the rules.

Staff members are human and Dire won't ever control that. This isn't retail, so we don't force our teams to smile under everything thrown at them just because they're staff. But if you feel that a staff member is using their tools in a biased manner to cause institutionalized abuse of the site or a member, PLEASE DM, PM, or even use the Anonymous(?) account to message Onii immediately.



A. In the case of an ongoing argument or dragged out drama in the server, the participating parties will be warned PRIVATELY that they need to break it up and continue privately or not at all. This will be the only PRIVATE warning.

B. If the conflict persists, staff are advised to assume their message hasn't been seen and will tag and warn the engaged parties PUBLICLY.

C. The third time something has to be said, a TEMPORARY MUTE in the server will be inflicted on whoever is still carrying out the act and was asked to stop. Depending on the severity of the conduct or if the person is a repeat offender, this can range anywhere from 10-30 minutes for a mild case to 72 hours for a more serious one.

D. If complaints arise after the fact and this three-part system cannot be used, the people who were involved will be warned PRIVATELY that this belated warning counts as their FIRST warning for their next offense. This means that they've already used their PRIVATE WARNING for the next time.



A. Messages will be removed if they pose a risk to members' comfort, or if they legally compromise the server and the members in it for being privy to it. For example, posting NSFW images in #gen-chat or any other channel that DOESN'T support NSFW. This is to allow everyone an equal right to make a personal choice on whether or not they want to see that type of content. Please be mindful of your fellow writers!

B. Most typically, members will be informally ushered over to the proper channels or boards after the issue has been resolved. Sometimes people post things in the heat of the moment, and won't get warned if they aren't blatantly disregarding the rules. That'll largely depend on what was posted, however, and how it may affect others. Context is key for this one.


A. In the most rare and severe cases, TEMPORARY BANS from the server may be incurred, TEMPORARY BANS from the forum may also be incurred, and even PERMANENT BANS in either or BOTH may be the only options remaining. This is entirely at careful, diligent discretion and is in NO WAY something we take lightly in doing. These extreme measures are reserved for egregious acts or conduct such as intentional cruelty, sexual harassment, racism, homophobic narrative and other conduct that wouldn't be socially acceptable in a real, mature setting.

B. Please keep in mind that this staff action takes careful deliberation. A member's track record, the offending conduct itself, and the feelings of the people who have been exposed to it all play a part in the verdict. Bans of ANY kind are made only when we find that the community is safer without prolonged exposure to this person's or group of people's conduct. Bans can ALWAYS be appealed, but the verdict may not necessarily be overturned.

C. If you have ANY questions or concerns about this particular topic, please don't be afraid to DM or PM Onii.