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03.08.20 UPDATE

Offline Poufkin Mar 8 2020, 3:13 AM
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03.08.20 UPDATE

Thank you all who have joined us through these formative weeks! Our member and character counts have grown tremendously and we're super excited to have you all take part in what we have in store! This update has a few notices, releases, and enticements to share with you, but if you have any feedback, need clarification on anything, or have a suggestion which might make your experience better, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us personally or in the Discord: Moderation > suggestion box!


We've been working on beefing up events behind the scenes and have come up with a guide which neatly outlines available kinds you might encounter. Here is a sneak peek of some of the types you might encounter:

  • ASK-AND-RECIEVE: NPC heavy and may segue into bigger, site wide plots.
  • MEMBER-RUN (2 kinds: unguided or partial guidance): prompted quests which leave the course of action in the hands of the characters with either no or very little staff involvement.
  • DUNGEON CRAWLS (3 kinds: no direction, partial direction, or complete direction): Think D&D. A rare encounter, very map-heavy quest type.
  • SPEEDRUN: For those of you who are speed demon posters, this is the quest for you. Put your speed and skill to the test.
  • ELIMINATION: Randomized event which is character directed. A goal is given and whoever reaches that goal first wins.


We also will be introducing random and monthly post incentives, including the release of:

  • BONUS BOOSTING: Soon we will have a visible post counter on site. When that happens, we will be introducing Bonus Boosting, which is an event which aligns with milestone post counts (think 500, 1000, etc.) When Bonus Boosting is in effect, all posts will count for double their normal value! These events will be hyped up in our discord as we approach a selected milestone and will endure for 24 hours once begun.
  • MONTHLY ACTIVITY INCENTIVE: Every character who achieves 20 posts within the month (each cycle beginning on the 1st of each month) will receive a prize incentive. May be mana, randomized, or a standard prize.


Rewards for closing threads are now available! Have you completed a thread? Are you ready to close it, archive it, and claim for it? Going forward, all threads which have at least 5 posts for the character claiming will be eligible to receive an additional 20 Mana. But that's not all! Any posts on top of that minimum 5 are worth 5 additional Mana per post! This is redeemed in General Maintenance; you can speed the process along by listing how many posts are in your thread to help us tally.

You can submit your claims at GENERAL MAINTENANCE.


In order to grow our numbers, we are amping up our public presence and would love if you could lend a hand, or, a click of a button. If and when you get a chance, vote daily to bump our ratings! RPGfix (also found in our Affiliates section).


Finally, some housekeeping and revisions to the Guidebook:

  • FACE CLAIMS: We have clarified our policy on Face Claims, which can be reviewed in the GUIDEBOOK
  • ACTIVITY REQUIREMENTS: While we do not have any formal activity requirements, characters who have not been active on-site in excess of a month will be subject to being set to inactive without notice. This automatic inactivation has been in place for quite some time, and helps us keep FCs open and the automatic rosters nice and tidy for more of your brainchildren! What's different now is that should you wish to reactivate your character, all other existing characters in play will need to have maintained an activity level of just 5 posts in the month that you're reactivating an account.