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[P]  Aim For The Kill

Offline Ivandriel Mar 26 2020, 10:17 PM
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December 18th, 1475

The penchant for hunting in the jungles was as natural as the land itself. Ivandriel didn't do it much if Kho'gate already had done their clockwork hunting and gathering. He was more than happy to pick and choose what he wanted, giving back when it suited him most and disappearing when it didn't. Sometimes, though, nothing beat the exuberance of it quite like doing it yourself. It thrilled and it got the heart racing, instinct well kicked into gear even for one who preferred to kick his feet up and laze about beneath the sun with the coolness of the shade to retreat into. There was plenty of shade now as the wolf stalked through the thick vegetation, ears twitching to the faint hiss as some of the more entangling leaves slid between his fur, golden eyes watching for any signs of movement. It wasn't difficult to find in a somewhat ominous and crawling jungle. Kho'gate was famous, or infamous, for its wild stories about magic and the gods who live here still. Personally Ivandriel thought it was all a crock of shit, but there was something to be said about the wilderness here.

It breathed and thrived in ways like no other, not even the jungles and woods of Dorsum, and certainly it was more lively than any desert oasis in Svalbard. Energy ran fingers down his spine, shoulders rolling as the dire pulled himself forward with careful steps, innately seeming to know where to set his paws to avoid making more noise than the jungle gave off all on its own. Water droplets fell down to heavily splatter some of the wider leaves, Ivandriel's head snapping to attention out of reflex but as his gaze lifted he could see it wasn't because of the creatures in the canopies. Some vines shifted and began to swing, but it was just a pair of colorful birds taking to the air. None of it was worth chasing, and the wolf was itching for exactly that. Pale nostrils flared and he sniffed an oncoming breeze that pushed the hot air around, Ivandriel taking a few more cautionary steps when he caught sight of a flicker of brown. It was sandy in nature, and as he honed in on it he knew it wasn't just his imagination.

Bushes rustled and decaying debris kicked out in the wake of a foraging body, Ivandriel trying to gauge which direction the creature was going to be heading. All of a sudden there was a crashing sound, and it was the large rodent leaping into action to begin running. Something had spooked it, but Ivandriel didn't wait to see what it was. He was already running, bounding after the newfound quarry that garnered his attention. His path diverted, carrying him parallel to the creature who made no attempts to silence itself in its frantic running, the wolf's jaws parting as his head turned to follow the strobing flashes of the relatively large animal. He couldn't figure out what it was just yet, attention split between keeping it in sight and making sure he didn't crash into the trees. Branches snapped at him and vines brushed along the length of his striped body, Ivandriel breathing hard now as he headed off his much anticipated kill.

He leaped over fallen trees and skirted around the more dense clusters of plants, paws squishing into the moistened dirt and soft moss that collected his weight with ease. Ivandriel watched as the larger rodent veered to the right, scrambling directly in his path, and he jumped to one of the curved trees that bent itself in hopes of collecting the sunlight that had been cut off by the older ones. It sagged beneath his body, leaves rustling violently, and instinct pushed him to kick from his perch with retractable claws extended. His forelegs stretched wide, paws twisting and he was already in motion when he noticed the darker shape at his flank. His chest collided with the capybara - he knew what it was now that he was on top of it and his legs closed around it. It let out a terrible noise from its throat, Ivandriel snapping teeth down to the side of its blunt snout and the fearful cry was choked into silence. A deathblow that caused it to seize, body locking up as it shivered and the rest of whatever life it had to give faded away. There was somebody else here with him, clawing and tugging at the hind end of the rodent and Ivandriel felt a swell of rage.

His eyes burned with it, ears pinning to his skull as he brought the offender into focus. His lips curled around his grip, paws planting on the ground when his momentum ceased and he let out a rumbling growl of warning. He almost lost it when the other hunter started to pull, the dire's teeth hooking into some of the meat as blood gushed down his chin. "Get off, fucker," he snapped, the words jumbled and lacking the punch they were intended to have with his mouth partially full now. He tugged back, spine bowing as he did so, and his eyes glared to the pale face of what looked to be a human at first glance. What the fuck were they doing and why were they here? He didn't utter the burning questions, Ivandriel instead twisting his body around to throw his weight haphazardly against the biped in hopes of knocking him off balance so that he could lift his head and the capybara with it.