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[P]  Blood On My Name

Offline Ivandriel Apr 1 2020, 10:03 PM
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June 20th, 1475

For the first time in months the dire was situated in his hammock in his supposedly “human” form, chosen only for the reason of having to tend to some things with his den. Paws made it difficult to do so, as he had noticed growing up around his mother who showed the importance of having thumbs. It provided better control for the finer work, which is what had forced the change in the first place. Given the construction of the den dug into the ground there was plenty that needed repairing between the support and the furniture that had been left behind. With the moisture of the heated air coupled with standard aging, Ivandriel had his work cut out for him when push came to shove. Wood needed to be treated and some of the tables leveled out where they had warped, and he tended to keep an eye on the ceilings to ensure they didn’t collapse beneath the mounds they had been made from. A natural den mixed with the carpentry of his mother and the kin who helped her back in the day. Ivandriel was taking a break now, though, after spending all morning fucking with it. Far too long for his liking, but he was unwinding now with his head resting on his arm and his bare skin cooling in the shade cast by the trees the hammock swayed between. Even giving himself a moment to rest, to find some semblance of relaxation, decorated ears still seemed to twitch and pull at the tiniest of sounds.

The one that echoed faintly from beyond the den was especially difficult to ignore. Ivandriel honed in on it immediately, golden eyes cracking open and his head lifting towards it reflexively as if he might have been able to see anything. It was a reverberating hissing growl, more like a roar, but it was distant enough that the wolf didn’t startle. Not that it didn’t set him on edge, a sound like that typically not belonging to anything he cared to mess with. His curiosity was piqued, however, as it so very often was, and Ivandriel started to roll his body off the side of the hammock. Paws touched the ground instead of feet and hands, the shift smooth and welcomed as the wolf shook out his striped pelt. There was more growling, more scuffling, a struggle twisting into the air heavily and he moved with caution that wound tension into his muscles.

The Heart of Kho’gate wasn’t far. His den had been chosen for mainly that reason and it’s distance from the capital that kept them well out of the way yet still close enough to reach the treetop city within a day’s travel. Ivandriel kept his eyes peeled, his ears hearkened, and his head lowered with his body to a silent trot to close the gap between himself and whatever fight he was hearing. This brought him a mile, maybe a mile and a half, until there was no mistaking its close proximity. With any luck it would be an entertaining display of fearsome battle, or he very well could be walking into his death. Either way, he was made eager and wanted to see just what the hell was even happening. He ducked closer, branches snapping and another roar helping him pinpoint where he needed to go. Then electricity sparked to life; he felt it on the air, prickling through his pelt to dance along his skin. Well, that was no good. Ivandriel’s claws poked out from his large paws, body scrunching up as he eyed one of the nearby trees in the more tempered portions of Kho’gate. They fed off the refreshing waters from the falls, of which could be heard underlying the whole debacle.

Legs kicked off the ground with powerful force, launching the wolf into the air to sink claws into the trunk of the thinner tree. At first he slid, adjusting his weight when he finally gained some traction and started to climb. A feat in and of itself, just given his size, but he had done it hundreds of times. Rising up into the treetops he started to navigate their intricate webbings, paws testing the give of branches all the while his attention was split when he saw the brilliant flash of lightning. Magic, as it were, ripped from the world around what looked to be a large, two-headed leopard. Ivandriel’s heart beat faster with excitement, but it was replaced with… something else when he saw what the megafauna was locked with. A large dire with a deep, chocolate brown pelt and glimpses of bright green eyes. Teeth were flashing and claws were slashing, Ivandriel staring at the other dire as he fought, a curl to his pale lips when he recognized just who it was. A faint twitch, jaws parting slightly as Ivandriel crept forward with rolling shoulders, finding a branch nearby that gave him a proper aerial view. There he rested his weight, taking stock of the beast and the large wolf that fought it. He had never spoken to him, though he had heard rumors. Such rumors added a curtness to his otherwise encouraging voice as he called out down below, “You’re doin’ great, sweetie.” His legs and tail dangled over where he perched now, ears sliding to the side as nostrils flared to the rising stench of shed blood.