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[P]  Into The Unknown

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In coming here he did not need very much.

Their small party was more beneficial for the terrible journey ahead but apart from his most decorated guards and the guide provided, the Glass Emperor had brought a handful of guards. One also held the duty as a messenger, with his prized and reliable birds. It was lucky they had not struggled too long for food, that there were no squabbles in his party for the desire to eat them.

He trusted in the strength of his vassals and that of his own two hands to brave the harsh terrain and snap off jaws.
Decha had trekked in the cold before. He had not forgotten it from within his warm greenhouse, wrapped up bundles of fur and leather skins as he was now. It had been a while since he had travelled so far from the Dynasty, so far east.

For all their history, Eastern Dynasty was not the ally that he kept the most unresolved trust with at the moment. Most of his enemies were either in or across the waters, or much nearer either in or around court. The latter distrust was a result of the death of the last Emperor that left too many questions, and not enough answers.
However, the Hu Dynasty had more or less kept to themselves for quite a while now. But he remained skeptical, yes, especially after the murder of the Eastern Empress’ own parents. The pattern was enough to potentially be incriminating if the Empress or one of her advisors had pointed out a plausible motive for assassination but Hu had not asked too much of it, instead she closed her doors.

It was but a natural sickness, which their herbal cabinets (and secretly, their healers) could not fix. That was the story in the dynasty, and would be what would be swallowed that did not understand the potential and versatility of poisons. He would understand how one might see the link in her court as well.

If only he had known more then. Just a Snee trying to fit within the vast expanse of his father’s shoes. He knew more now, although the patterns and footprints had grown much fainter still.

So, he established vassals for his people to imitate, and he dug further back into the roots of their culture, into the knowledge and wisdom passed down from their ancestors. He had talked and meditated with the monks, he had trained and had tea with the masters of each of the different schools of martial artists. If there was one thing that the glass emperor had done much better than that of his predecessor was that he listened. Until he had enough mouths confessing wholeheartedly that he was their ruler. Where there was reluctance, disagreement or lack of familiarity on the tone of their tongues before, it had become firm as solid rock. As his resolve had always been.

His people had become one that wore their stories on their armor and carried it around on chains around their neck. He realized, when they saw the people saw themselves they were happy. As often people only thought of authority when times were dire or when there was error. Decha often had ways of making them look at themselves, and in that he had quiet. An absence of the white noise that might have come out of crimes in appearances. How he wished for some of that quiet now, as the winds and hollows in craters of ice screamed in his ears.

When finally they had arrived he had spotted the palace from far away. It had appeared a tall establishment even from there, but here it was grand as well. Beautiful in the details, in its expert craftsmanship in the details. He wondered if these walls held stories too, and what new ones might be found either etched into the walls or in the furnishings as he stood outside the doors. From when he last visited as a youth, it had only seemed to grow larger.

It was the first time since the fall of the Eastern Emperor that their gates had opened to those outside the East Dynasty. And the first time he had been personally invited, as the Emperor.

But he did not stand here alone, here was Tibor the Brave, Silaluk the Merciful and Kavvik the Balanced at his sides, while other men stayed further back in the city.

He looked to them, wondering what they made of it.

‘For all its cold, it smells quite warm,’ he signed, the hearty heated fragrance of broth still wafting in the air. Perhaps more could be said but they were already at the doors, being watched.

Before they had left the warm embrace of the West Dynasty, the Glass Emperor had said this, 'you are free to accept their tea and hospitality, but remember - they've had no visitors for three years, and that is bound to breed some distrust.'