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She shrugged, something in her lighting brighter at the challenge. A puzzle to solve, to slot the wants and needs of a design together. New to do it for someone else, the physical instead of theoretical. "If you wanted one.”

The question is a serious one, if not one she’d fielded before. Most of her practice was on herself and hides, equally suited to working over deer and rabbit as people.She hummed a moment, mulling it over. “I like to put some sort of label on mine. A word, a label, something to represent what it's meant to help you remember. We get lost easily. Strong associations are best. People who are important to you that you want to remember, important memories that calm you down. Don’t go very...metaphorical. Siel need to be plain, for what it means to you.” Went unsaid was the consequences of forgetting their meaning. The effect of Siel was useless if you forgot everything of it. The closer you were to fully sane, the better they worked.

The questions on her, on the nature of eximius are surprising, a wrinkle of confusion and something approaching jealousy in the furrow of her brow as she stared at him. A tilt to the side before she frowned outright. Words chosen on purpose, still reverberating in the background, brought once more to the fore. “You don’t know a whole lot, do you? Not all of us look that close to human. There’s a whole world out there, stranger yet to see than me.” At that though, she was done with the trailing conversation, only more rancor to be dug up. She stood and turned away, feet silent on the floor.

“If you’re serious about wanting one, I’ll go get my supplies while you think about what you want.” She slipped out through the door without another word. Her room wasn’t far, and her stuff wasn’t much farther than that. Needles, ink, the alcohol solution she’d finally managed to afford for cleaning. A towel for the blood. Some paper for sketching the rough ideas out before she put ink to flesh in a permanent matter. Mistakes were only fine if it didn’t matter, and it did. Best to try and get it right the first time.

All of it gathered, her return was just as subtle as her exit, no knock nor noise preceding her entrance. An inquisitive look aimed his away as she shut the door. “Do you know what you want?”