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Often called "The Catalyst" or "The Origin," Humans are the origin point of history. With their extensive Magic and scientific understanding of it, Humans have the highest density of advancement and discovery in new ways to make this universal force of Gilead form into many distinguishable powers. They adhere somewhat tightly to medieval standard in monarchical societies, though there are naturally other smaller societies with varied cultures who have yet to be converted by larger, imposing nations. Because of their sheer advancements in politics, society and philosophical thought, Human societies are often at war with themselves, attempting to conquer the minds of their own, more than they are with other races.


Highly diverse societies and nations – the biggest are monarchies.
Heavy Magic-oriented culture, many institutions of learning.
Exceptional military coordination, population size, economic stability and political success.

Because of the time and age, the most successful Human structures tend to be monarchies with split roles among the people so as to "cover more ground," but with the invention of Magic these roles are incredibly less conventional and strict across the world. Humans have a natural penchant for philosophy, diversity of beliefs and subsequent separation of groups based on said beliefs. They are not only the most abundant population in the world, but the diversity in infrastructure as a race is infinite.
The loudest voices are not the only voices.


Humans are the powerhouses of Magical design. Their historic lust for its allure harks back for thousands of years, and their mastery of it has ultimately led to The Blackening, the subsequent partial death of Gilead as its Magic Well grows dry. While their raw technology may lack in the face of Eximius innovation, they balance the playing field with a startling grasp of the unseen, testing them in secure facilities beneath their nations' castles where the often-horrific results lay just out of public sight. In lieu of technology, they have sciences of a great many fields to compensate for it. The greatest scientists in Human history proposed that science and Magic were one in the same; understandably many were initially unmoved by the claims, for Magic was largely attributed to the Old Gods and, therefore, were assumed to operate in a realm outside physics and biology. Upon further research by a great many apprentices far down the line of the original coalition of great minds, groundbreaking links were found between one's grasp of Magic, quality of life, and the overall conversion of energy. From this, they were able to take what was originally universal Magic and conjure new meaning to its use: Green, Blue, Gray, Red, Black and Blood Magic were formed out of this single force. While the Magic skills themselves are real, the categories are but Human social concepts of classing items together. Ultimately, what this ability proved was that an original source of energy can be changed, but not destroyed. This finding supports the idea of Reincarnation.

Since these experiments, much more has come to light to support their claims. Historically, they have been able to convert currently-existing animals into others, grant Dire a human shape, and turn their own people into hardwired nonhumans by these previously-believed principles. It is heavily rumored that even more astounding feats exist, like amalgamate entities of many in one head, some alive and some long dead, laying in wait somewhere to be discovered by the outside world. Because of these experiments rumored to be continuing long after Dire and Eximius have departed, still-Human experiments allegedly exist instead, and a small number walk free by one reason or another. Nothing like the physically-changed Eximius, these Humans are often instead changed intangibly, by spirit or mind…or by other parameters entirely.


Because of Human placement in history, their internal conflicts are some of the most varied and widely-distributed throughout all the races. The reasons they fight among one another is infinitely many and cannot be quantified, but one of the largest in Gilead is concerning how they interact with Dire.

The long history of belief and worship of the Dire has in recent times been challenged by some of the largest nations and cultures in Gilead, leading to a trickle down effect of many rebuking them as well; either in actual agreement or simply in order to pass and avoid persecution or execution. People who largely adhere to the olden days of revering the Dire as Demigods, fearing their judgement and making space to house them in their times of need are often referred to as Dire Sympathizers, a term that can have negative connotations in the wrong places. There are just as many reasons to despise or distrust Dire as there are to favor and respect them, of course, and while culture plays a role, there are some who live in secular or atheistic societies who would genuflect before a Dire in a heartbeat. Understandably there are concerns for persecution should they allow their preferences to be known, and even for entire societies, they face opposition from far more daunting forces should they openly make their Sympathizing known.

There are many who feel no true hatred for Dire, but have reduced them to treasures for the taking. Hunters who deign themselves deserving to wear a Demigod's pelt, for instance, or a doctor who swears by a panacea made of boiled wolven bones. These opportunistic people use atheistic decrees to their advantage, hunting Dire for their own purposes now that Gilead's largest voices are no longer unanimously Sympathizing.


Humans are the most prolific of the three races not necessarily because of biological factors, but also because of their placement in the world. More comfortable, successful lives and stable societies has led to staggering numbers of Mankind.
Humans can biologically reproduce both with Dire (due to The Conversions) and Eximius (notwithstanding their lower fertility). Understandably, non-Human pairings may turn some heads, and bias aside there are many who concern themselves for Humans who commit to these pairings. Physically inferior when it comes to either other race, specifically Eximius, the argument is that the relationships are so easily tilted, exploited, or potentially abusive to a Human who is not well-learned enough in Magic to protect themselves. Aside from general safety, more prejudiced minds argue that both Dire and Eximius are inherent predators, and no one should share a bed with one or the other. Eximius in particular are feared more than necessarily despised, as the degenerative Madness that poses a risk to their sanity makes them an unpredictable concern.

In terms of the offspring themselves, Humans in non-Human pairings can result in a Human or non-Human child. Human-to-Human pairings have the longest gestation periods of 9 months when not assisted along by Magic. In case of Human-to-Dire relationships, a female Human carrying a Halfbred Dire will give birth to the child in its Human form; this would be its prominent form for the first few months or more of its life until it begins to play with and eventually master its ability to shift between forms. In the case of a flip of sexes, the female Dire must be careful to avoid shifting too often or it threatens a miscarriage due to constant chemical changes around the fetus. Prolonged presence in wolven form while carrying a Halfbred Human child is highly unstable and most often leads to natural abortion.

For this reason, Human partners tend to approach their partners with the idea of moving into Human civilization with them where they can pass as Human and stay safe even without use of their true forms (if they live in a place where it's unsafe to reveal their true nature) in a pinch. In the case of Halfbred Eximius, many of them tend to be isolated away from the public while they grow and learn in order to protect the people at large from destructive tantrums. The drawback is of course early isolation when socialization is the most important aspect of a growth, a fact that at times the Human parent will commit to sending their child somewhere where Eximius are the majority. Much like boarding school, these places are properly equipped to handle and teach young Eximius what they need to know in order to reintegrate into far more fragile societies.


Magic plays an incredibly large part of Human past and present. Having been the cutting edge that allowed the race to evolve to what it is today, there have been etchings from some 50,000 years ago detailing what appeared to have been a primitive conjuring of Magic. Today Magic is largely considered an exact science, whether it is truly understood yet or not, and even in completely secular and atheistic societies is very largely leaned upon like simply another fact of life.

The caveat to Magic, however, is the range of damage it has on Gilead. As most types of Magic pull energy from the world's natural stores at the core of the planet, termed "the Magic Well," this siphoning in large scale leads to spontaneous and nearly-contagious death of the environment and, with prolonged exposure, death of animals and people in the area as well. Therefore the divide on Magic in Human societies is not whether it exists but rather whether there is ever a good reason to use it, and whether it is morally responsible to do so. Many wars have broken out on the topic as a result, with forces wanting to cripple the prominent Magic use in surrounding nations. Unfortunately, the largest contributors of the Magic Crisis are unsurprisingly some of the largest and more influential Human nations.

Many Magic academies exist for the sole purpose of teaching casting, culture, ethics and other related practices, though their reputation and proficiency at doing so varies by nation just as it would in any other world. Svalbard is presently the authority on Magic and the teaching of it, which comes to no surprise.