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[P]  The Feline Express

Offline Sunyoung May 16 2020, 1:33 AM
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She almost rolled her eyes out of her skull.


At the sounds of mumblings and frettings...for the hundredth time. Unfortunately she had gotten a little too used to it, that and had been trained for way too long to learn to make nice.

She’d give him a bit more whisky to calm their nerves but they liked whisky- too much. They’d finish her supply. Besides the inconvenience of having none, she didn’t want to make it harder for her business partner to collect and settle them in. Instead she made a subtle movement with her foot on her sabertooth mount that immediately made the cat change up it’s rhythm, for just a second. With a smile now as the other squirmed and ‘woahed’ for a moment, she didn’t turn around to speak to them. With her voice instead of her hands. The winds weren’t so loud, but they were still cold, and present that they lifted a little louder than one would think was normal.

“Hold onto Azure. Feel that? She’s got you,” she said as she patted the big cat’s shoulder yet again. Her voice heavy on the end notes to emphasize her dictation.

“Isn’t that right, girl?” Sun said as she did so, again. The big cat let out a growl shaking her head, as she continued on in her pace, while the small female huddled up in thick linens and furs chuckled. Small foggy clouds puffing up around her cheeks, before they faded away again back into thinner air. She didn’t say much more; best to save her breath. The air here wasn’t like the sweet warm humid air of the Western Dynasty, there was no shelter here to change the big wide white landscape.

In all seriousness, she took her care, went through routes she had found and charted herself that was best hidden to the careless or dire hunting eye. A compromise between the trade routes, and more of the unclaim, so as to not be seen either. It was easier that way to avoid questions.

She saw his shadow on the horizon before she saw him, but the location had dawned very quickly in her eyes; Malguk Tanaak. It was a welcome sight, the relief almost wet in her cold eyes. Finally, some intelligence. (Well and some good money.) “Captain,” she said, smiling like a cat, clearly spoken more like a nickname than a title. She turned around, “do you need help?” she said although it might have been a bit more polite if she added the word ‘down,’ but this was a second language. He said both ‘no,’ and then ‘thank you’ before taking a moment to re-evaluate spatial awareness and distance before he swung his legs down.
Offline Everett Aug 9 2020, 1:07 AM
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Smuggling was about as cut and dry as illegal activities came. You were given your mark, found the proper channels to bring it along through, covered their tracks and your own. Plenty of quills to push and documents to forge depending on the importance. Emil handled that part of things with Ishmer, the two of them setting into motion something that would not stop until its completion. Everett had no issues with that part of things. The cold didn’t even bother him even if he preferred far warmer weather. Give him a heated, soft beach next to the water with the Dealbreaker out in the waves anyday.

Of course, when it came to smuggling people there was a level of consideration that needed to be added into the mix. With people there were a lot of variables not accounted for and plenty that could go wrong. If a job smelled fishier than the waters here in the frigid cold of Snelandia then Everett didn’t go near it - that is all there is to it. Though, Everett also never ventured to Snelandia unless a certain local smuggler was involved. His business here tended to be rare and in passing, the pirate knowing full well what a foreign ship would look like to the natives here. Not only that, but Zenon among all of the other former Snees he had on the payroll became the most changed when seeing his former homeland.

Bundled in his furs the human stepped beside the towering and hulking Eximius at the bow, Jericho bringing the Dealbreaker in as far as could be allowed through the ice floes without getting stuck or otherwise damaging the hull beyond the plating underneath. Everett saw the way his large, gloved hands curled over the wood. It was subtle, just as the clenching of his jaw beneath his grown out beard. “You’ll be alright, mate?” he asked simply, nothing accusatory or worried about it. Zenon’s glowing teal eyes turned down upon him with a knowing look, and the silent navigator nodded his head. The motion was as slight as the tension wound within his body. His hands waved in a signed dismissal, but it was a reassuring one. Everett slowly nodded in return, both of them turning their sights back out over the tundra.

He knew best the routes they would need to take, so unfortunately for him that meant he was to tag along. Fortunately, however, given the nature of their business and Rogue status their travels would keep them far from prying eyes. They were ahead of schedule, so once the Dealbreaker was sufficiently hidden among the icebergs and her runes covered they rowed out to the thicker ice. All the while Everett kept his eyes to the surface of the impossibly dark waters, watching for any signs of movement that stirred with their passage. Smooth so far, and Everett didn’t expect there to be too many setbacks this time around.

Zenon’s silence was not unusual, even here, and so their energies and warmth was conserved on their clear paths through the snow. Clear to them, but not of the terrain itself. Everett’s legs were well worked by the time they mounted the drifts with the large, eerily ominous monolith guiding the way the entire venture. Everett glanced around them, and the Eximius did the same the opposite direction with crystals forming in their beards. Three figures were tucked away at the bottom of the curved formation, to the eastern side of it, and had Everett not been looking for someone there he might have missed them.

Upon approaching, heavier breaths misting from behind the cloth shielding them from the winds, Everett would have laughed if he wasn’t busy catching his breath. He’d seen the great, large-toothed cat before so it was hardly a fright. Zenon lingered at his back, several paces away as he slowed while the captain approached unabashed with arms sweeping out to the coy greeting. ‘Captain,’ the Snee said, and Everett grinned, pulling the scarf down. “Sunyoung.” Simple and plain, but said with pleasant inflection. “Long time no talk, how-” he started, cut off both by the distraction and the Dire asking if the man atop the big cat needed assistance. Everett’s eyebrows lifted, then scrunched up at the exaggerated swinging of his legs that set him down into the snow.

Evidently it was deeper than he realized, his balance turned to shit with a familiar drunken swagger, and he faceplanted right into the pristine white powder. Everett blinked, crossing the space with a sideways look to Sunyoung. “He’s absolutely pissed,” he stated with a small bit of incredulous emphasis as he helped the man up. Everett made a show of brushing him off as the other human tried to swat at him. Grumpy and clearly jostled by the entire ride. Everett’s hand pinched down at the nape of the man’s neck, hauling him over to where the Dire stood. His eyebrows shot up and he looked ready to scold her, though there was a devious playfulness lingering underneath. “Couldn’t have waited ‘til the next leg of it to get him sloshed?” he asked pointedly, gesturing towards the squirming mark.