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There was always warmth to be found in the Aromdee Dynasty, even though they lived so far in the north, where it snowed, where winds were too loud for communication and sea serpents waited just beneath the cold surface for their next meal. It was of why she was grateful that she was born where she was, at least within the world where they were not ravaged by war or really anything else, as long as she stayed inside. Not that that was the case anymore, though she felt it was what her house wanted. To not know how to brave the snow left you a prisoner- a cared for prisoner in a warm, gilded cage, but one still no less. There was still a fire that she had lit in the fireplace as the cold creeped in, as the day dawned and darkened. It provided some comfort to her and Woong as it burned brightly and cast a bit of a golden light on the interior of the residence. Without being asked she slightly leaned forward, reaching with one hand on the pot and the other on the sleeve to pull it back to stop it from interfering with the tea as she poured it delicately, an art in itself, into the cup.

He dipped his head as he took the cup again in two hands again, "thank you, Sun," and dipped the cup in turn as well to his mouth.

"Of course," she smiled sweetly as she drew back, sitting on the other side of the table with hands gently folded on her lap, ontop of her skirts. She hadn't fully painted her face today but she had powdered herself in a light power, colored her lips and eyes with red.

"Should I sing for you again?" she asked, delicately as she raised her chin up. A smile light on her open lips, as always when she was with him. It had always been expected.

He nodded before she took her koto at her side closer and began to delicately strum, then began with a lovely voice;

'The snow flowers fell
Outside the window
And colored our land.'

The sounds of the harsh whirled again through the night even through closed doors as they threatened to open again, and then suddenly before she could go on there was a knock to the door. "Please do not trouble yourself, sir," she bowed as she placed the instrument again. "I shall get that," before she in smooth graceful movements moved towards the door to take it, that were impeded to a slow gait by her skirts and wooden sandals. A harsh knock blasted the wood again before she had time to slide it aside. "Jaeseong," she said, as if she were not surprised at all although her eyes held a delay in adjustment for a moment. "It is good of you to visit your cousin," she says also, the smile continues before she steps aside to allow him to enter through and lowers and holds herself in a bow that is customary of respect.

"Jaeseong. If you are coming to see me so late you must have sake," Woong says, with a chuckle humored but not without the clear assumption on his tone that he predicts he needs or wants something else from him also.

He says it as she raises up, and it is only then that she sees the blood. "You are injured," she gasps, as she takes the limp lightly. Fingertips brushing against him like a kiss of snowflakes, before she turns with a seriousness that lights in her eyes to get supplies.