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Sunlight reflected in glaring beams from the windows that littered themselves along the buildings which lined the streets. With the sun holding itself high this afternoon unhindered by weather it brought a sense of life to those who wandered the streets, be they of Ballasburn or visiting. Mikhael only found himself headed this way as plans had been made and in the end it was not a debatable subject for one was required to make such appointments. Everything put into place for today as Speaker Jeea had been spoken with earlier in the week as an address from Leonie Cortez of the Conserve indicated a time for a progressive update. And as duty may suggest it was important to observe the progress Ballasburn was making in all the fields they attempted to take hold of.

Technical advancement, the industrial side of things, was easy enough to see was new projects and inventions began to make their way out to the citizens. Though there is observation to be held in a more personal degree as those who have made at least a small name for themselves were put further beneath the lens as they, in the time, offered the most potential with their studies. Yet when it came to the preservation of life be it of the wildlife or a more botanical approach it was harder to find in observation alone of what rest beyond those translucent walls available to the public. Even as this was not the ex-Courser’s field there was enough knowledge to know that a deeper consideration needed to be taken to this side of their reach for progression. Inventive minds, at least he found, were easier to follow while the scientific reach being made here was best kept in capable hands.

Habitats needed to be created as well as controlled in order to ensure the quality of each living thing within those attractions were kept healthy and happy. Nature kept alive even within the industrialized areas of Ballasburn though it was locked behind enclosures to ensure there was no interruption from outside influences, less it be required of the data collection. Funding was hardly an issue it seemed for the Conserve as it brought in more than a curious eye, however, ensuring it was distributed to the correct hands was another story. That was where Cortez came in, her influence and position at the Conserve placing her at the forefront of it all. She was the target of their visit today as a rush of words was readily prepared to be a distraction from the madness, improvements being offered to chase away all that dared to linger.

It was in Mikhael’s approach down the walkway that it was not hard to see Jeea had already arrived. Dressed up, as she always was, to keep an appearance within the prying public eye which never left less they be locked behind closed doors. “Speaker Jeea,” familiarity carried within his voice as the former hunter came to stand at her side. “Why am I not surprised you got here first,” a statement rather than a question as mismatched eyes turned themselves over the one who looked more the part of one standing in a state of importance. She had been a figure who made herself known from the early years of this nation before finding a stronger foothold once Sullivan had been removed from that solo rule in office. “If you’re ready,” a hand motioned towards the entrance that they would be taking into the facility. “I am sure Doctor Cortez is waiting.”