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Distance of this magnitude was something that had never really been covered in the earlier years of the gnoll’s life. Well, across the familiar terrains that were harbored upon the mainland as footing was so often found within the swamps and jungles of the Hinterlands where the boy’s companion found the most peace. However, this time the journey took Kamau across the unexplored seas which turned frigid the further north one went to meet the tundra coast of a land the eximius had only heard of in stories from other members of the Weyrs. Curiosity, a fable that those once known may have come here, were the tales that the boy chased after even as it pulled him across the ocean. Yet it was a journey that he was hesitant to make for the sole reason that Log was an unwilling participant and had opted to stay behind within the swampside home each of them shared while Kamau struggled with finding the want to go.

It was well known enough that the journey would not have been an easy one for the hyena’s guardian though it did not change the way a mind raced for what would be done without him. Emotions in turmoil as they battled with one another on what the proper act was to be, questioning what was best for the boy. Was it worth the travel to put such distance between them for a hopeful discovery of a lost face? Something within the youth told him it was pointless for there was no promise that the individual would be found – more likely than not he would come up empty handed and broken hearted. Though a chest had already begun to ache at the thought of leaving Log behind as the draconic creature had been at his side for more days than could be counted or even remembered as the eximius could easily recall the way much smaller hands had found themselves tracing and pulling at the bark-like scales over the beast’s legs.

Yet his hesitance came with an urging from the one who would be left behind in the process, a rumbling vibration within the crocodilian’s throat that carried a tone Kamau had grown to know. Communication wordless between the two as sounds, movement, and touch all came so much easier to the pair than forming words so many knew out in the expanses of the unclaimed. Perhaps it had been a want to find his own means of peace that had caused Log to push the boy into following through with the plans hesitantly made, but it would be known by the guardian that those thoughts would only plague his mind should the boy not try. So it is with a ping of regret still clutching tight to the gnoll’s chest that he seeks out the assistance needed in his clanmates.

Only a few need to be met before one eventually agrees to bring the eximius that way upon the borrowed wings of their drake. Instruction given to the boy to grab all that was wanted or needed for once they were on the way to Malġuk Tanaak there would be no turning back for the forgotten or as a heart grew woeful in the absence of the nature coated reptile. Claws curled uncomfortably into the hide of his thighs as the wind wiped his mane into a mess on the speedy travels made towards the snow coated isle. The rider does not fully instruct the drake to land upon the snow banks and instead lets it hover enough for the gnoll to climb down as nails dig into the leather of the saddle before as gracefully as an oversized hound could, deposited himself into the snow. A shiver shooting up his spine as a body was quick to stand tall only to shake the powdery substance from his coat. Now there was nothing left to do but trust his nose – but all that came immediately was the scent of smoke rising from a fire and a handful of snowflakes that shook the boy’s square skull with a sneeze.
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A flurry of movements of wrists, palms and fingers came together.

‘Be careful, Magga brew scolds.’ A straight face but it is brightens with crinkled eyes and mouth pulled back slightly in a mock panic expression as the visiting Decha lifts a brow slightly with an inquisitive look as a small series of chuckles come from the slight but condensed crowd and the woman named as Magga scowls and lifts her ladle quickly above her head.

“No this is a good temperature- PERFECT temperature. Good tea is always hot,” she barks out loud, with her mouth instead of her hands as she pretends to hit the youth in the head with it.

Little drips of the water steam against the water as it fell, the youth’s expression ‘o’s for a second as he feels it slightly on his cheek also.

‘Yes Auntie,’ he signs.

She replaces the ladle into the pot. ‘It’s not mine if it doesn’t put a sauna in your belly,’ she signs. ‘But if you’re really cold, we can put in a drop of sabertooth fury in it.’

He thanks her but dismisses the offer, with a smile. It leaves another chuckle which would leave him well for the journey back. Besides, he knows why it is named as it was.

The locals here were friendly, receptive and expectant of trade, that here it was not hard to find a small tented stall that served hot tea. He had often shared hot broth with them also, when he had something to share to go into the pot to make a hearty, slightly oily stew. Although he hadn’t hunted today, at least thus far, he had been shown the courtesy of being offered a bowl, small, although it was a size that they all shared, in this group, of a fishy salty brew. He refused it though, knowing he had nothing to add to the pot to honour the tradition of such a deal- he would join them after his own successful hunt. The tea was still a pleasant enough bite in his hands, along with the steamy aroma that reached him well even through the cold bitter winds, though that was an easier feat with how he held it close to him, and closer still to get a whiff of the result of the blend of dried rolled leaves, jasmine and hot water.

He had come to inquire and survey about the conditions and threats now here, and their livelihood as well. Their friendship was important to him, and it would be those outside of the dynasty that would have the first eyes on any boats that stop or pass by. He wanted to know their activity too. Far from the rest of the world, well removed as the dynasty was he was no fool in thinking that it was impossible to be affected by it.

There is a change of gust in the air, as the flames struggle and wane, and the Glass Emperor turns his head up in time to chance on leather wings darken scaly form, - a draconian form. Almost as soon as he spots it out from the blanketing ever moving winds of white and pale blue it disappears. He can tell some of their men see it too when they clutch their spears, the youth instead gasps in wonder. 'It leaves,' he signs as if knowing what they may be thinking, 'so shall I. I will see that it goes, and I have need to see the shore.' He gets up, dipping his head in a gesture of quick and quiet thanks as he returns the cup to the woman.

'Narong, come if you will. How close have you spied a dragon before?'

He smiles, it turns out that he would come. Although he does hope the eagerness is his own and not the whisky. A retroactive thought in dry humor. Narong rides his bear just fine.

They ride more on the slow side to accommodate the thick mist and snowflakes. Although he trusted Chet's behaviour to alert him to oddities in the setting he does not mistake that there are things that the bear, that perhaps anyone may miss. There is no real urgency to goad their steps, only greed at seeing and sizing up more of the draconian although the Snee did believe his own words when he had signed that it was leaving. Instead they soon come across an unusual silhouette in the haze of snow. While he seemed to be alone he stood taller than a human or any dire he had seen in their human form. He does not halt their movement, although they slow and they continue to do so but Decha puts a hand back instinctively for his other companion who lowers his spear hand.

When they come into proper sights, it is at last that Decha and Chet stop and as a consequence so does Narong, although the indigenous Snee sizes up the gnoll quickly, his brow affected by the differings in what he has not usually seen. 'Experiment,' Narong signs.

The Glass Emperor instead smiles although it does not quite seem to reach his eyes before hands move quickly. 'Without a boat you have traveled far,' he signs also, although he knows that it is more likely that the gnoll would not know the language. But he will not be the first to start speaking, curious of the foreigner's approach. Curious and allowing the opportunity to be surprised by someone that has educated themselves of their language and customs instead of anticipating that those of Snelandia would bend over backwards with their tongues to accommodate them.