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[P]  a soaring height

Away Anchali Jun 15 2020, 5:36 PM
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Her back held tall, she waited for her guide today with only a mild amount of impatience. The day was balmy compared to her northern realm and the scent of the sea that permeated this little isle was a novel one that appealed to her. Not to mention the sheer ingenuity that covered every surface around her. It was a marvel that they had lived and the eximius had carved their truths into every possible surface of the barren spit of land that was meant to be their final resting place. Genius had indeed been born from necessity. The hard living that had put them all to the test was clear. And by the streets that stretched tall around her and reached hard points towards the sky, wrought from stone and steel with ease, their victory could not be denied. Ballasburn was a portrait of the future, one she did not mind turning her stern gaze upon. She meant to learn well.

So to be held idle for a little while longer waiting for the guide that Jeea had promised her. She was not to be unattended while in the city, and while part of it made sense and set her at ease, the vast majority of her cramped at having another set of rules meant to dictate how and where she went. For now, she meant to play along and indeed, she planned to have a good reputation attached to her name when she left here. Jeea and her had gotten on like two pieces of a puzzle, edges perfectly matched. Unfortunately, she was here for more than to simply make friends and allies, and needs must, she’d slip that leash at some point.

But not today.

Her straightened to attention as a new smell wafted towards her, the mild breeze that swept a new scent towards her one that she’d have to be blind to the world to not NOTICE. It precedes her guide she assumed and she turned from the window of the hotel that housed her staff and herself for the time being, head angled sharply towards the front door as she leaned. “Fallon?”

Truthfully, she knew little of the individual identities of the Ballasburn players. How it worked, of course, but who stood where? No. So while she knew the name and position of the Clubs ambassador, anything deeper than that was a mystery to her. One she meant to UNRAVEL on that trip to Oxenford and the wonders of this city that Jeea had arranged for her. Soft brown eyes look the other up and down after she entered, a similarly sweet smile dimpling her round cheeks. “It’s good to finally meet you.” She clasped her hands together, a shallow bow following quickly after. As unassuming as all of the still humanoid eximius appeared to be, yet there was a bold sharpness to those purple eyes and that fiery hair.