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07.10.20 UPDATE

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07.10.20 UPDATE


Firstly and most importantly, please welcome our newest additions to the team, Sbicy and Gi! They're our first members of the Event Mod branch, whose task is exactly what it sounds like. With them onboard helping out, you can expect to see more of the following...

  • RANDOM REWARDS: Small Mana prizes that are dropped in threads.
  • RANDOM EVENTS: Small, non-intensive random event quests that may occur in OPEN THREADS; they primarily provide a little something for you to do and give a small prize at the end should you accept.
  • QUESTS: Larger scale quests that require more effort, but larger prizes.
  • UNCLAIM ENCOUNTERS: The Unclaim has many dangerous creatures and people stalking about, so be wary of traveling alone or at certain times...


In the spirit of discussing the potential for more quests and campaigns, we also have to discuss new consequences for leaving a quest after it has already started without a reason for doing so. This is because most quests have limited spaces, and taking up a space that someone else may have wanted and would have followed through with puts pressure on the quest itself. IC consequences will occur via a randomized dice roll that will decide the penalty of your party you leave behind, as unexcused abandonment will affect everyone, but primarily effect the one who has left:

  • The one(s) who leave will be given a separate roll depending on the situation and how dire the penalty needs to be (i.e; if a character leaves in the middle of battle, that consequence will differ from if they leave prior to said battle).

  • The member will also be warned that if this inactivity persists where quests are concerned then they will be banned from the upcoming month’s events. The circumstances leading to this happening will be a character being pulled twice in one month. If it happens again, they will be barred for two months. If this does not suffice, then the member will be permanently banned from participating in events unless privilege is later reinstated.

  • There will be a grace period once an event is posted and you respond with a character to determine if you’ve made the right choice or not. This period will last two (2) full days from when the event is posted as per the timestamp. Timezones will depend on which admin or event mod is posting them and will be specified each time. During that time your character can be pulled without penalty.

  • Should there be a reasonable explanation as to the loss of activity, please DM a staff member on Discord or PM on the site. You don’t have to be crazy descriptive about what’s going on, but a heads-up at some capacity would be much appreciated and allow us to work better around you all.

  • We want everyone to have fun, and for the events/quests to continue regardless of someone’s activity or not! The staff work hard on these lore wise and system wise to ensure an interactive and inclusive experience, so we think it’s only fair that the rules will reflect this. — Guidelines Written by Isilzheha.


    Just a reminder that EVERY character who achieves 20 posts within the month (each cycle beginning on the 1st of each month) will receive a prize incentive. This may consist of mana prizes, Magic, a companion--it's rolled for! Make sure you're keeping track of your number of posts and if you reach 20, let us know in Maintenance!


    Over the weekend and into the next week, we will be looking into cleaning up some of our high ranks to make sure we have some open for other interested members, so if you have a high ranking character, now would be the time to decide if you want to keep them or not! If they have no posts, they will be immediately deactivated once we get to them. If they have some posts but have not made any recently or are sporadic with posts, we will conduct an Interest Check with the writer who owns them, and figure out where to go from there.