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As it happened, the Speakers’ congregation at Dorsum’s request had them traveling separately, for they had all been about their own business at different points in Gil’ead. Over the next week the three of them would trickle in (the fourth left behind to uphold Ballasburn): one from the sea inbound from Snelandia; one by land from Svalbard; and the last, Jeea, by sky, flying in from the nearest port from Ballasburn.

They had sent missives before them, of course, informing the castle of Edelhaus Arx of their method of arrival, lest they become alarmed of the flock traveling towards them. Four of her trusted guards fly behind her, all on the backs of gryphons. Jeea herself soars at the fore on Susama’s wings — a pitch-black pegasus, long-legged, long-tailed and with a curving swan-like neck. The length of his head is as flat as can be. It gives him quite the severe profile…one that reflected the countenance of his rider. Onward they glide, far above Dorsum’s landscape, though not high enough to thin the air. The skies were calm; it was a peaceful, and scenic, flight, only interrupted when their destination swiftly comes within reach.

There was a reception waiting for them on the terrace, which was to be expected. Jeea and her flock would have been seen heading towards them from miles away, given the clear state of the sky. One by one the flying beasts come in for a landing, first Susama with hooves striking stone, then the heavier gryphons. They shake out their heads and stretch out their wings, eager to rest.

Susama turns his head to the side in a quick motion like a bird. He scans the reception with one eye, whose white crescent serves as the only variation to his black coloration. Jeea drops down from his back. She pulls the latched hood from her head, which protected her hair from becoming too tousled by the wind. It reveals her long straight hair, its decorative styling still intact. On the whole, however, Jeea had forgone dressing up for the ease of travel. Something that nagged at her even now. Jeea always liked to give a good first impression.

A cursory glance reveals the king is not here. In his place, however…Lilianna, his sister and Ambassador. It was meaningless in this context to say that her reputation preceded her, but in this case Jeea would have meant her personal attributes rather than her status. And she was rather praised for her beauty in hushed tones, whispers.

“Lady Lilianna, Ambassador,” she says, lowering her head in greeting. “Thank you for receiving us. I expect us to be the last to arrive; I hope you have not waited too long for negotiations.”As always, a courteous acknowledgement was the first thing to address. “Dorsum looks well-kept from the skies.” And some measured praise to follow.

Jeea was keen to be on good terms with Dorsum, after all. Ballasburn was inhospitable and would struggle to feed their population on its own.