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[O]  Locked in the Wake

Offline Endï Jul 19 2020, 7:48 PM
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October 13th, 1476.

All Eximius were built for one thing; to excel in raw strength and exceed even its creators in power, in order to take down the beasts called Dire. Rarely could anything other than another Eximius take one down, for they were masters of their own crafts. Built like tanks, able to withstand anything that came at them. Almost anything.

The Madness was a threat to any Eximius. It ate away at their humanity, their emotions, what distinguished them from any beast in the wild. Many have lost their battles to the Madness, cursed to wander the lands and seas in search of Red that might quench their insatiable needs. Many still have managed to put the Madness on a leash, strong enough t live their lives in relative peace from the demons inside their heads. The rest lie in all the spaces in between, some leaning to the conquerors, others leading to the ones conquered.

At first glance, one might think the Endi to be a soul who's lost its battle. But in truth, humanity is still in there somewhere. Barely a wisp, appearing only as flashes of memories in its mind. Sometimes, it has strange dreams.

Visions of obscene and random things, things familiar yet foreign at once. The feel of warm skin against skin. Or the smell of something sweet and fresh. The color of a vaguely defined eye--all fragments of buried memories, suppressed for years in a disturbed slumber. The dreams would end the same way they always do--that is to say, not at all. The Endi would wake up, and just like that, it's like the dream never happened.

It is the middle of the day when its latest dream awakes it. The mainly nocturnal creature crawls out of its hidden away den and stretches. Metallic claws dig absently at the soft dirt underneath it, scanning the area for something worth its attention, before catching scent of something new. It was only a whiff, fading already, and fading fast. The creature acts quickly. Claws sink themselves into the bark of a tree, propelling itself upwards with mighty back legs until it stood balancing itself on the mid-layer level of the tree branches. With the leaves and branches to cover itself, the beast moves swiftly, jumping from tree to tree to track down this new scent. It is only when the smell is moderately stronger does it slow down, creeping slowly and more silently in order to remain unseen. The beast crouches, merely curious to see what new being has entered the forest. It is a human--or some form of it...