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Rosie's Character Wanteds

Offline Rosie Jul 28 2020, 7:23 AM
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MADDOX 'Mad Dog' Braxton

Other possible names: Callum, Colton, Dante, Dominic,
(Last name isn't his born into family name)
Age: 28 (natural age is 28 but that can be brought up by magic by the user)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Nation/Rank: Svalbard Highwayman or Rogue, (or some type of melee fighter rank in Svalbard or Dorsum)
Suggested face: Torrance Coombs, Joe Dempsie (as Gendry), otherwise anyone with shaggy brown hair/can pass as a brother.
Summary: Branwen Gillies’ twin brother. She aged up herself via potion. They shared some predominant characteristics as kids: both were outspoken, opinionated, and protective, like two sides of the same coin, but they’ve lived very different life experiences from their separation. That have made a world of difference. That have made Branwen cryptic and cautious, and Maddox ‘take no prisoners.’ If someone gives him an inch, he takes a mile. When he has a hold on something, he'll never let go. In whatever task he's given he's ruthless, and a little cocky. And might not necessarily care or watch for the backs of all those that have helped him up on the way. Svalbard is a dog eat dog game after all.

Plot: For different reasons they basically, believed the other dead. I'd love to see them basically unite for some reason, ideally during a tense time/period and have a conflicting curiosity/desire for closeness but different world and political beliefs.

History [trigger warning: domestic violence]:
- Son of an abusive drunk baron who was cut down by some of the men that he wronged (or those that saw an opportunity.)
- Was either taken into the custody of one of them, and believed his mother and sister to be brought down by his father. (Could have found out what actually happened, owner's discretion.)
- Or escaped from the battle that ensued when eyes were drawn to him...and could have been taken in by rogues to be their boy that could crawl into the small spaces for extra eyes, ears and theft. He could have stayed with them, rose in their ranks, or eventually got caught by a targeted effort by guards and been given training to perform another service for Svalbard instead.