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[P]  Sharks Never Sleep

Offline Xia Aug 24 2020, 11:19 PM
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In between the stretches of darkness and fading cognition the pain was a constant and an absolute. A few of the times it was robbed from her beneath a haze of what later would be recognized as painkillers, and in those moments it was easy to sink into sleep. With that came a listless peacefulness and quiet not always associated with the Dire woman who was left in one of the beds of a room she wouldn’t recognize. Voices ebbed and flowed in distortion like slick oil trails through water, conflicting and yet coexisting in the space of her awareness until those, too, drifted into very strange dreams. Most of the time there was nothing but discombobulation and nothingness until it was everything at once when the layers of cotton peeled away. The pain was dull and throbbing in several different areas, but the most prominent was her leg and shoulder. At first she tried to discern which one it was, neurons flickering to life to get her toes to curl, but only one foot responded. Xia took a second to figure out which one, since by all accounts it felt like they both did. Only the left one seemed to move best.

Where was she?

Her vision was swimming, her eyelids felt heavy, and it was like lead weights were attached to her limbs. It was as she stifled a groan that she was aware someone else was in the room with her. It was bright and smelled sterile with the stench of metal and human. Xia heard them speak, whoever they were, but she was pretending to be asleep anyways. Play dead. She wasn't dead and clearly wasn't supposed to be if the person was trying to help with a soothing, feminine voice saying something she couldn't comprehend save for a few words here and there that seemed inquisitive. She wouldn't have woken up if she was supposed to have died.

Xia laid there and didn't flinch when she heard a weighty thud on a nearby surface. Piece by piece things were coming together in a jumbled heap. She'd been on a boat before. She didn't know if she was still on one, but that very well might have been the case because she remembered that other boat being attacked. Oh, that was not good at all. There'd been holes in the ship and far too much power behind the strikes of the other. Some kind of creature had been ripping at the sides; Xia recalled the sound of splintering wood and terrible, otherworldly hisses.

Maybe these were good guys, she thinks as she tries really hard to appear still unconscious. Maybe the attackers- pirates, probably- had been interfered with and the sinking ship she'd been tossed from like a ragdolling hare hadn't perished entirely. Alternately she could be dead already, but that would make this one very strange start to the afterlife. Moreover, it felt real enough. She certainly was quickly overwhelmed as different areas of her body and mind were sloughing through the quicksand, pulling up one by one until it could move in a mostly cohesive way. Xia felt the nearby presence become more prominent, and could see the deeper shadows behind her eyelids. He smelled like rubber.

Something could touched her forehead and her green eyes snapped open, the Dire's right hand slapping into whatever had touched her. It startled the human with a yelp, the scrawny and gangly man reeling back as Xia scrambled to lift herself up. "Don't-" she said, coughing as she choked a bit on her own thick saliva from a dehydrated mouth. Her tongue felt heavy and her voice was raw and unused beyond just however long she'd been out of it. Agony ripped through her leg where she could feel, all wrapped up and thick and rigid as it was, but Xia's panic overrode it. For now. She slapped for the nearest thing her darting eyes could find: a silver tray with a few different weird tools on it. She swung it with only half strength, all that she could muster, and it was heavy enough that smacking against the side of the human's temple did enough to further set him off balance. "Ow! Ow, fuck, come on!' he whimpered, but Xia ignored him. 'Wait! Nononono-'

The Dire was already lurching for the edge of the bed, an action she would very quickly regret when her leg instantly gave and she cried out at the lancing jolt of agony. It didn't bear her weight at all, and she could hardly move the arm on the same side. In fact when she did that just caused even more searing pain, and there were spots in her vision now. With one arm she collapsed against the cabinet in mostly a breathless heap, dragging down one of the loose tools that hadn't clattered to the floor already. Magic swelled, the slightest and softest tug of power that gave off the smallest of ripples, but the end result was colossal. Before the unknown human could step forward and recover himself his mind was addled with visions of swarming rats.

Dozens of them, then hundreds and thousands. They were screeching and gnashing teeth too big for their mouths. He absolutely screamed with such a shrill pitch it had Xia wincing with its intensity in the enclosed space. The rats themselves were large and looked diseased, mutated in ways that contorted their bodies and allowed them to launch up high at his face. They'd feel like they were climbing on his clothes, tugging and pulling and scratching with rabid vigor. He was twisting and yelling, swiping at them and stumbling gracelessly for the door to rip it open. There were so many of them they poured out in waves into the hallway, over and under one another in a fluid ripple of dark fur. Xia heard and smelled that there were others, which why wouldn't there be? Wherever she was, whoever these people were, Xia's adrenaline was going off and she'd effectively backed herself in a corner brandishing whatever she'd grabbed without really even looking to see what it was. Partially she leaned against the cabinet and the wall beside the bed, hair a disheveled and tangled mess falling to frame her face.

"They'll tear you up, I swear it! Rip you to ribbons if you don't stay out there and tell me who you are and what you want," she threatened loudly, but it was difficult to place conviction in it when her voice cracked as it did. The Magic had slithered to find the minds of those who approached, however many she could, and with any luck the squeaking and shrieking projection of rats would keep them at bay long enough for her to gain her bearings.