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[P]  Wrong Place, Right Time

Offline Algernon Sep 13 2020, 4:03 PM
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Filth resided in every corner if one were to be consciously looking for it. Beggars toted their patchy burlap sacks at the street corners, grubby hands reaching out for anything that might be given to them. The horses and donkeys and other beasts of burden defecated on the cobbled pathways as drunkards pissed in the gutters, and no matter how many little servants ran about to clean the mess it still tarnished the capital. Algernon could see it now, even finding himself among the more prestigious types of Marshmoor with the King’s castle looming on its hill. It was an unfortunate and disgusting part of his job, although the same could be said for the actual brutal murders he encountered at the hands of the depraved. He was simply listening now to the rumors of those chatting amongst themselves at the outdoor counters of a stand.

Nikora owned this one; a rather tall and lanky blond-haired woman with an accent belonging to an island overseas, her spine bowed in such a way to make up for the absurd growth of her skeleton. With long, spider-like fingers and an equally long face with too many teeth in the mouth the glow of her amethyst eyes was not the only thing to indicate that she was no human. For all of her drawbacks she made quite the reputable cup of coffee, which is precisely what the Dire needed. The other thing he felt incredibly drawn to in these moments of extended frustration weighed heavily in one of his breast pockets of the jacket he wore, but he staved off that urge long enough to situate himself on one of the stools.

You look like shit.

Blue eyes lifted to squint at the much taller Eximius, Algernon’s lip curling in something of a lazy and mocking sneer. “That’s subjective,” he clapped back, Nikora already lifting an eyebrow and starting the brew as she knew he liked, “and also a fucking lie.” In fact it was, at least to him, considering he’d put some level of care into his maintenance before he left the inn this morning. There was even still a touch of dampness in his darker curls, and he was freshly shaven. ‘Sure it is,’ she said cheerily, steam hissing and black liquid pouring into a mug. Algernon scoffed but didn’t spare her any more of his attention, most of that being spread out like vines to try and catch anything worth noting. That was small parts curiosity and larger parts habitual, especially with it being relatively early in the day.

People knew him here, so they often would stop to chat. Algernon grit his teeth and weathered it as he always did, only some of it more stimulating than the majority which was dull and tired. Much like a lot of the citizens here in comparison to the smaller towns where his father’s business was located. Off the beaten path but accessible to those in need, as the guard here in the capital did plenty well on their own. Unless they needed a specialist, but that was not too often. The violence here was born of poverty, drunken spats, some nobles trying to off one another... all of it was predictable and there were hardly any secrets involved despite them thinking they have properly covered their tracks. Algernon didn’t usually have to deal with much in the capital most of all, which is exactly why it was the center hub of his connections within Dorsum.

He was well known if not by his own deeds then those of his father, and even loved by some. Feared by just as many for the same reasons as people knew him. Algernon fed into it all as needed, each cog in the machine a means to a bigger end. Sometimes you had to step on them to get to the portions that really needed fixing, but that didn’t mean they had to break and fall apart in the process. It was a fine line to tread.

The wolf was lost in his own thoughts, enjoying the bitter bite of the coffee that warmed him on the relatively chilly late morning, when a different sort of murmuring started to flare up. Immediately the detective hearkened to it with a casual turn of his head, the corners of his eyes tracking the hurried movements as a few women and a young man gasped in their fumbling to get out of someone’s way. They were parting the crowd gathering their supplies for the day, whoever they were, and Algernon caught on to the jostling of metal plating and curt words.

Guards were already on the heels of the staggering man. The Dire let out a huff at the immediate signs of drunkenness, mug hovering at his lips as he continued to lean on the bar. The man was tall and scrawny, pale of skin with contrastingly dark hair that framed his face in a somewhat unkempt mess. Whatever the hell he was wearing was just as messy, but for far different reasons. Algernon’s lips pressed together in a poor attempt to bite back the curse he felt rising. Surely the guards could handle a rowdy drunkard this early in the day. It reminded him of someone he would sooner not recall if ever he could help it.

At the very least the man was not Eximius from what was gleaned where the Dire sat. Already there was speculation of where he came from and what he was doing here, which means his arrival was by some method worth talking about. Algernon narrowed his eyes into a glare at that, all the while listening to the guards trying to catch up. They looked young and inexperienced. Wonderful.

It wasn’t his business, nor his job. Not something as trivial as this. Admittedly, though, he was curious. ‘Ye didn’t get approval, sir, stop!’ one of the guards said, pushing his ill-fitting helmet back onto his head as his pace faltered. Some of the onlookers were starting to become amused at the spectacle. Algernon let it go on another several paces, eyes closing and nostrils flaring with another huff, before sliding off the stool and leaving the near empty mug on the bar. He couldn’t even finish it apparently.

The Dire cut a direct line through some of the gathering crowd, as small as it was, in such a way that put him right in the human’s path. Definitely a human now, with that stench. Algernon shoved a hand against his chest to halt his momentum, taking a step back when he’d at least gotten his attention. “You heard them. Several times over, I imagine, unless you’re deaf. So… stop.