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[TW]  Hellfire

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Ok so, first thing’s first. TW: Physical and emotional abuse, human experimentation.

So this ad is for Lucius Vaclav, Magdi’s adopted father. Lucius is what happens if Judge Claude Frollo had the moral compass of Inspector Javert and decided to become a professor of Magic at a university. He could specialize in Grey, Black or Green Magic, or really any specialization that you want. These are the ones I see most closely fitting his personality. Lucius is a magister, and he’s in his late 60s-early 70s. His name and age are somewhat negotiable, though I would like him to be older. His career is not negotiable, as he was heavily involved with the Blanchard Projects. He’s also the older brother of Nikolai, who is played by @[Rosie]. He found Magdi after she was abandoned as a baby, took her in, and cared for her--though, just how caring he was is definitely up for interpretation. Now onto the non-negotiable things.

Lucius is a master manipulator. He is a terrible person, but he’s very, very good at convincing those around him that he is not actually a terrible person. He can be charming and aimable, friendly and personable. He can also be compassionate, gentle and kind, just as easily as he can be cold and cruel. He is well versed at reading a room, and will keep his prejudices to himself if he thinks it's unsafe to express them aloud.

To his students he is intimidating but fair, presenting his exacting standards as simply reflections of a dedicated academic. That few make top marks in his classes, and most barely pass, is not a failure on his part, but instead a failure on the students’ part to meet what he sees as perfectly reasonable demands. To his colleagues, he is reserved but polite, and will even be friendly with a select few. He likely has a reputation among both staff and students alike for being traditional, conservative, strict but fair, and quiet and reserved.

Underneath his veneer of reserved but polite warmth--even geniality, to those who are close to him--Lucius is absolutely not a nice person. Intensely self righteous, he refuses to admit to--and may even be unable to admit to--his own faults. While he will profess to be flawed, imperfect, etc., these are mere words to him, spoken out of a desire to appear humble. While he may believe them, he would be appalled if someone were to actually point out a fault of his, as he’s managed to justify all of them in some form or fashion. He is, at his core, a hypocrite. He has tremendous wealth and has no problem using it to decorate his house with fine furnishings, but will condemn others for doing so, pointing to the fact that his fine living does not extend to his clothing or his food, both of which more closely resemble the diet and attire of a medieval monk who has taken both a vow of poverty and simplicity than someone with the kind of funds he possesses. He is quite sanctimonious about this, and will often make snide remarks about how others choose to spend their money.

He is quite uncomfortable around women, and whether this is due to shyness, prejudice, or a mix of both is up to whomever takes him. He has even higher standards for his female students than he does for his male students, as he expects them to prove that they are intelligent enough to take his classes. He is seldom surprised when they struggle, and tends to view this as proof that he was right all along. His female colleagues will likely feel uncomfortable around him, though he is clever enough to avoid doing or saying anything that would be outright offensive, and instead simply gives off unpleasant vibes.

He has a black and white, right and wrong view of the world and the people in it, and makes almost no allowances for shades of gray or moral ambiguities. He does not believe that people can change, once they’ve proved themselves wicked or irredeemable in some fashion. To quote Les Mis, “Once a thief, forever a thief,” may as well be his motto. He also has great disdain for the lower classes, and sees them as drains on society. This is one reason why he was so supportive of the Blanchard Projects, and so frustrated with their disbanding. He saw them as an opportunity for those who would otherwise take excess resources from society to make a meaningful contribution to it. That this contribution involved extensive torture and suffering did not bother him in the slightest, as he could--and did--claim it was for the greater good.

Even before his involvement with the Blanchard Projects, but especially during and after them, he found and still finds it very easy to justify cruelty. Either he dehumanizes the individuals involved, or he claims that he is motivated by love. Sometimes, he makes both arguments. Rather than being empty words that he does not believe, these are instead true reflections of his actual feelings. He firmly believes that some people matter so little their only worth can come from their very expendability, and the knowledge gained from their suffering. He is equally convinced that abuse is, at times, necessary, and will entirely and sincerely lay the blame for it at the feet of the abused--believing that it is, genuinely, their fault and he simply had no other choice.

Therefore, he is capable of both gentleness and great violence, and will often excuse the latter in the name of the former. He sincerely believes that the harm he does, either to Magdi or to those he’d experimented on, was necessary. Claiming something painful is “For their own good” is not an empty statement to him, he sincerely believes it and would be confused and dismayed were someone to point out that his behavior is, in fact, anything but loving. To him, it is.

Thanks to all of this, he has a complex and quite dark relationship with Magdi. On the one hand, he loves her, genuinely and sincerely. He is kind, gentle, compassionate and protective. He worries for her, and fears what would happen should society learn of her existence. He wants to do what’s best for her--and therein lies the problem.

He has physically and emotionally abused her from toddler-hood to the present, and sees absolutely nothing wrong with that. To do otherwise would be to permissive and bad parenting, as far as he’s concerned. Due to her status as an Eximius, Lucius sees Magdi as something between a very large child and a beloved pet--and treats her accordingly. Magdi has been intensely sheltered and intensely infantilized, and her behaviors and mannerisms reflect that. Unfortunately, this acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy, as Lucius sees this as proof that Magdi is little more than a child in an adult’s body, and thus interacts with her as one would a young child. She also has trouble speaking, and this, too, is seen by Lucius as more proof that she is simply not as intelligent as humans are. That she could be traumatized, have some underlying disability--or, the reality, both--never enters his head. Magdi, as a subhuman Eximius, is as dehumanized as those he actively experimented on years ago, with the slight caveat that Lucius does view her as his child, and would protect her--but also see nothing wrong in harming her.

Despite the fact that he basically sees her as a child--even though she isn’t, she’s twenty years old--he does have expectations for her, and Bad Things happen when she fails to meet them. He is determined that she will eventually become a contributing member of society, and supposes that after his demise, she will find work in some noble’s house, likely in the scullery or some other out of the way place. He has convinced both Magdi and himself that most would see her as a burden to be borne, and that he is simply so much better than most people, that he’s overlooked her numerous flaws and manages to care for her in spite of them.

Well, if this essay hasn’t scared you off, congratulations! If anyone is interested in taking him, I’d love to chat about any ideas or questions you might have. My Discord is Thistle#757. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!