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He was dressed almost like the typical U-Na-Jux man out here; wrapped in the thick rubber water repellent skins of seals and a crown of elk fur sewn into his coat, around his head and shoulders. But warm furs were always needed here, especially if one was not determined to spend all their time as their more wolvern selves.

It would be warmer there in the heart of cave, tucked away and buried by the snow. While the structure was almost invisible to the natural eye, he knew how to recognise the signs of life through the mists that gathered here and the thick level plains of cold. Picking the shapes apart in the white, that indicated a foot had laid there, even if the shape of the print was not full.

It was how he came here before. Wide and expansive as the land was, and as common death or abduction was for the inhabitants here, the dynasty’s prince often did not find regret in ascertaining life in those that had come through or noting down what the signs of danger to know which sea creature had currently claimed the ice above their domain. Warmer as he pushed in, the ground more firm and grippy as it became more gravelly and less wet.

“Xia?” his voice softly rebounded from within the frozen natural chambers. Spoken not too much louder than a whisper, just perhaps as one might have from a stronger habit in silence. The whispers swept through as airy and languable as the wind.

He had found her here once or twice, he hoped that did not mean foolishness that he might find her here again.
As he caught the scent of iron in the frigid air he’d try to quell the quickening rate of his heart. From the way they had met, he was already sure that she was a survivor, like anyone who lived on the snow and kept in proper health was.

While the Aromdee Dynasty held individuals with their own strengths and resilience, he could say for certain so far, just from the unusual circumstance of how they met -and how ready she was to get her hands messy -that Xia was unlike any woman in the dynasty he had ever met before. Though of course, she wasn’t.

His steps came on them a little quickly, whether from excitement to see her or ‘just in case’. Although as resilient and hardy as the indigenious people of Snelandia were, it did not wholly spare them from death by exposure or something hungry living just under the ice.

He had two sharp sticks in his hand, one he picked from the other quickly and twirled as if a natural reaction for the small momentary pause where he heard nothing at all. But when he emerged and smiled, it was clear he meant it as an offering, by the way he held them together like any other resource by his side. They still had the slightest smell of fish guts on them, what was stronger was more the salt. He says nothing at first then however, distracted by her or the sight of what she was doing. Trying to figure out and connect the dots before words were even spoken or fingers moved in the winds like literature. He places the newly crafted spears on the back of his shoulder also momentarily like hay, "guessing you're not hungry?" he laughs, hopefully not nervously.