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[E]  (You can't run) Medieval Times RP (From ur past)

Offline Isilzheha Nov 6 2020, 4:49 PM
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((Hello everyone! Decided to do a quick illiterate Neopets style RP for some shits and giggles. It can be with your Dire OCs or someone else entirely, or just yourself if you're into that. No word counts or grammar and god-mode is enabled and so is powerplaying as long as you aren't a fuckin' weirdo about it. Or being rude and trying to ruin someone else's fun. You can format it with signatures and eye-straining fonts and text colors, pretty much anything goes. I'll post the setting (Wink)

Setting: A modern AU where the world of Dire is recreated in a Medieval Times-esque satire (think Renfaire as well), so a bunch of mini-games capitalising on suffering and people embroider some tapestries and shit. Some jousting and show ponies and you know fun times eating some giant turkey legs. Things are going easy peasy lemon squeeze-y... Until they aren't.
There's something dark and spooky afoot, and you find yourself questioning your realities with flashbacks of ur tortured (or pretty average) past and u aren't sure if u can trust the people around u. There might be demons, also. And some ghosts.

((I'll let some others post first ha ha xx))