DIRE IS AN ORIGINAL MEDIEVAL FANTASY ROLEPLAY PROJECT INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES OF ANY AND ALL WRITING LEVELS WITH NO WORD COUNT. Here on Dire, we set out to create something more than a roleplay site; we wanted to create an EXPERIENCE for writers. With heavy background lore and an actual storyboarded plot with multiple nonlinear paths to generate a D&D "choose your own adventure" feel, the intention of the Dire Project was to simply build a sturdy story foundation that a community can then build the meat of said story with their own unforgettable characters, while their actions still affect the underlying plot…FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE.

Characters can change the way the world works, instill new world orders in their nations and change the rules of their homelands and wage war on those who decry them. They can broker peace, they can incite chaos, they can sit somewhere in between and watch the world burn. DIRE ITSELF DOES NOT PULL PUNCHES—YOUR CHARACTERS DECIDE HOW CUTTHROAT OR HOW TAME DIRE IS. NPCs may pit kings against kings, hire mercenaries to cause a fuss for reasons untold…but it's up to those kings and those mercenaries to decide what happens with their quests.

Characters have the run of the experience here…but EVERY IC ACT HAS IC CONSEQUENCES ON THE PROJECT. There are layers to the plot that may forever go undiscovered should the Dire Community never uncover them, and features that may never be implemented.

Nothing is as normal as it seems on the surface, but it's up to you to discover how far the Dire Project is willing to go.

So. Who are you bringing to our game?


I.. ..How in the WORLD did you...?

…Ah! My apologies, Traveler.

You reminded me of an OLD FRIEND of mine.

If I hadn't gotten a better look at you when I did, I'd have started reminiscing about things long before your time. How embarrassing would that have been??

We've never met, surely!

Welcome to Gil'ead. I am sure your world is nothing to scoff at either Traveler, but..I think you'll enjoy our little slice of paradise each time you cross between your reality and ours. If you're here for adventure and self-discovery, you'll surely find it! New allies and new enemies, battles for thrones, stories that fill you with joy, goodbyes that end in tears..things I'm sure you come across every time you jump between your world and others.

..But if you're looking for something deeper, for meaning, if you're searching for answers to questions buried behind the thin walls that allow someone like me to know you're there, well.

You can find that, too.

You just have to know where to look.

…See you around, OLD FRIEND."


When you look at them, hold them in your hand..what do you see?

Do you see color, beauty, nothing but delicate wings?

Do you want to know what I see?

I see PATTERNS. I see their wings as alike to every winged animal on the face of this earth. I see their legs as alike to mine and yours, and I see the colors too; made just for me and you, made under the assumption that everything around them has eyes who can see color at all.

Don't you see, Traveler?

Life is convergent. Life is a PATTERN.

Everything is a fractal. Our veins like the veins in a leaf, our children with our eyes, our cells, our bodies made of the things we eat…u s. A bird dies to become part of the cat.

There are PATTERNS in Gil'ead too, you know.

Again and again and again..but completely different.

..A word of advice, Traveler?

Don't ignore PATTERNS. There are no coincidences here. Trust your intuition.

See the butterflies beyond their pretty colors.


II. Quick Play Guide

I. Understand the Site

Mandatory Reading

II. Understand the Story

III. Register + Link Accounts


  • I. Create OOC Account
  • II. Create IC Account(s)
  • III. Go to USER CP
  • IV. Select ACCOUNT SWITCHER on the tab
  • V. Make sure you're on your OOC Account!
  • VI. Follow the prompts on screen to link all IC Accounts to your OOC Account.

IV. Fill IC Profile

Mandatory Fields

  • Species
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Face Claim
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Member Name

Optional Fields

  • Full Name
  • Birth Date
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Rank

V. Auto Apply to Join


  • I. Make sure you know The Nations!
  • II. Go to your User CP
  • III. Select Drop-down "My Stuff"
  • IV. Select option "Group Memberships"
  • V. Select your desired user group, and wait for activation or notify Staff by PM, DM or the Discord Server #Moderation channel that you've applied!
  • VI. Go back into the Group Memberships Tab
  • VII. If you have been accepted, it will show your desired group as a group you are a part of. Choose to make your desired group your "appear as" group. This will change your account colors and font to your desired usergroup.
  • VIII. You're all set!

VI. Welcome to Dire

Optional Next Steps